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Josh Brown Oct 27, 2023

The Best iPhone File manager Apps [2023]

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Josh Brown Oct 27, 2023

The iPhone and iPad have many perks and features that can enhance your user experience, but we cannot deny the complications a newbie has to face. Are you new to the iPhone and still struggling to determine its function? Your concerns will resolve just in a while.

Do you feel annoyed when your boss or school teacher sends you a PDF file, and you do not have a proper PDF reader? Or, as an office going person, you need to access many files on the go?

Well, such situations can send you running down the hill because downloading a PDF reader on the go can be such a pain. The in-built PDF editor is a lifesaver that some external file management apps offer. 

We have a substantial idea of your needs and concerns when it comes to a file manager. However, we are here to solve all your worries by letting you know the Top 10 iPhone file manager apps. So, without moving away from the subject any further, let's begin. 

Table of Contents

Top 10 file manager apps in iPhone

Documents by Readdle

Documents by Readdle on the App Store

This file manager works perfectly in sync with the iPhone, and it allows you to access and navigate files very easily. The private browser is phenomenal in surfing and downloading simultaneously. It has multiple features and is relatively easy to use, but it is quite challenging to manage beginners. 


altTunes is a smart app that works as your assistant for your phone. You can manage your apps and access them whenever you want just in three clicks.

altTunes is a self-sufficient app through which you can get an overview of all files within your phone. You can access iCloud files, Apple Music Library, photos, videos, and ZIP files. altTunes app makes you feel like you have phone assistance that solves your concerns with just a flick of your fingers. 

Here is how you can use altTunes as your ultimate file manager: 

Step 1: Download altTunes and sync files 

The first and main step is to download altTunes and sync all your files with it to have easy access in the future. 

Step 2: Drag files on iCloud 

iCloud Drive

The iCloud drive is the most versatile platform that can help ease the file management process. Firstly, open the iCloud drive, you will see multiple options on the side. When you drop down the "sort by" option, there is an option to create a new folder. 

Step 3: Create a separate folder 

When you establish separate folders, you will see options to upload files. You can drag the folder and add files to different folders. You can sort everything by date and category. The great thing about syncing files on iCloud is that you can delete and retrieve the files easily. 

Step 4: Sync iCloud with altTunes 

You can now sync iCloud and altTunes together for rapid access to the file. The private browser and PDF reader make your life so much easier as you can access any file on the go. 

Step 5: Navigate files easily 

The separate category of files helps you in navigating set categories quickly. You can access images, videos, and Apple Music with just one click. 



FileApp is one of the phenomenal apps that can help you solve all your despair in just one click. You can have breeze navigation with little to no effort. This application is pretty fast and easy to use, but it sometimes lacks refreshing the files and apps. File App costs approximately $7 at a minimum monthly.


  • Fast and easy to use

  • Great navigation

  • Small in size


  • Lacks refreshing apps

  • Monthly fee

File Hub

The Photos, File Management and Videos sections of the RAV FileHub app on a phone.

File Hub is your loyal companion when it comes to sorting files and having a separate space for broad accessibility. The PDF reader comes in handy when accessing PDF files on the go. File Hub shows excellent performance. It works fantastic and transfers the files with great speed, but it doesn't work without the internet. File Hub costs around $59.99, they also offer heavy discounts occasionally.


  • PDF reader

  • Excellent performance

  • Great speed


  • Lack refreshing 

  • Heavy in size

File Manager

File Manager is a true organic app that is specifically designed to sync with the iPhone. This has a private browsing space and a PDF reader as well. This file manager is great as it doesn't contain much storage space to be installed. But it works a bit slower than other file managers. 


  • PDF reader

  • Excellent performance

  • Pirate browsing space


  • A little slow

  • Heavy in size


MyMedia - File Manager в App Store

My Media is another seamless application that fits well with the iPhone and enhances its functionality even more. You can save apps in separate folders so that it is easy to navigate. It supports many formats of files to transfer them quickly. It is free to download and handles tasks correctly, but unfortunately, it freezes randomly. My Media cost ranges around $5-$15 depending upon the subscription package you chose.


  • PDF reader

  • Excellent performance

  • Easy navigation


  • Monthly payable 

  • Slow app refreshing

File Master

FileMaster: File Manage, File Transfer Power Clean - Apps on Google Play

File Master is quite a straightforward app that is exceptionally suitable for people with extensive work commitments. You can access ZIP files through this app also. This file manager is quite fine and easy to use, but it has an issue with the video and audio playback. File Master is currently free, but used to cost around $1.99.


  • PDF reader

  • ZIP file reader

  • Easy to use


  • Audio playback issue

  • Heavy in size

The Browser and Document Manager

browser & document manager

Browser and Document Manager is a useful app that helps you organize all your files for easy reachability. The browser is excellent as it enables you to download files simultaneously. It is quite helpful and free to download the file manager, but it stops functioning sometimes. The browser and document manager is free of cost.


  • Easy file organization

  • Excellent performance

  • Download files at great speed


  • Stops functioning at times

  • Takes up a lot of space

Pocket Drive

Pocket Drive iOS App Transforms Your iPhone Into An External Hard Drive

The Pocket Drive is the most favored app in the iPhone as it provides a lot of options to manage files. You have an in-built PDF reader which helps you to open PDF files without downloading a separate PDF reader. It is easy to use and great for transferring media files from one place to another. It doesn't load photos, so it is a drawback of this app. The cost of Pocket Drive app is $1.99 monthly.


  • PDF reader

  • Great performance

  • Easy to use


  • Does not load photos 

Total files

Total files App for iPhone - Free Download Total files for iPad & iPhone at  AppPure

Total Files is an essential app that can optimize the functionality of your iPhone. The file management process becomes easy as you can access any app or document on the go. It is convenient, handy, and easy to use, but it lags too. The price of total files is $4.99, they offer frequent discounts as well.


  • PDF reader

  • Easy navigation

  • Great speed


  • Lacks refreshing 

  • Take too much storage space

Is there any file manager on my iPhone?

iPhone and iPad believe the device has no beneficial impact on the internal files when it comes to a file manager. However, they have recently integrated a decent file manager in iOS 11. People with old models find it problematic to access file managers on the go and perform quick business or study tasks.  

How do I access app files on my iPhone?

Well, most people get confused about how to access app files on an iPhone. We understand your concern because, as a newbie and a film junkie, it can get tough to navigate files on your phone easily. However, there are still a couple of ways to make your life easier and access files. Downloading any external file manager app can be a savior for you.

How do I find the Files app?

There is no set file manager on the iPhone, which can make the process of extracting specific files very tedious. While we understand your concern about how messy it can be to search a particular file, you do not have to worry. There are a few set ways that you can use to access file apps without creating havoc. If you wish to execute the process seamlessly, altTunes is going to be your loyal best friend. 

Why is there no file manager on the iPhone?

There is no in-built file manager on iPhone because it enforces the sandboxing technique. If the iPhone introduces a file manager, it can mess up the paradigm. However, there is always an option to download an external file manager that can make things easier for you. One of the most efficient file managers is altTunes which is established to provide easy functionality flow. 

Bottom line

Among the top 10 file manager apps, altTunes is our personal favorite. It is a functional app manager that provides you with a smart opportunity to optimize your iPhone experience. The profile management options in altTunes are phenomenal to support your device seamlessly. The in-built PDF reader and fantastic division of file categories can make the whole process a lot easier for you. 

The in-built browsing is a blessing sent from heaven; you can optimize your iPhone's ability by downloading this file management app. 

Some file managers do not sync with iPhones well, which can make the process such a pain. However, altTunes is a smart innovation, which is your best companion in dark days. Through altTunes (for us the best file manager app!), you will have full control to access various apps simultaneously, navigate through external files, and make changes. 



If you need to get any file on iPhone and dont’ worry about any compatibility – this is what WALTR PRO is designed for.


Fully supports: MAC OS macOS & Windows Windows


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