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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

iExplorer Review: Best Alternative Programs

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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

This article includes a detailed iExplorer review and compares it with other alternatives to help you pick the right app for your iOS device.

Being an iOS user means having to deal with iOS management apps like iTunes and iCloud. This includes managing and transferring your files and data between your devices with these apps. However, something as simple as transferring files can be quite overwhelming considering the complex apps are. Moreover, they do not let you manage your iOS devices from a single place.

But there have been some very promising third-party apps like iExplorer that get the job done for your iOS device quite easily. This article is all about iExplorer and how it works. We lay out a detailed review of this app for you to learn more about it. So let's get to it, shall we?

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Is iExplorer Safe To Use?

So before we get into the detailed review, I know what you may be thinking. Is iExplorer safe? Is it even legit? Would using it harm your iPhone, iPad or iPod? Let's find out!

After reading countless iExplorer reviews and trying the app out ourselves, we can assure you that iExplorer is not a virus. It is a legit app that lets you transfer and manage files between your iOS device and Windows/Mac computer.

However, iExplorer is not safe to use in a sense that the app has various problems:

  1. iExplorer is extremely slow. It takes hours back up your iOS device. And if you have hundreds of media files and photos in your library, then be prepared to wait for hours to back them up or view them from a backup.

  2. It often crashes if you transfer or change too many files at once.

  3. Their customer service is the worst even though they promise 24/7 support for premium users.

  4. iExplorer fails to transfer long messages to PDF. The app crashes whenever you export long threads on messages as PDF files. Moreover, the video files sent in messages are not embedded in the PDF files.

  5. Their customer service agents do not follow up on your complaints even after sending repetitive emails.

  6. The backups you create with iExplorer often go corrupt after some time.

  7. You should not trust a non-iOS software with your iPod, iPhone or iPad and its files as you could end up messing with the iOS of your device.

So to answer your question, iExplorer is safe as it does not infect your device with a virus. But it is extremely buggy and unreliable. You should not trust an app that is known to crash unexpectedly with your important data.

What Is iExplorer?

iExplorer is an iOS device manager that lets you transfer music, photos, videos and other data and files to and from your iOS devices, just like iTunes. But it actually does more than what iTunes does.

Unlike iTunes, iExplorer lets you search and view your messages, music and any other media file before you transfer it to your computer. You can also transfer any files from your iTunes backup to your computer as iExplorer has access to iTunes backups on your computer.


  • It lets you transfer music, photos, messages and other data from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or your iTunes backup data to your computer.

  • It has a user-friendly interface.

  • It lets you rebuild your music playlists.

  • It lets you export your iMessages.


  • It is very slow.

  • It is costlier than other iTunes alternatives available.

  • The free version of this program has limited features.

  • It freezes in the middle of an operation.

  • It does not let you make or transfer ringtones for your Apple device.

  • It is full of bugs that might corrupt your iTunes backup.

  • It often crashes when transferring large amounts of data (long messages, videos or pictures).

Read on to find out how iExplorer works on your Mac/Windows computer. I have also included some of the best iExplorer alternatives in case you don't trust your iOS device with this software.

How To Use iExplorer?

I know what you are wondering. How does this program let you make changes to your iPhone, iPod or iPad? I mean, how is that even possible?

Well, here's how:

iExplorer actually uses iTunes in your Windows/Mac computer to connect with your Apple device. Once it is connected to iTunes, it has access to all the apps, videos, music library, photos, messages, contacts, media files and other data in your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Thanks to this connection, your iOS device is now an external drive, meaning that you can transfer or make changes to its data seamlessly. Just like you can with any external drive.

iExplorer comes for both Mac and Windows. It does not come for Android. 

iExplorer comes in two versions. The free version is available for users with limited features. There is a limit to the number of files you can manage and the amount of access you have.

Whereas the paid version comes with full access and it costs USD 39.99. 

Programs Like iExplorer

Since you probably don't wanna opt for a software like iExplorer that often crashes and is not reliable, you can opt for a much safer and reliable option. So here are some of the iExplorer alternatives that you can use to copy and manage your phone files for efficiently and quickly.

iMazing vs iExplorer

iMazing is one of the best iOS device manager software available on the internet today. This app lets you transfer files, backup your iOS device, export text messages and iMessages, view and control backups, manage contacts, apps and the entire operating system of your Apple device. It also has many advanced features that you cannot find in other apps or even iTunes such as printing your messages, viewing and editing your backups and exporting your Safari history.

The app is available to download on both Mac and Windows. It comes with a free version that offers limited features to give you a taste of how this app works. After trying the app out in the demo mode, you can purchase it for USD 34.99 for your iOS device.

Read WALTR PRO VS iMazing Review


  • Customizable file transfers.

  • Easy-to-use interface.

  • Safe and transparent process.

  • Lightning fast speed.

  • Encrypted iOS backups and secure data transfers.

  • Doesn't need iTunes to work.

  • New features such as data printer, data eraser, ringtones maker, app manager and more.


  • A bit more expensive than the other available apps. However, the yearly license lets you manage multiple iOS devices.

AnyTrans vs iExplorer

AnyTrans is another related app that allows you to sync your Android or iOS phone with Mac or Windows PC. You can transfer, manage, backup and view your phone data on your PC easily with this user-friendly app. It comes with a three-day free trial version. After trying the app out, you can purchase it for USD 39.99.


  • Easy and aesthetically please user interface.

  • Fast and stable processing time.

  • Freedom to transfer only the desired files to PC.


  • Very limited data transfer options in the trial version.

i-FunBox vs iExplorer

i-FunBox is another popular iOS management app for iPhone, iPod and iPad that converts your iOS device into an external hard-drive. This allows you to manage it remotely from your Windows PC and transfer, read, view and export any photos, videos, messages, contacts, music and other data you want.


  • Lets you burn the media files into a CD.

  • Lets you install or uninstall multiple iOS in your Apple device.

  • Easy-to-use functions.


  • Occasionally fails to connect with iTunes library.

  • Is comparatively slower than other alternatives.

  • Only best for people with jailbroken devices.

  • You may face permission issues when using this program.


After using and reading about these iOS management apps in detail, I can only suggest one thing. Opt for the app that gets the job done safely and efficiently.

For instance, iMazing seems to be the safest option if you are looking for a one-stop app for iOS devices. That is because this tool gives you more control over your data, without jeopardizing its privacy. Moreover, it offers multiple new features, allowing you to make the most of your iOS device on PC. Just try the free version of each app and then only you can decide which app suits your needs. Goodluck!

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