How to Download MP4 & MP3 to iPhone or iPad without iTunes

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Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Download MP4 videos on iPhone without any fuss! MP4 is one of the few formats supported by your iPhone. This post will demonstrate how you can quickly load all sorts of movies onto your iOS device without going through converting hassle.

Before we proceed to the exact tutorial on how you can download MP4 to iPhones, let’s take a quick overview of what formats are actually available for iPhone playback.

Thanks to their high-resolution displays Apple devices are amazing in terms of playing back movies. In fact, very often they have a good storage able to hold quite a substantial movie collection.

The only weak point is that many movie & music formats are simply not compatible with the default iOS player.

Formats Supported by Apple gadgets:

Video Playback: MP4, M4V, MOV.

Audio Playback: MP3, ALAC, AAC.

All formats except the ones from the green frame are non-starters on iOS devices. And there is quite a meaty chunk of them: MKV, AVI, WMA, WMV, CUE, FLAC, etc.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can make them all playable on your iThingy. More precisely, you’ll learn how you can convert them & download in MP4 to your iOS device.

How to Convert (and download) MP4 to an iPhone

It’s always better to have a visual image of how something works, that’s why we put together a short screencast showing off this method:

To get your MP4 downloaded to iPhone, the first thing to do is to install WALTR 2. This is a powerful app working on Mac & Windows and letting you transfer any type of content from your computer to Apple devices.

The app caused a huge buzz when it was launched – it was the first tool that could send any type of content you wish via simple Drag..and drop.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the file format since WALTR 2 adapts them all to the MP4 or MP3 on-the-fly.

Step 1. Download WALTR 2 and install it

This means you can have a movie in AVI, MKV or any other file format that’s popular on the web and WALTR will download it as MP4 to an iPhone doing all the dirty converting work.

You can test the app out absolutely free of charge.

Once you downloaded it, you’ll get a welcome video that’s gonna explain to you how you can use WALTR.

WALTR 2 for Mac and Windows

WALTR 2 supports WIFI transfer, but to enable it, you still have to connect your iPhone (or any other Apple device you might own) to your machine. And then you can switch on the WiFI connectivity.

And the next time you’ll be free to download MP4 to iPhone without connecting your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2. Plug-in your iPhone

WALTR’s gonna recognize your device immediately after you connected it.

Drop your movie into WALTR, it will get transferred to your iPhone

Step 3. Drop your movie into WALTR.

Drag that file with your mouse and simply drop it into the WALTR window. You can see on the screenshot, how easy it is.

WALTR 2 downloads MP4 to iPhone without using iTunes

The blue progress line shows the length of the transcoding process. Once that blue bar fills up completely – the file is already copied to your Apple device.

What’s more, it is in MP4. You can find it in the playlist of the standard iPhone or iPad application, whereas other solutions make you install some third-party players on your iOS device.

I’m sure you are sitting there impressed. If you ever tried alternative ways to download MP4 to iPhone, you know for yourself how just completely user-unfriendly it can be.

But instead of waisting hours in front of your screen on converting, you have your file copied to iPhone ASAP. Well, there are even more things WALTR 2 is capable of!

Round-up of essential WALTR 2 features:

  • You can forget about iTunes sync altogether. WALTR 2 replaces it entirely and even can download MP4 and MP3 to an iPhone cable-free.

  • Watch your movies with subtitles! WALTR 2 supports both .ass and .srt files 😉

  • We know how painful it is to transfer ringtones on your iPhone. You should know that WALTR 2 virtuously puts m4r ringtones on your iPhone.

  • WALTR is a smart application. It recognizes the content you’re transferring and fills in all the necessary data: artworks, actors info, genre and more!

  • You can also send eBooks in PDF and ePub to your iPhone no questions asked!

Now head to your iOS player WALTR 2 already downloaded your MP4 to an iPhone. So go ahead and check it out!

Finally – watch your MP4 movie on iPhone


WALTR is a great tool already indispensable for thousands and thousands of users. This is your best tool to move files to iPhone or iPad since it has 2 necessary things every application should have: simplicity and powerful features.

It’s free to try out so go ahead and download your MP4 to an iPhone. If you have any questions, suggestions or simply feedback, let us know in the comments section or shoot an email to our support team!

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