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Natali Solovyova Mar 17, 2020

This article will demonstrate a simple way to download latest Bollywood songs in MP3 from YouTube.

Whether or not you are a movie buff, you can’t escape the magic of Bollywood songs. Caught you there! Whether it’s the funky beats of Apna Time Aayega (Gully Boy) or the soulful Phir Mulaqat (Why Cheat India), Bollywood music varies a lot.

And iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music among others are flooded with Hindi song download options. But these are all subscription-based services. Only when you pay them, you will enjoy their streaming services or offline songs.

How to download new Bollywood music from YouTube directly to iPhone

Wanna download Bollywood songs from YouTube? Here’s how!

Then, what to do when you want some new Bollywood songs to download to listen whenever you want? Right, you download them from one of the thousand pirated websites available for latest Bollywood songs download. But in the process, you also risk exposure to malicious programs and hordes of popup ads.

So, what option do you have then, to download new Bollywood songs MP3 on your computer or iPhone? Get them from a reliable site. And you would be surprised to know that you can get them for free, easily.

How to Download Bollywood Songs from YouTube im MP3

YouTube is the best platform to download Bollywood songs on your desktop. Here’s how you can do this without any loss of quality whatsoever. All you need is a Mac & PC software – Softorino YouTube Converter 2.

SYC 2 will help you download the latest Bollywood songs from YouTube directly to iPhone

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 supports Mac & Windows computers.

Step 1. Download & Install Softorino YouTube Converter

SYC 2 is available with a free trial but to make full use of it, you will need to buy the license at $19.95. And that would be a one-time payment to get you lifetime access to unlimited Bollywood songs.

Softorino YouTube Converter Logo Softorino YouTube Converter 2
Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher
Latest Version: 2.1.14, 24 January 2020
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.2.37, 26 February 2020
Free Download

Here’s how Softorino YouTube Converter makes your Bollywood songs download easier –

  • Freedom from iTunes. Using our in-house UCB technology, Universal Connection Bridge, SYC 2 can download the music to your PC and also push it to a connected iPhone/iPad/iPad.

  • Wireless transfer. Softorino YouTube Converter connects to the device wirelessly through Wi-Fi and then sends the file to it. It supports all the iPhones, iPads and iPods.

  • In-app browser – Instead of opening YouTube in your web browser, the in-app YouTube browser lets you find the latest Bollywood songs you want to download.

SYC 2 is available for Windows OS as well as Mac. Read further to know how easy it is to do the latest Bollywood songs download with it.

Step 2. Launch the app and find the song

Once the installation is successful, open SYC 2. The in-app video browser allows you to find the latest Indian song you want to download from YouTube. Browse the videos and select the songs to download.

Add them all to the download queue. Softorino YouTube Converter can also download an entire YouTube playlist of your favorite Bollywood songs. Choose whatever suits you!

Choose the format and the device and hit "Convert & Transfer"

Step 3. Connect your device and download the song

After selecting, you can get the Bollywood songs download to your PC or send it wirelessly to a connected iPhone, iPad or iPod. However, you'll need the cable to connect a device for the first time. When connected, select the audio quality you want to save, and you’re ready to rock.

All it needs is a click. Select the connected device and then “Convert & Transfer”.

Top All-Time Bollywood Favorites

Yes, with SYC 2, it’s that easy to have Bollywood songs download from YouTube to your device. There are hundreds of users who keep the website active by uploading new Indian songs. And there also are official music channels which will help you get Indian songs download for free.

Some of the channels which I would recommend are T series, Zee music, Tips music, Sony music and Eros international. Not only you will have access to all the new Hindi songs but also most of the old classics like –

And the list goes on and on. There are many cover artists too, who apart from creating original songs, also cover the popular ones. Sanam Puri, Siddharth Slathia, Shirley Setia, Shraddha Sharma, and Vidya Vox are some of the names worth mentioning. They have their dedicated YouTube channels where you can find all the masterpieces they created.

Which is the best site to download Bollywood music?

I would go with YouTube. With tons and tons of user-generated content, YouTube is the go-to service for many people because of its accessibility and the price (which is zero). From movies and fun videos to launch of exclusive web series, YouTube has a huge role in entertaining people anytime they want.

And YouTube also is popular for music. Music bands, media houses or solo singers, everyone has the opportunity to create and reach millions of fans. The T-series YouTube channel, for example, has a never-ending catalog for Indian songs download.

So, whether you want to stream endless instrumentals or want that latest Hindi movie song download, YouTube is there for you. Yes, you can listen and can have Bollywood songs download available to your music device. And don’t worry about the quality. With Softorino by your side, you will get the highest quality available.

Yeah, you might be thinking that downloading music from YouTube to iPhone is a daunting task. Not anymore. The Softorino YouTube Converter 2 not only rips music with ease but also sends it to your iPhone/iPad without any hassle.

Bottom Line

Now that you have got something to start your searches, go ahead, wipe your device clean. And fill it with all the latest Bollywood songs download from YouTube.

By the way, did you know, you can also create ringtones from YouTube videos with Softorino YouTube Converter? Instead of choosing to download Audio, you can select Ringtone. The rest of the process remains the same. Isn’t that great? With a single software, you can satisfy all your music needs.

So, explore all that you can!

Natali Solovyova
Natali Solovyova

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