How to Download Dhvani Bhanushali Music in MP3 [Leja Leja Re & Dilbar]

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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Dhvani Bhanushali is one of the rising Indian singing stars and her songs are major hits of Bollywood. In case you wondered how to download Dhvani Banushali’s music in MP3 – here’s how it’s done.

Dhvani Bhanushali used to be a YouTuber in her early days of singing. Her YouTube channel, however, gained popularity after her mashup of Shape of You/Gulabi Aankhein.

After that, she sang an unplugged version of many popular Hindi songs including “Humsafar”, “Naina”, and “Kabira”, before making her singing debut in Bollywood. The sad slow number “Ishtehaar” from “Welcome to New York” was the first and then she lent her voice to the playful “Veere” in “Veere Di Wedding”.

How to download Dhvani Bhanushali music in MP3 from YouTube

Even if those Dhvani Bhanushali songs aren’t in your playlist, I bet “Dilbar” is there (or was). Yes, you can hear her melodious voice there too. However, it’s the songs like “Humsafar”, “Tere Mere” and “Leja Leja Re”, where she shines up.

“Leja Leja Re” MP3 song is available there on the YouTube channel of Tseries. But what if you want “Leja Leja Re” to download to your device or download “Dilbar” MP3 to iPhone? Well, a quick Google search, and you will find hundreds of websites offering you Dhvani Bhanushali songs as MP3.

But there also is another easy way out to download Dhvani Bhanushali “Leja Leja Re” MP3, and it’s quicker too.

How to download Dhvani Bhanushali songs?

The best and the easiest way would be to download Dhvani Bhanushali songs from YouTube itself. Why not? You can find all her independently sung songs in her channel including “Humsafar”, “Kabira” and the mashups she did.

Many other songs, like “Veere” and “Ishtehaar”, are available with the channel of music production companies. “Veere”, for example, is hosted by Zee Music and “Ishtehaar”, by Sony Music. Yup, everyone knows that you prefer watching videos on YouTube, even those media production houses.

When it comes to entertainment, YouTube is the go-to streaming service for many. And it plays a huge role in making anything, the talk of the community. Moreover, the content is available for free. Backstage videos, teasers and even unlimited Indian songs download; you can have it all on your iPhone.

Download Dhvani Bhanushali songs directly from YouTube

And it doesn’t matter how technical it may sound to you, but the process is easy. Softorino YouTube Converter 2 makes “Leja Leja Re” MP3 download and any other song, a one-click task. So, whether you want to download the latest Dhvani Bhanushali songs from her YouTube channel or other Bollywood songs download on iPhone, SYC2 does it in a whizz.

Be it your favorite acoustic song or the newly released peppy beats, SYC 2 is there for you. So, here’s how you can rip songs from YouTube and send to iPhone directly –

How to download Bollywood songs from YouTube

Step 1. Download and Install Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Head over to the website and download the software file, EXE (for Windows) or DMG (for Macintosh). Once installed, you can now download “Leja Leja Re”, “Ishare Tere” and other songs of Dhvani Bhanushali. The app is available to download for free. But once the 24-hour free trial expires, you'ill need a one-time payment of $19.99 to download all Bollywood songs you want.

SYC 2 will help you download the best songs from YouTube

And you can send them to easily to your iPhone. Here’s why you should use Softorino YouTube Converter 2 –

  • Freedom from iTunes – With SYC2, you can save the song on your PC or send it directly to your iPhone/iPad. Your song would appear in your music app once the transfer is complete. You don’t even need to sync to iTunes library.

  • Freedom from cables – Softorino YouTube Converter supports all the iPhones and iPads, and it can send the music file wirelessly. You won’t need your cable around every time to connect and download your favorite Bollywood songs.

  • Freedom from a web browser – Instead of your PC’s internet browser, you can use SYC’s in-app YouTube browser to find and download Dhvani Bhanushali songs you love.

Step 2. Find the needed song & add it to queue

The in-app video browser of SYC2 will help you find the Bollywood song you want to download from YouTube in MP3. Put your query to search, whether it’s Leja Leja Re MP3 song, “Dilbar” or “Tere Mere” acoustic version. You will get the list of videos available to select the songs you want to download.

You can download them one-by-one or add them to the queue. SYC 2 can download YouTube playlists to MP3 too.

Step 3. Connect the iPhone and download the song

And the hard part is over now. A few more minutes and you will have your favorite “Humsafar” acoustic download on iPhone, or whatever song you choose. Pull out your cable and connect it to your iPhone, just for the first time.

Choose the audio quality and then the device you want to send the song to. Click “Convert & Transfer”. Sit back and relax. Softorino YouTube Converter 2 will start its magic. Depending on your network speed, you can see the downloaded song in your device within the next few minutes.

Listen to Dhvani Bhanushali songs on iPhone in the home Music app

The app will notify you when the mission is successful.

Popular Dhvani Bhanushali songs to download

I hope you started to download your favorite Bollywood song by now. If you still haven’t, here’s a short list of songs by Dhvani Bhanushali to get you started –

Dhvani Bhanushali is a relatively new star in the block, but she already has made a strong presence with her soulful songs. And there are more to come, for sure. So, if you want to download and listen to all of them, get your copy of Softorino YouTube Converter 2.

If you need some more reasons to download, I would also add that SYC2 can even convert YouTube songs to MP3. That means you can have “Leja Leja Re” MP3 song as a ringtone for your iPhone. The process is the same as above, but you will be selecting ringtone quality instead of audio.

So, get, set, download!

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