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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

Can I get a WALTR 2 Keygen / Crack?

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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

Guys, we all know it's a piece of cake to steal our Mac/Windows app using a WALTR keygen/crack, but you're better than that.

Anyway, since you’re searching for it, then you’re here for a reason. You probably want to know how to crack WALTR or WALTR 2 because it’s no secret that it’s an awesome app. And just like your Mac or PC, it’s not free.

There’s just one question, which you’re asking yourself:

“Why should I pay for it if I can get it for free?”

waltr free keygen crack

It’s simple. Getting a WALTR keygen or crack is stealing.

You don’t want people stealing from you, right? …Then why would you steal from us?

Here’s the deal, it seems that while many people use our Mac & Windows app, there are people that steal it by downloading a cracked version rather than buying it legally.

Please understand – If users don’t buy the apps they like, need and enjoy, we will sooner or later go bankrupt and won’t provide you with any updates or support.

Of course, there are tons of websites that offer keygens / cracks for WALTR 2. We know this. 🙂

But honestly – just pay for it. It’s worth every single penny, and you’ll feel waaay better about yourself.

And if you don’t have enough cash at the moment – how do you get WALTR 2 for free?

Listen, guys, we’ve put so much time, passion, money & karma into this app – so giving it away for free would simply be unfair to the whole dev team.

C’mon! You do realise that we’re all human, right? We really love what we do, but it’s still our job. And just like you:

  • We have bills to pay;

  • We have office space to rent;

  • We need food to put on the table;

  • Buy toys for our kids;

  • Buy gas, cigarettes & coffee.

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Keygen or Crack for WALTR 2:

Please don’t be one of those lames that would rather go through a ton of hassle to pirate a superior Mac / Windows app that they really love rather than spare the developer a few dollars for his effort. Now, despite being covered by the world’s leading tech media, we’ve put together 7 reasons why you shouldn't use a pirated version of WALTR 2.

Reason #1. You won't be able to update

Updating a cracked app sucks. When you update – you lose your cracked version of WALTR 2. You then need to wait until the hackers break the newest version. Reinstall it and pray that a new version doesn’t mess up just when you need to put some movies/songs on your device.

Reason #2. We love horses.

We’re nice people. Seriously. We love horses, cats, dogs & many other cute creatures. Josh Brown from Softorino, loves unicorns. That being said, it will always be logically possible to try and crack WALTR 2. This is simply the nature of the beast. But please don’t do it 🙂

Reason #3. You’re at super risk.

If you use a cracked version then the application would gradually go insane.

Reason #4. Say “Bye-Bye” to WALTR 2 being safe

Now, while using a WALTR keygen / crack, you’ll be provided with a chance of the app being free – it will also cause things to work unexpectedly and may harm the main functions of your Mac. Or maybe not. It’s your choice, Neo.

Reason #5. Constant crashes.

I mean if you’re okay with something interrupting your uploading process once in a while – pfft, go ahead and use the cracked version.

Please understand, when you spend money on a license for WALTR, you don’t just get an app – you receive a lifetime of updates and an experience that cannot be matched.

Reason #6. No technical support.

If you encounter issues, you have no one to blame but yourself. Even though WALTR is extremely intuitive, you may still encounter issues or questions. And if you’re using a cracked version of WALTR, you will not get the 24/7 professional support we provide to all our customers.

Not only can you email us, you’ll also be able to call us via our phone number. The team is jam-packed with human-live professionals ready to handle your requests even on holidays.

But again – you won’t get this luxury if you decide to use a cracked version and you’re just gonna have to figure out what’s causing this issue – on your own.

Reason #7. Support our small business.

Our team only has 9 people. And we do everything here from web design to social media management. So it’s up to you – be awesome or be cheap. Gain karma or be cursed.

While WALTR & WALTR 2 for Mac & Windows are considerably cheaper than constantly using converters, the 3rd party iOS apps and iTunes, there’s still many peeps who would rather download it illegally than have to spare $30 for the app.

And even though It’s pretty easy to find a WALTR keygen or crack – we would rather trust you rather than implement some major anti-crack code that will prevent pirates from creating a keygen.

The truth is, the Mac itself is very hard to break for viruses & protection exploits, but the software created to improve the experience for Mac users are being cracked and pirated. Same goes for Windows.

A real hacker who is experienced and skilled will usually find some hole to dig in and break the security of WALTR but let us ask you this – are you really going to feel good about using something that’s cheated?


In conclusion, we really like to believe that our users are bada$$ but honest. So help a brother out, don’t steal and get yourself a WALTR lifetime license. Legally.


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