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3 Quick Ways to Add Music to iPhone from Computer [NEW!]

This article covers 3 ways to add music to iPhone from computer: WALTR, iTunes & cloud services. Find direct step-by-step guidelines below!

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Music is a part of everyday life for everyone. Whether we are at home, at work or taking a dog for a walk, music is there to fulfill the silence and relax us.

Once upon a time, we used to carry MP3 players around with us to listen to music. Along with that separate mp3 player we also had to carry a phone and headphones. Luckily for us, those time have passed, and now we have a more sophisticated way to listen to music. Our smartphones.

Here we will show how to add music to your iPhone from computer. Assuming that you already have an mp3 file on your computer, how do you transfer it to your iPhone so that Apple Music app can recognize and play that song? No matter if you have iPhone 5, 6, 7 or any other, there are quite a few ways you can transfer your mp3 music file to an iPhone.



Add Music to iPhone from Computer using WALTR 2

This program that will steal your heart in no time!

WALTR 2 helps to add music to iPhone from computer without iTunes

With WALTR, you can transfer music from your computer to an iPhone without using iTunes

It is a lightweight iTunes alternative that will provide a simple and easy-to-use interface. If you just want to add music to iPhone from computer, this should be your choice.

How to transfer mp3 to iPhone from computer with WALTR 2? Here is the quick guide:

Step 1. Get WALTR 2 from Softorino website

Download the installation file from the official Softorino website and run it. Installation is quite simple, just click ‘Next’ few times and you’ll have the shortcut on your desktop.

Download WALTR 2 for Free
Opens in a new tab

Step 2. Run the program and connect your iPhone

When you start the app for the first time, a greeting video that will walk you through some basic functionalities will be shown first. After that, you have to connect your iPhone via USB cable or via Wi-Fi.

add muisic to iPhone from computer using WALTR 2

You may connect an iPhone with a USB cord or via WI-FI

Step 3. Drag-and-drop the mp3 file

When the iPhone is successfully connected, you will be asked to drop the files into the program window. Now you navigate manually to the location of the song you want to transfer to iPhone from computer and drag it into the program.

Music transferred this way will be visible in Music app on your iPhone and will also have artwork and metadata that it had on your computer.

WALTR 2 is adding music to iPhone from computer

Just a moment and your favorite songs appear on your Apple device!

WALTR is arguably the simplest way there is to add music to iPhone from computer. This app is free to download and try, but you will realize that it’s worth every cent of a lifetime license. You’ll have to get if you want to use it forever.

Childish Gambino iPhone

Where are your songs? In the Music app, of course!



How to Transfer music with Cloud services

Another option would be to use cloud services like Google Play Music or Amazon Music. Here, all of your music files are located on the cloud.

First, you upload the files you want to cloud and then play it on your iPhone using the corresponding app (Google Play or Amazon Music).

Obvious disadvantage here is that you can’t use your music store if you are not connected to the Internet.

Amazon music

With the cloud services, you can’t play music offline. Laaame



Using iTunes to add music to iPhone from computer

iTunes is an app that can be used as a media player, library or iPhone management app. It is developed by Apple and has a freeware license. There are versions for both Windows and Mac. Used by millions of iPhone users, it’s apparently something you should consider downloading.

It can be downloaded from Apple’s website. A new version comes out quite often, so you want to make sure that you have the latest version of it. You can check for update in the ‘Help’ section, in case that the update dialog box doesn’t show up at the startup.

iTunes allows you to manage your music, books and TV shows easily. We will go through the process of adding mp3 song from computer to iPhone. We’ll assume that you have successfully downloaded and installed iTunes on your computer.

        1. Connect your iPhone via USB

Not just an iPhone, but any iOS device will work the same here. iTunes will recognize your device, and you will see the name of the device on the left side (for example “John’s iPhone”).

Launch iTunes & connect your iPhone to a computer via a USB cord

        2. Go to the ‘Music’ section

To access your iPhone’s music, choose ‘Music’. Everything that your iPhone music app can play is listed here, along with all necessary metadata (name, time, artist, album, etc.) and artwork.

        3. Navigate to the directory where mp3 file is located

Music file is somewhere on your file system. Navigate to that directory (open that directory with iTunes also opened).

        4. Drag-and-drop

While iTunes is opened on the page where all your iPhone music is listed, drag the file you want to transfer to iTunes. iTunes will recognize that it’s mp3 music file and will start with the transfer.
The transfer usually takes just a few seconds, and when that is completed, the song can be played with iPhone or iTunes.

Along with the song itself, iTunes will fetch artwork and all metadata for the given file. In case that artwork or metadata isn’t previously set, you can set it here.

      5. Right click on the song, and choose ‘Song Info’

A new window is shown, and you can set up all the fields you want (artist, album, etc.) and add artwork manually from your computer.

iTunes song info

Here, you can do whatever you want with the song: add artwork or any information

Having full control over the files on your iPhone is one of the reasons we love iTunes.
An alternative to doing drag-and-drop method that I described here is to add all necessary music files to iTunes library and then transfer it to iPhone. This method doesn’t differ much from the one described above.

If you cannot manually manage music files

This situation can happen if ‘Manually manage music and videos’ option is disabled. In this case, click on the device, go to options and make sure that this checkbox is checked.

Manually add music from computer

Managing your media manually is much more comfortable



Where is the music stored on my iPhone?

All of your music is stored on the iPhone in the Music app. You may refer to it as Apple Music as well.

music library on iphone

Just go to the default Music app and enjoy 🙂

Now you may also wonder – what is the actual location path of stored music on iPhone. That’s a question that would probably rise at some point. Unless your phone is jailbroken, the file path to music files is irrelevant and not meaningful. Just as a fun fact, all of your music files are located inside a folder named ‘Music’, that is again located inside another folder called ‘ITunes_Control’.

That is another difference between Android devices and iOS. In general, a user doesn’t need to know all the technical details like where is the file stored or how the whole file system is organized.

How to add music to iPhone from computer is a question that all iPhone users are concerned about. There are iTunes and many other alternatives, so I hope that this guide gave you the idea of what types of software there are that will do this task for you.

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