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The Best iPad Video Player On The Market (2019)

iPad Video Player isn’t an easy application to choose. There are tons of them on the App Store. Here we came up with the comparison of the best iPad movie players, so you could pick the one that fits you best.

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We could describe tons of awesome iPad video players here for hours (and we will later on), but instead we’d just claim – the best iPad video player is the native one. It’s already installed on your computer and it’s the best thing among all the players you can find. Sure thing, it has its weak points, like incompatible formats (that’s a tough one), but right below we’ll show how to bypass all the format impediments and playback movies/videos in ANY format in your stock videos app.

We’ll also provide short descriptions of all popular & worthy iPad movie players, so read on!

Apple Native Videos Player

You know, there may be many various programs having their strengths and weaknesses. But when you use such a device as iPad: you won’t find the app which works with it better than the native iPad video player. 

Standard movie player is the application created directly to work with your iPad in the most effective way possible. So, the default iOS video player performs its function brilliantly. It knows how to use your gadget’s resources to its best.

The Native video player is able to use your battery more efficiently. That is why your iPad will work much longer with it, than with any other app. Plus, the standard video player is designed to work with iTunes. That’s the reason, why it knows how to interact with this Apple fundamental software at a high speed.
But – it doesn’t support common media formats. For example, there’s no way you can play MKV on iPhone using default player.

Many of you may think: “Man, have you forgotten, that native video player has drawbacks as well?” Yes, standard iPad video app can’t play back films of some widespread formats. For example, you can’t watch an MKV movie without converting it. Yes, it’s a fact.

BUT! There is an easy solution. If you install WALTR 2 on your desktop, the useful kind of software, you’ll be able to watch movies in unsupported formats from the default iPad movie player. And it’s not some useless software – it’s thought out Mac & Windows application that transfers any media format like AVI, WMA,MP4, CUE, FLAC, APE, MP3, MKV to iPad, iPhone or iPad for native playback. Just as well – there’s no need even to launch iTunes.

How to Play Uncompatible Media Formats on iPad

You can use your default movie player, once you have WALTR installed on your machine. This is a superb software that transfers any unsupported media files to your iPhone or iPad no iTunes needed. The transfer itself is outrageously fast. Here’s how it works in the quick screencast video below:

We came up with the quick 3-step tutorial below to get you going:

Step 1. Download the recommended application.

The WALTR music & video converter runs smoothly on Mac and Windows. So just click on the button below to get the ‘dmg’ file if you are on Mac, or ‘exe’ if you are on Windows.

Download WALTR 2 for Free
Opens in a new tab

Installation is really easy and quick. After installing, you’ll be able to convert and transfer video files of any format to your beloved iPad device and play it there right after the transfer.

Step 2. Launch WALTR and connect your iOS device.

Use the USB cable for that. You can also enable Wi-Fi sync by clicking on the gear in the app’s window and selecting ‘Enable WiFi Connectivity’.

Step 1 - connect your device

You can see how it looks like on the screenshot above.

Step 3. Push the movie file into WALTR.

Find the movie you want to watch. Drag it to the WALTR’s window, which was opened a few seconds ago.

push the movie into WALTR

After the blue bar becomes full – you can watch your video on your iPad’s display.

Best iPad video Player - default player

And the video format is NOT important. The program you just tried out can convert videos or music in a revolutionary way. You just need to drop your files into WALTR and the app does the rest. You don’t need to worry about correct format or converting settings. WALTR will transfer your MKV to iPad without hassle or using iTunes at all. 

And iTunes isn’t needed anymore! You can just watch your movie in the best quality in a few steps! So go ahead and try WALTR 2 out. it works for any iPod (even Classic series), iPad or iPhone, it supports any file extensions like MKV, AVI, FLAC, WMV & muuuuch more (subtitles support included!).

Infuse 3


Infuse 3 – popular iOS movie & multimedia player for iPad. The program has a well designed, user-friendly interface, which is quite easy to learn & use. This iPad video player can play back your file from the moment you left off the last time.

The comfortable design, playback of Full HD films on the full screen, wide variety of file formats supported, optional subtitles, zooming settings make Infuse app one of the best iPad & iOS movie players on the market. This application knows how to work with MP4, MOV, M4V, ASF, 3GP, DVR-MS, AVI, FLV, MKV, OGV, OGM, WMV, WebM, WTV formats, and with AC3, E-AC3 audio & Dolby Digital Plus. Infuse can also play MKV on iPhone or iPad. This allows to omit converting movies before playing them on iPad.



It’s a very functional iPad movie player. nPlayer supports all the most popular 1080p formats, AC3 sound, multi-touch gestures, and a detailed subtitles setup. Someone who likes to watch movies with original audio may like this setup and quite a big list of the formats supported by the app – SMI, SSA, SRT, LRC, SUB, SubStation Alpha.

You can customize the text of subtitles by choosing the size, color, position of the letters. Moreover, this iPad video player can display two subtitle frames at a time (using different languages), yet this may not be too comfortable on iPad.



FlexPlayer can easily play back DivX, Xvid, MP4, AVI, VOB, MOV and other formats. One more undisputable plus of this app is the total absence of any advertising spam or additional purchases. Yet the technical abilities of this iPad movie player are not great. 

It is impossible to stretch the frame out, and sometimes this app detects the total length of the movie wrong, and this inflicts the correct rewinding. Yet FlexPlayer can play back the most popular video formats for you without any additional converting.

PlayerXtreme Media Player


PlayerXtreme – a fast and wide formatted player. Allows to watch videos, photos, listen to music from the device or computer.

This iPad video player has an interface which should be familiar to Mac OS users, being the same as Finder. And this means comfort and functionality. One disadvantage of the design – menu elements and buttons are too small. This isn’t very comfortable.


The video player is the software that we use on a regular basis. That’s why it should be very practical, powerful and have a great design. if you choose default Apple’s video player, you will also need a cool video converter that will help you convert unsupported formats into the ones Apple’s ecosystem accepts. The best in this category is definitely WALTR, since you need to drop your file and the app does the rest.

Now it’s your choice, Neo! Out of all the players, you sure can pick the one that is the best iPad video player for you personally. Tell us in the comments what your favorite is 🙂






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