Updated: December 4th, 2018

How to Add Subtitles using WALTR

We’ve received waaay too many requests regarding .srt subtitles support. And what do you get in return? Subtitles in formats .srt & .ass are fully supported! 🙂

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So, how does WALTR react to subtitles? 

Though, with this great news:comes great responsibility. It’s not very clear to everyone when it comes to uploading the subtitles with your video files. 

We’ve set up 2 options for the app to support subtitles:

1) Manual
2) Automatic

*Important: The name of your subtitles file must be similar to the video file you’re going to upload to your iPhone or iPad.

Long story short, here’s a quick guide on How to Add Subtitles using WALTR

The MANUAL way

1) Launch WALTR & connect your device.

2) Select the video file and .srt file & drop them into WALTR.

In example, I’m going to upload an .MP4 file with a .srt subtitles file. You may hold down the ‘CMD’ (or CTRL for Windows users) button and click on the 2nd file for both of the files to be highlighted.

3) After successfully transferring, select the subtitles & enjoy!

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In conclusion, the manual set up simply requires you to also select the subtitles file when uploading the desired MKV or AVI video.


If you’re uploading an MKV file and if it includes subtitles inside, then all subtitles will be uploaded as well.

In conclusion, if your catalogue that’s wrapped with a .MKV extenstion, the subtitles will be pulled automatically. WALTR will simply search for the name of the file that is similar to the video name and include while uploading.








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