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Folder Colorizer 2

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Peter Kryvyi Jul 21, 2020

If you are looking for a Folder Colorizer 2 Keygen or Crack - you must truly Love the idea of this Software.

Folder Colorizer 2 gives you a New Level of Comfort in Organizing your Everyday work – and you Save a Ton of Time to find the Folder you need. And as any Great Product that Solves your Problem or Gives you a Greater Comfort – it is not Free.


“But Why do I have to pay for it if I can still download it for Free?”

Because there is a Team that spent over 748 Hours of Work to Develop and Bring this Comfort to You. A really small team of less than 10 people in this case.

Would it be fair if you spent at least 1 hour of your work & solving someone’s problem without getting paid for it? Well, what about a Day, or a Week? – Maybe, but only if you’ve done a Really Crappy Job.

We feel exactly the same, and it makes us sad when you are looking for Folder Colorizer 2 Crack to Download – because we are passionate about developing Great Apps for you.

However, you won’t be searching to get a Crappy Software even if it is free, Would you?

Although our Kittens and Puppies get Sad each time you Download Folder Colorizer 2 Crack – that is not far the worst part of it…

Here are the 3 main ‘Benefits’ of Getting Folder Colorizer 2 pro Crack Version for Free:

You Might get Software that doesn’t work

You Might get it, or not. Because downloading an Installer for any Cracked Software you can never Know what will be installed on your computer. So there is a high chance that you will get a version that doesn’t work.

You get a great Opportunity to Compromise your Personal Data or even Loose all of it ;)

It is always guessing what will be installed on your computer besides the App you wanted. So you can even get a Bundle of Viruses, Malware, Crypto Miners, Data Encryptors, and other ‘Cool’ stuff as a Bonus!

You save almost 10 bucks for yourself

Congratulations, you’ve saved a ton of cash on Folder Colorizer 2 Activation Number! Now you can invest them in Microsoft, Apple, or Samsung Stocks and get Super Rich xD

The guys placing these cracked versions have to get profit somehow as well, but they won’t tell you that. Why? – Because nothing is really for free and you always pay in some way.

Now let me ask you this – is $9.95 just a too high price for a Lifetime License? Even if you will be using Folder Colorizer 2 for 1 Year – it is only $0.83 a month.

And here is what you get in Exchange:

  • Safe and Stable Software

  • Frequent Software Updates

  • +100 Points to Karma

  • Our Love and Appreciation

  • New Awesome Software developed by us in the Future

  • Great Discounts for other Softorino Apps

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Sounds Good, doesn’t it? Okay, let’s make it even better:

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You will still have +100 Karma Points, and a 30-Days Money Back Protection in case if you are not satisfied with the Software.

Peter Lyons
Peter Lyons

Apple junkie at Softorino

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Folder Colorizer 2

Change folder color & get organized.

Folder Colorizer 2

Folder Colorizer 2

Change folder color & get organized.


Compatible with: Windows Windows 7/8/10