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Out of Moving
Your Files
From iOS to PC

  • No need to install iTunes
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • iOS 8 & iPhone 6
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“iTunes alternative...
the price tag is worth it!”

Nicolas Oestreich, Germany

What makes it unique? Quality. Precision.

iStick allows your Windows PC to discover iOS to edit and manage Media (Music, Videos), Books & File system as you would normally manage your Flash Drive stick.

Adding music, videos or books is extremely simple with the smooth Drag&Drop feature.

Upload Music to Device without iTunes

iStick allows users to browse & transfer media files to the iOS device without launching iTunes. Forget the synchronization wait, which Apple puts you through.

Upload your Music
& Videos without
iTunes sync
now >

How? ‘Ctrl+C' then ‘Ctrl+V' & it's in your Music Player.

Is Your Music
on the iPhone?
We have a Solution.

For those who don't know, all uploaded media is locked inside the iOS device and you cannot extract the media from it with iTunes. iStick helps you take care of that.

Transfer music back
to PC or rebuild
iTunes library >

Import Music & Videos from your iOS device to PC as easy as copying a file from Folder to Folder.

Take Your
Friends' Music!
Simultaneous Transfer

iStick lets you copy any media (music, videos, books, ringtones) Device to Device. Simultaneously. Drag files from one device & drop it to another device.

Copy music
from iOS to iOS
device now >

Plug a friends iPhone & Grab their music in a click.

+19 features more

Such as uploading ringtones, copy or upload books & PDFs...

20,000+ Users Can't Be Wrong!

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