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New Magical Feature in Softorino YouTube Converter!

Hey guys!

Are you ready to hear about amazing new feature in Softorino YouTube Converter 2? 


Today while playing around with our macOS app Softorino YouTube Converter – we accidentally discovered a new hidden feature. It helps you download YouTube videos even faster than before!

What we have discovered 💡

Turns out that if you copy any online video’s link on your iPhone – SYC 2 will automagically pull it up on your desktop. And all you need to do is to click ‘Convert and Transfer to iPhone’ button. 

But wait –  Here’s a video proof: 

Why is this happening? 

In macOS Sierra Apple introduced a brand new feature – Continuity. It helps you move seamlessly across all your devices. There are a whole variety of ways that it can help you with. For example: 

  • Handoff – start a document, email or a message on one device and pick it up on another one.
  • Auto Unlock – Easily unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, without entering your password!
  • Universal Clipboard – Copy text, images, videos on 1 device & paste into the other one.
  • Instant Hotspot – Connect to your iphone’s hotspot without any setup
  • Phone Calls – Use your Mac to answer phone calls.
  • SMS Messages – Text your friends right from your Mac!
  • AirDrop – Instantly share files across all your Apple devices

What are the requirements? 

You will have to be signed in to the same Apple id & iCloud account on your Mac and iPhone. Also, connect them to the same Wi-Fi network and switch on Bluetooth on your both devices. 

One more thing…

Make sure the Handoff is enabled on your Mac. Here’s how you do this: 

On your desktop, go to the ‘Apple Preferences’ > ‘General’. Afterwards, check mark ‘Allow Handoff between this Mac and iCloud devices’

Perfect! 👏

Now you’re ready to try Continuity and SYC 2 working together. Let us know how it worked for you in the comments!