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Hidden Features of SYC 2

The all-new SYC 2 is stuffed with the latest Softorino technology. On some of these features, we’ve been working on for over 3 years! And because there are just so many of them, in this blog post – we decided to take a deeper look into what’s inside Softorino YouTube Converter 2:

Automatic Wi-Fi

This means you can free yourself from cords now. Download & send music, videos into your iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi.

Universal Connection Bridge

UNIQUE | Watch any YouTube video on-the-go! Apart from desktop computers, SYC 2 also supports all the iOS devices and even any iPod ever created.

Automatic Content Recognition

ACR helps identify meta-data for music tracks, insert proper album art, fill missing description. Build your own stunning iTunes library.

One-Click Push to iOS Devices

UNIQUE | Main feature of all Softorino apps is the ability to transfer into any Apple device. In just a click: video, music goes directly into iPhone/iPad or iPod without iTunes.

World’s Fastest Ringtone Maker

UNIQUE | This is true. There’s no faster way to create & push ringtones into iPhone than SYC 2. You can choose any YouTube video and download it as a ringtone directly (without iTunes).

2160p | HDR | HFR Support

YouTube & Vimeo now host videos with up to 4K resolution, HDR (high dynamic range) and HFR (high frame rate). SYC 2 can detect and save them all in the highest quality. Say “bye” to buffering.

Long Playlists Support (YouTube)

YouTube playlists are a great way to bulk-download music or videos. SYC 2 significantly improved playlists support.

Waaaay Beyond YouTube

Apart from YouTube, you now have access to convert and download videos from more than 30 websites (both video & music). Now you can find everything.

Smart Subtitles

UNIQUE | YouTube subtitles and MP4 (mv4) embedded subtitles – are 2 different technologies. SYC 2 has a built-in converter turning subtitles into a native format that works flawlessly on iOS, Mac & Windows.

…and many features more. ‘UNIQUE’ label points out features which are 100% exclusive in SYC 2, and there are no other apps that can repeat this functionality.

All of this makes SYC 2 one of the most efficient and feature-complete Internet Media Downloaders EVER.