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Josh Brown Jan 6, 2023

WALTR PRO vs EaseUS MobiMover Review – Best iOS Data Transfer Tool?

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Josh Brown Jan 6, 2023

Most people have an iPhone or iPad simply because iOS devices seem appealing. When it comes to transferring data, Apple can be a nightmare. Those aren’t the most user-friendly devices. Not always.

Connecting your iPhone and computer can be a lot of hassle. Even iTunes doesn’t make it any easy at times. So, what to do? Reach out to a geek each time? You don’t need to.

This WALTR PRO vs MobiMover review compares two data transfer software that helps you transfer files with ease. The review also details a simple process to send files from one device to another. Whether you’re a techie or not, you can easily transfer data from iPhone and iPad.

Let’s dive in.

What is MobiMover?

MobiMover is freemium software developed by EaseUS. It allows you to transfer any data from your computer to your phone and vice versa.

With EaseUS MobiMover, you can transfer files from one iPhone to another and also delete files. You can transfer photos, videos and even WhatsApp messages. Apart from data transfer, you can use MobiMover also to take backups of your phone.

This iPhone data transfer tool takes care of data transfer, backup and recovery, everything in a tiny package. EaseUS MobiMover is quite a help in managing iOS devices.

What are the features of MobiMover?

Here are the prominent features of EaseUS MobiMover:

1. Transfer data between computer and iOS devices

It’s a helpful tool for sending data from one iOS device to another (or a computer) and back. MobiMover offers two-way data transfers. So, you can send files from your iPhone to the computer and again your iPhone with only one software.

MobiMover is an excellent content management tool for iOS. You can put new songs, copy videos and import books for easy accessibility. You can build a library on your phone or keep your files on your Mac/Windows PC to free up storage space.

2. Back up messages and other iOS data

With MobiMover, you can transfer iPhone data and take backups when needed. It allows you to back up contacts, messages, notes, calendar entries and many other things. For some files, you might need to have iTunes installed.

EaseUS MobiMover also helps you move data from your old iPhone to a new one. It comes in handy when switching phones. You can restore files without having to run to Apple Service.

3. Download online videos and songs

Among the interesting MobiMover features is also the video downloader. MobiMover can help you download YouTube videos and convert them into songs. It also supports video downloads from Instagram, Vimeo and Twitch.

EaseUS MobiMover is a bundle of many features you might need to manage your iPhone and iPad. And those make it complex to use MobiMover as a data transfer tool. Some features might even be redundant.

So, there’s this no-BS WALTR PRO to transfer files with ease.

What is WALTR PRO?

WALTR PRO is a simple and user-friendly iOS data transfer software. This iPhone transfer tool is developed by Softorino. And unlike EaseUS MobiMover, WALTR PRO doesn’t have a complex labyrinth of options. It gets the job done with a click, whether you want to transfer photos, videos or music.

Softorino’s WALTR PRO is available for both Windows and Mac. You can wirelessly connect your iPad or iPhone to PC and send the needed files instantly.

You can convert and send data to an iOS device with a simple drag-and-drop. You only need to select the files you want and drop them onto WALTR PRO. It’s as simple as that.

You can choose your favorite phone while transferring files. And WALTR PRO adds them to that app’s library. It takes only moments. It can help you transfer music, ringtones, documents and many other files.

WALTR PRO even converts files while transferring (if needed) in a whizz. And the best thing: you need not take any extra steps. It effortlessly pushes them to a connected iPhone/iPad.

How is WALTR PRO different from MobiMover?

Although WALTR PRO has pros and cons, it’s slightly different from MobiMover for managing iOS data. WALTR PRO iTunes alternative offers a smoother data transfer process. It is in no way overwhelming. And it can transfer data from Windows and Mac PC to iPhone and iPad without connecting with iTunes.

Here are the features that make WALTR PRO a better tool than EaseUS MobiMover:

1. Transfer files to iOS devices wirelessly

With MobiMover, you must connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer via cable. With WALTR PRO, you can connect an iOS device wirelessly. And it sends the files to the selected devices within seconds. It also converts different file types (if needed) to a format compatible with your iPhone/iPad.

2. Use iPhone transfer without iTunes

As mentioned in this EaseUS MobiMover review above, you might require iTunes installed on your computer to use MobiMover. You might even need to deactivate iCloud for transferring some data.

WALTR PRO has no such requirements. You just connect your device via Wi-Fi/cable and drag what you want to transfer.

3. Convert and store files on PC

WALTR PRO isn’t only a data transfer tool but also a converter. You can use it to convert and save files to your computer in a supported format. It’s a great tool to build your offline library and have your important photos, documents and videos on your PC. WALTR PRO supports all the popular file formats.

4. Edit metadata while transferring files

Metadata editing is another nice little addition to WALTR PRO. It helps you edit information on the fly and manage and identify your media easily. You can add custom cover art quickly and organize your collection. WALTR PRO can even fill in the missing metadata automatically.

5. Sync your songs to Apple Music

Another life-easing feature WALTR PRO has is the direct syncing of audio with Apple Music. With this, you can keep your music collection online instead of copying songs to an iOS device. Once synced, you can play your songs on any Apple device you want.

WALTR PRO vs EaseUS MobiMover: Which is better?

By now, you know both WALTR PRO and MobiMover have their benefits. The tools have their pros and cons depending on your priorities.

MobiMover offers backup management, transfers contacts, messages and other data, and easily handles iPhone and iPad media files. MobiMover features a video downloader, too. It, essentially, is software to manage your files.

Some of its features, though, might not be useful anymore. Devices already come in-built with them. Thus, you might even find EaseUS MobiMover complex to use.

WALTR PRO, on the other hand, just offers file transfer. And it’s pro at it. Yes, literally. WALTR PRO can help you transfer data and other important files with ease. It has a simple interface compared to MobiMover.

Check this WALTR PRO vs EaseUS MobiMover review video to understand the differences:

MobiMover Review: EaseUs MobiMover Vs WALTR PRO

How to use WALTR PRO?

Now that you’ve read through the WALTR PRO vs EaseUS MobiMover review, here’s how easy it is to use WALTR PRO. It has a clutter-free interface; you just need to connect your device and drag your files to the software window. Within seconds, you’ll see the files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. WALTR pro is that fast!

To transfer a file

Following are the steps to transfer a file from your computer to a phone:

Step 1. Launch WALTR PRO

Waltr Pro Launch Screen

WALTR PRO has a minimal interface devoid of gazillion buttons. All it does is: convert and transfer files, and it excels at that. The opening screen has only one tile: Drop to convert to Local Folder.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone/iPad

Waltr Pro Device Connected Screen

Next, connect your device. You’ll need the cable for the first-time connection. Later, you can change the settings to connect via Wi-Fi. Once WALTR PRO detects the device, you’ll see another tile: Drop to convert & add to iPad/iPad.

Step 3. Drag and drop files

Waltr Pro File Drop

Now, drag the files you want to the required tile in WALTR PRO. You can select one or multiple files and drop them altogether. You can also click and select files to transfer.

To add a file to other supported apps

Waltr Pro Supported Apps

When you push a file to your phone, it goes into the default app’s library. To add it to another app, hold the Alt/Option key while dropping it. WALTR PRO opens the list of supported apps for you to choose from. And your file is added to that app within moments.

To edit metadata and cover art

Waltr Pro Metadata

Another interesting feature of WALTR PRO is its ability to change and edit song metadata. Hold the Ctrl key when transferring the file, and WALTR PRO opens the file information. Once you save the changes, the song is sent to the connected device.

Should you pick WALTR PRO or EaseUS MobiMover?

If you’re looking for simple data transfer software, pick WALTR PRO. If you need complete iPhone management software, go with MobiMover. MobiMover pricing, too, is more flexible.

As you read in this MobiMover review, it can turn your computer into a backup and transfer manager for iOS devices. It can copy WhatsApp messages, contacts and other essential data from a phone to your computer. So, you can manage your media library easily with MobiMover.

Transferring data with EaseUS MobiMover can be distressing for some, though.

WALTR PRO, instead, excels in data transfer. It’s simple and easy to use. And it has a cleaner interface. It even converts files instantly, so you can transfer anything to iOS without flinching a bit.

With WALTR PRO transfer software, you can send any content in any format to a connected iOS device. It can even help you drop songs directly into Apple Music.

Wrapping It Up

Transferring anything from your iPhone/iPad doesn’t have to be technical. Not at all. You can choose either WALTR PRO or MobiMover, depending on your need. While MobiMover is an essential tool to manage Apple devices, WALTR PRO is preferred for smooth transfers.

With WALTR PRO, you only need to drag and drop to push your files to a connected device.

So, get your free trial and enjoy full access to its features.

FAQs about WALTR PRO vs EaseUS MobiMover Review

Does MobiMover require iTunes?

You can transfer data from one iOS device to another using MobiMover. You can use it with a Windows/Mac computer for data backup, restore, and media library management. Some processes might require you to have iTunes installed on your computer.

Is EaseUS MobiMover really free?

MobiMover pricing is based on a freemium model. It comes with a free version with limited features. With the free version, you can transfer data between your iPhone and computer, but it’s limited to only 20 files per day. For unlimited transfers, you’ll need MobiMover Pro. EaseUS MobiMover Pro also allows seamless data backup and restore.

How do I use MobiMover?

You can use EaseUS MobiMover to transfer data from one iPhone to another and back up the content to your computer. It allows you to manage photos, music, contacts, notes and many more. You can download videos, too, using MobiMover. It can be cumbersome to use, though. With features comes complexity. You’ll need to find the appropriate buttons and settings to perform each task. WALTR PRO, instead, is a synonym for simplicity. It’s intuitive and doesn’t take much time to transfer files. You can wirelessly connect a device and drag the files to push them.

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