Updated: October 19th, 2017

2 Ways to Delete Movies from TV.app on iPhone

It’s quite a riddle to remove videos from TV.app’s downloaded section. But good news – we came across 2 intuitive ways to delete movies from TV app on iPhone. Read on!

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TV.app is here. What’s next?

The introduction of new Apple TV.app got us all excited. Finally – the single app where you have everything you watch, easy to sync on all your Apple devices. (well, that’s how Apple advertises it). But obviously TV.app is just the first step towards the unified movie experience, since giants like Netflix or HBO Go are nowhere to be seen.

Every video, whether digital or downloaded, is now stored in the TV.app. Our Softorino applications  (WALTR 2 and Softorino YouTube Converter) also send videos to the ‘downloaded’ section of the application.

WALTR & Softorino YouTube Converter make it a child’s play to quickly fill up your iPhone with movies. So if you found your free space gone, here’s how to wipe out some videos from your device:

How to Delete Movies from iPhone’s TV.app

There are 2 options to have the movies removed from your iOS device. Both of them require just a couple of taps to delete the videos from iPhone’s  TV app.

Option 1:

This workaround works the best for those, who wish to delete just one downloaded movie or two from TV.app on iPhone.

 Follow these guidelines:

1. Head to the TV.app > Downloaded
2. Tap & hold on the “downloaded” message
3. Tap on ‘Remove Download’


The screenshot below shows exactly what you need to execute.

how to delete movies from iPhone TV.app

Btw, sometimes this is simply not possible, because there’s no ‘Downloaded’ button right there. So if that’s your case, proceed with the option 2.

Option 2.

If you wish to remove a bunch of files at once, the second option is the easiest way to go.

Follow these guidelines:

1. Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage
2. Then select Manage Storage > TV.app
3. Swipe to the left on any file you would like to remove


You can also hit “edit” at the top right corner to make it even easier.

All in all, TV app brings more usability & makes it easier to watch movies on different devices. Definitely, it has some shortcomings (and a generic name – let’s be fair), but overall it’s very promising. With some improvements, it can actually turn into what’s it supposed to be   – a hub of ALL the videos you love, easy to access on any Apple device.


The days when you had all your video content messed up in different apps and on different devices are gone – probably. New TV app is the latest Apple’s attempt to create a single ‘go-to’ application for all of the movies you watch.

Although, it’s not clear at the first sight how to delete movies from iPhone’s TV.app – we covered 2 ways that can help you out.



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