Updated: October 12th, 2017

Convert AVI to iPad on Mac and Windows – Definitive Guide

Convert AVI to iPad in just 3 quick steps! Read on to learn what’s the easiest .avi to iPad converter on the market!

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For those who didn’t know yet – Apple made it so that you have to convert AVI to iPad, changing it into MP4. Because AVI, MKV, Flac & many other uncompressed file formats are simply not compatible. As a workaround you have to go through the hassle of converting and then syncing it to your iPad.

If you’re already looking for a piece of software to convert AVI to iPad on Mac and Windows, you’re probably going to look for the easiest solution possible. Macworld gave us 4 1/2 stars, confirming that WALTR transcodes and drops almost any music or video format onto your iPhone or iPad. Anyways, here’s a few reasons why WALTR for Mac OS is the easiest, fastest and most powerful AVI to iPad converter yet. It’s FREE to download btw, so there’s no strings attached.

Before you begin:

You will need to Download & Install WALTR on your Mac or Windows PC.

No worries – the download is free.

How to Convert AVI to iPad [Video Instructions]

WALTR 2 is amazing for every iPhone lover out there, since it quickly drops any file type (ringtones, music, movies, eBooks) to iPhone and sends them to the default applications for native playback!

Meet WALTR’s most essential features:

  • Convert AVI, FLAC, APE, MKV to iPad and iPhone in the Highest Quality possible. (and WIRELESSLY)
  • Media files are automatically transferred into iOS native Video & Music apps without syncing.
  • No need to launch iTunes.
  • WALTR picks the best conversion settings for you.
  • In other words, does the dirty work for you. Now, we’re ready to use the sexiest and easiest  software to Convert AVI to iPad on a Mac and Windows.

How to Convert AVI to iPad using WALTR

Now let’s follow these 3 simple steps:

Step #1 Install WALTR on your Mac or Windows PC.

The download is free. So go ahead and proceed in getting your WALTR setup file.

Download WALTR 2 for Free
Opens in a new tab

After downloading it and unpacking, put the .app file into your ‘Applications’ folder (Mac) and if you’re on a Windows PC, simply proceed through the setup wizard.

WALTR is the best AVI to iPad converter on Mac and Windows for many users

Step #2 Launch WALTR & Plug in your iPad via usb.

After you launch Waltr, a window will pop up and ask you to plug in your device.

Simply connect your iPad to your Mac or Windows using the usb cable.

How to Convert Avi to iPad on Mac and Windows Free

Step #3 Locate your AVI file and drop into WALTR.

The drop-zone window will show up after you’ve plugged in your iPad. Now, you simply have to take the desired AVI files, which you want on the iPad and drop it into WALTR. After you dropping the file, the transferring process will begin.

The ‘magic’ of WALTR 2 is that it transfers videos & music in incompatible formats to your iOS device, that it can’t play back by default. WALTR converts AVI to iPad ‘on-the-fly’ same as tons of other video containers like MKV or WMA  that are originally ‘non-starters’ for native playback on iPhone or iPad.

Step 3 WALTR converts AVI movie to iPad on a Mac computer


After the transfer has been finished, you will be able to see a happy message letting you know that everything went smooth. Your AVI files are now available directly from the native TV app on your iPad. That was quick, right? That’s really the reason we’re so confident about naming WALTR – the easiest AVI to iPad converter on Mac / Windows.

Besides AVI, it accepts any other movie and music formats. WALTR easily converts MKV to iPad for native playback. FLAC, WMA, WMV, APE, CUE are all covered too. All transferred files are later available from the native video/music apps on your Apple device.

AVI movie is on iPad

Comparing WALTR to other AVI to iPad Converters

There are many tools that make you convert your high-quality videos or movies into the proper format for Apple to be able to sync it to your iPad Air (for ex.) or iPhone 6. 

WALTR is ideal for getting things done when it comes to transferring AVI, MKV & FLAC files into your iPhone or iPad. Currently, WALTR is the only direct way to convert movies for iPad for native playback.

But, what if you want something more complicated but free forever? No problem! In this case, we recommend Handbrake. It’s is a versatile, free tool for converting and ripping video on your computer. This free video converter could convert between almost any video source to handle your video library and convert videos for many popular mobile players. 

Nevertheless, individuals also needs to realize that Handbrake is not comparatively strong in equilibrium and at times, the video conversion may be broken for some reason through by the procedure. In addition, the possibly confusing settings may discourage the novice users. Consequently, Waltr could function as an excellent option for users who wants an easy and secure video converting software, no matter what computer you’re using – Mac or Windows.

BTW, although iPad Pro is on top now, Apple made its standard video player to have several disadvantages, such as:

  • iPad does not support multiple sound tracks.
  • it plays just MP4 and H.264;
  • it supports difficult subtitles;

No worries – WALTR for Mac & Windows breaks the disadvantage barrier listed above. 

Bottom Line

There are no strings attached – so go ahead and give WALTR a try. The download doesn’t cost a dime and it’s absolutely safe! Besides, converting AVI to iPad it also supports entire iPod lineup, so you can also fuel your beloved iPod with Gigabytes of the newest music.

Great news for movie lovers – WALTR recognizes any movie that you are transferring. It automatically adds all the meta data: actors info, artwork, genre, etc. This is the easiest way to convert movies for iPad up-to-date. 

Get back in the comments & tell us how your WALTR adventure is going!













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