5 Best Video Converter Apps for macOS

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Natali Solovyova Mar 17, 2020

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best video converters for macOS!

Whether your favorite media player doesn’t support the type of the video you want to play or you want to transfer it on your phone, video conversion is a quite common process. For your convenience, I prepared the top-5 video converters for macOS. Read on!🔥

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Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter

We start whit the Movavi converter for Mac, which arguably has the nicest user interface on this list. Movavi can be downloaded for free from their website and there is also a premium version, but if you need to convert one or two videos, free will be good enough.

Since you’re probably converting from avi format, since it’s not universally supported, let’s take a look how you can convert avi to mp4 in a few simple steps using Movavi Video Converter.

Step 1. Add videos

After you open the program, you’ll see the button ‘Add video’ in the upper left corner. Click on it to add one or more videos to convert or you can drag and drop your videos into the program window.

Step 2. Select an output format

At the bottom of the program interface you’ll notice ‘Popular’ and ‘Video’ tabs. MP4 format should be in popular output formats, but in case you can’t find it, click on Video tab and choose MP4.

Step 3. Convert

Once you’ve added your video and selected the output format, you can click on ‘Convert’ button to convert. Converted video will end up in Movavi Library folder by default. In case you want to save it on a different location, click on the folder button and choose the right location.

Another cool feature is that you don’t need to know which format your targeted device supports, since Movavi offers you to convert by specifying the device. This is accomplished by choosing ‘Devices’ tab when choosing the output format and then selecting your device.



Now let’s consider one of the most common scenarios that include converting – transferring a video to your iPhone.

Probably the most common video format for movies, TV shows, etc. is AVI video format. Although very popular, AVI isn’t supported format on iPhone or iPad. That’s the reason why you have to convert before transferring the file from your computer to iPhone or iPad.

WALTR 2 is probably the best way to go, since it doesn’t require much effort and because it can do the job quickly.

Probably the only thing that may present a problem to you is that WALTR 2 isn’t free, but has a free 24-hour trial, which is great if you have just one or two videos to convert. The price is $39.99.

Another cool feature is that WALTR 2 incorporates the transfer process, also, so you’ll have your video stored on your iPhone or iPad in just a few simple steps:

Step 1. Download WALTR & connect your iPhone/iPad

Requirements: macOS 10.9 and higher
Latest Version: 2.6.25, 13 December 2019
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.7.19, 14 November 2019
Free Download
Download Waltr

Connect your device and wait until the program recognizes it. Unlocking of your iPhone is required sometimes.

WALTR is one of the best video converters for macOS

Step 2. Drag and drop AVI video

Drop the AVI file into the program window and wait until WALTR converts and transfers it to your phone. This can take a few seconds or few minutes, depending on the size of your video.

WALTR 2 will convert AVI to MP4 internally, but you don’t need to worry about formats here. If you’re looking for simple and straight-forward process, WALTR 2 is definitely the way to go.

Download videos from Mac to iPhone in no time

Step 3. Play the video!

You'll find your videos in the default Apple TV/Videos app.

Watch the video on iPhone offline in the default TV/Videos app

WALTR is smart enough to automatically recognize and transfer the content just where it has to be.

I guess, everything's clear with WALTR, huh?

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Now we get to the tool that has absolutely everything you could think of when you want to convert or edit your video. It is true that Aimersoft Video Converter is the most expensive software on this list, but if you consider the number of the functionalities it provides, the price seems fair.

With this converting software you can not just convert to over 250 video formats, but also rip DVDs, remove DRM protection, download videos from the Internet, edit your videos etc.

Input video formats include AVI, MP4, MPEG and many more, and they can be converted into MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, DIVX etc.

Besides converting to the specific format, you can also choose the device you want to play this video and the program will know which is the best output format. Devices you can choose include everything from Apple, most of the Samsung Android phones and also some VR devices and gaming consoles.

Althouth it has awesome functionalities, if you’re just looking for AVI to MP4 converter for Mac, Aimersoft Video Converter appears to be too pricey, though.

Wondershare Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter

Another fancy user interface comes with Wondershare converter. Similar to the previous one, Wondershare can do many different things, not just converting. Those include burning CDs, transferring to devices and editing videos.

Main features are converting any video to MP3, converting audio files to MP3, AVI to MP4 conversion and converting videos for iPhone or iPad.

Besides that, we can convert YouTube videos to either MP3 or MP4, and we can also convert any URL (Instagram, Facebook and Dailymotion) to MP4, which is something that makes Wondershare one of the top video converters for macOS today.


HandBrake Video Converter

We have to mention Handbrake, obviously. It has everything you need and it’s an open-source software, which is not the case with others on this list. Handbrake is one of the best video converters for macOS, as it a supports wide range of formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV etc. Also, Handbrake is free, so that’s one more reason to consider it when you want to convert, for example, AVI to MP4, which is probably the most common “conversion pair”, especially if the targeted device comes from Apple.

Handbrake is a great AVI to MP4 converter, it can process almost any video format and every DVD or Blu-Ray (if it comes without some kind of copy protection).

Usage of Handbrake is pretty straight-forward. After the installation, open the application. Handbrake comes with a rather complex user interface, but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. You’ll notice ‘Open Source’ button. Click on it to choose the video you want to convert. Handbrake is used to convert into MP4 or MKV, so you can choose either of them.

Some other features of Handbrake that can be handy sometimes are resizing and cropping of the videos. Although it’s quite a powerful tool, it has its limitations.

For example, you can’t combine multiple videos into one or change your video anyhow, but if you’re just wondering how to convert AVI to MP4, Handbrake is good enough.

Wrapping up

So, here's our top-5 video converters for macOS. Maybe you have another short-list of options and want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below! ✌🏻

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