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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

How Long does it Take to Back Up an iPhone to Computer/iCloud

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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

iOS 13.1.1 got released on Sep 2019, 27  and it included improvements like bug fixes and much more. The backup should be indispensable before you update your OS to a new version, a step to protect your security system. 

Generally, iTunes let you backup your iPhone to a computer by locally keeping the backup files. You can set up a new device by restoring information once the iCloud backups your iPhone to the cloud. However, it can be painful to backup through iCloud, especially for the new users, and they might leave it in between the backup process. 

However, iMazing is here to take over this painful time to make it easier for iPhone users.

iMazing performs a better job in transferring data or backing up the data on an iPhone. iMazing is one of the top-10 apps in 2020, a go-to for managing iPhone or iPad operations.

In this guide, we will be mentioning a few other methods used for backing up the data to your computer and syncing the backups for safe execution along with a readily available app with a user-friendly interface called iMazing.

Table of Contents

How long does an iCloud backup take?

Backing up data time depends on the amount of data, Wi-Fi condition, and iPhone condition. However, it may take almost 30 minutes to two hours approx.

iCloud backup

For backing up your data from the iPhone to a computer for the very first time. Here are the three factors that influence the iCloud backup time, which iMazing can quickly sort out:

  • Data amount: when you start the backup of your data, its time will depend on the file size, which you can find from your backup settings. For instance, if you have dozens of recordings and videos and thousands of photos, it can take one to two hours approx. It might take more than that to copy those files to the system.  
  • iPhone condition: many times, people take notice when they get a notification of no space telling them that they are out of Storage and need to clear their memory. At this moment, you need to transfer photos from your iPhone and back them up in your system. Full Storage means a worse condition of your iPhone; thus, the backup will take longer than usual. 
  • Wi-Fi condition: one of the major factors can be your Wi-Fi and its speed. The faster your internet connection, the quicker the backup will be. For instance, if your internet speed is 1 Mbps, then the 1 GB of data can take approx. Two hours to upload. 

Henceforth, to the above-asked question regarding the time consumption, there is no concrete answer that can justify or can assure of the estimated time. However, if you generally have a habit of backing up your data regularly, as in at least once a week, it can take up to seven to ten minutes every time you do it. 

iCloud automatically uploads the following items:

  • Videos and photos in your camera roll

  • Settings of your device

  • Application data

  • Application organization and home screen

  • Text messages, iMessage, and MMS messages. 

  • Ringtones

  • Voicemails

How to turn on iCloud backup

Step 1: Connect with a stable Wi-Fi network after connecting your iOS to the system

Step 2: Click on Settings, and by entering your name, go to iCloud and then click backup.   

Step 3: If the iCloud backup is not on, turn it on to maintain the backup already.

Step 4: Tap back now after confirming a stable internet connection.

Step 5: Click on Settings and go to iCloud, and by clicking Storage and leading to Manage Storage. Now click on your device and see the latest backup that has been listed there. 

iCloud backup takes so long: as mentioned in point 1, the backup time depends on the backup size and the internet speed. If you have a fair and full device of 8GB, then the backup performed for the first time will take more time than other times.

Besides, internet connection plays a vital role in slowing down or speeding up the game. Slow internet will cause the backup to slow down, and fast internet will quickly backup the required data. Thus, if there is an issue in the speed, then space or Wi-Fi is the issue, and you need to wait for it patiently. 

iCloud backup takes so long- an easier yet quicker way to backup iPhone: since iTunes and iCloud require both labor and time; thus, many of the iPhone users seek for faster and easier methods to complete their work. iMazing, being a professional iPhone manager, is recommended by a lot of iOS users.

The following are some of the many features of iMazing regarding backing up the data:

  • One-click backup: iMazing provides only one-click backup service to store the data of the iPhone over the system in a readable format, including ringtones, videos, music, photos, messages, notes, contacts, etc.

  •  Selective backup: There is an option of backing up the only data you require. For instance, selected notes, a few pictures, and specific videos. This is a way to have more control over your device and take only required work from it. 

  • Air backup: It backs up your iPhone for you wirelessly, silently, and most of all automatically. It is scheduled as per your demand- daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Henceforth, you do not need to set up anything. 

  • Incremental backup: It only backs up the added or changed data since the previously backed up data. It also saves large disk space and backup time. 

  • Restore the backup to iPhone: There is no need to delete or erase anything from your iPhone, unlike restoring from iTunes or iCloud.

Just download iMazing on your system and follow the below-mentioned steps. You can download iMazing for free from the developer’s official website.

Step 1: Launch iMazing and connect your iPhone with a cable

Now choose the Device Manager and click on Content to Mac/PC icon to continue the process. 

Backup iPhone with iMazing

Step 2: Check the file categories that you require to backup

 Then choose the export path. Now click the right arrow button to backup the selected documents to your system. If you do not want all of the files and just a few of them, choose method 2 of part 1 and correctly follow the steps. 

Backup with iMazing

Creating backups is hectic and painful. Henceforth, just set the air backup feature of iMazing to backup your iPhone for you wirelessly, silently, and, most of all, automatically. It is scheduled as per your demand- daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Henceforth, you do not need to set up anything. 

The bottom line

There are two ways to access iCloud backup if you want to view the backup files on iCloud. The iPhone backup system is connected with iCloud and iTunes, which can also be used as an alternative.

However, if you want to get through the backup faster, hassle-free, and efficiently, iMazing is the smartest choice. The seamless sync, perfect transcription, and excellent accessibility establish an easy pathway for you to backup your data from the iPhone to the PC.

The best part is you can use iMazing with iCloud and iTunes as well for user convenience. 


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