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YouTube has 10 billion videos. There are 15 million videos on Dailymotion. More than 1 million on Vimeo. And the numbers are growing. What if you had the freedom to do anything with these videos? Watch them. Save for later. Send any video on your iPod Classic. Turn it into a special ringtone for your iPhone...

...Now you can – Introducing Softorino YouTube Converter 2.

SYC2 Infographic

What is SYC 2 (in 30 words)

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is a Mac & Windows companion app for every YouTube lover. It quickly downloads any video, audio from YouTube to desktop computer or any Apple device ever created. Not only it supports videos and music, it can also turn any YouTube video into a trimless iPhone ringtone.

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What's new in SYC 2

Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is packed with extraordinary features! New in-app browser lets you search and download any video or song without even leaving the app. Apart from desktop and iOS devices, it now supports legacy iPods of absolutely any generation.

Key Features in SYC 2

Trim-less Ringtones

Trim-less Ringtones

This is exclusive. Our hand-crafted feature lets your turn any of 10 Billion videos into a unique ringtone for your iPhone. 

Automatic WiFi

Automatic Wi-Fi Connectivity

New SYC 2 recognizes every device connected to the same Wi-Fi. Simply select the preferred iPhone or iPad and start the download.

Universal Connection Bridge

Universal Connection Bridge

Watch any YouTube video on-the-go! Apart from desktop computers, SYC 2 also supports all the iOS devices and even any iPod ever created.

Automatic Contact Recognition

Automatic Content Recognition

SYC 2 automatically detects YouTube songs and fills in the proper cover art inside the iOS Music app.

In-app browser

In-app browser

The quickest way to download and convert any YouTube video is to use the magical in-app browser. Now you simply open up SYC, search for your favorite YouTube video and download it all without leaving the app.

Freedom of Sources

The Freedom of Sources

Apart from YouTube, you now have access to convert and download videos from more than 30 websites. And more are coming!

4k Ultra HD Support

4K Ultra HD Support

Apart from 4K quality, SYC 2 also supports videos with high frame rate (30, 60fps). Even the latest trend, VR 360 videos are fully compatible. 

Lighting Fast Speed

Lightning Fast Speed

SYC 2 becomes faster than ever before! The application underwent a massive 4X speed improvement.

Full Playlist support

Full Playlist Support

SYC 2 comes with a full playlist support. For example, if a playlist has up to 100 videos, they all can be downloaded in a single click!


Automatic Forced Subtitles

SYC 2 automatically grabs the subtitles from any video. All you need to do is to enable subtitle support in the Preferences. 

What Pain does SYC 2 Solve? aka Why was it created?

SYC 2 by Softorino makes it easy to download and convert any video or song, be it a YouTube movie or a cool SoundCloud track. Now users can have their favorite videos or music in hand, easy to watch or listen on their Apple devices.

What makes SYC 2 stand out:

  • any YouTube video can be turned into an iPhone ringtone. Without trimming or iTunes;
  • users can seamlessly download and convert music to their legacy iPods
  • because of built-in browser, it’s now even easier and faster to find and download any YouTube video;
  • you only have to copy the URL and the converter will do the rest.

Here’s how to easily convert any YouTube video into a ringtone for your iPhone:

1. Launch SYC 2 & Connect your Apple device

2. Copy the URL of the desired YouTube video

3. Select ‘Ringtone’ & hit convert.

It’s THAT simple! Immediately the ringtone will be available in your iPhone Settings>Tones section.

What’s the story behind SYC 2?

SYC 2 is the second, refined iteration of famous Softorino YouTube Converter. Released a year ago, original SYC was the first tool ever to save YouTube videos straight to iPhone’s default apps. It allowed users to watch their favorite videos on-the-go without ads and commercials. 12 months later the application evolved into a universal music, video or ringtone downloader fro PC and Mac.

SYC 2 makes a HUGE difference


SYC Original



no Automatic WiFi Automatic Wi-Fi
no In-app browser In-app YouTube Search Browser
no Automatic Contact Recognition Automatic Content Recognition
no Lava Design
iOS Connectivity only Universal Connection Bridge Universal Connection Bridge
YouTube music and video download Freedom of sources: Support of YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, VEVO, Bandcamp, VK.com, Instagram, Facebook and many more.
4K support 4k Ultra HD Support 4K UHD (2160p support)
Playlist Support (partial) Full Playlist support Full Playlist Support
Partial iTunes import Complete Import to iTunes support
Subtitle support (partial) Subtitles Full Subtitles Support

We support all iPhones, iPads and legacy iPods!


Starting from 2001 Apple released 28 devices. Each of them is unique. It took us 3 years to figure out how each device works. Our hand-crafted UCB technology (a.k.a. Universal Connection Bridge) makes all iPods, iPads and iPhones compatible with SYC 2. Starting from original iPod to the latest iPhone 7 – Softorino YouTube Converter 2 supports all Apple devices ever created.

We support all these websites!

We support all these websites

Pricing & Availability:

SYC 2 is available for Mac and Windows computers. The free trial lasts 24 hours. Users can purchase the lifetime license for $19.95 (USD).

System Requirements:

The app requires MacOS 10.10/Windows 10 or above. All Apple mobile devices are supported starting from iOS 5 including every single Apple iPod ever created.

SYC 2 Icons


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SYC 2 Screenshots

All graphics are retina @2x resolution. Right click (or press and hold if on iOS) to save at full resolution.


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2880x1800 JPG


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2880x1800 JPG


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About Softorino:

Softorino is a young & professional team of software engineers. We make excellent MacOS & PC software that changes the way you use Apple devices. Known for creating WALTR, WALTR 2, iBetterCharge.

Press Contact:

In case you have any questions or need a free license – please do not hesitate to contact Softorino.

Josh Brown

Josh Brown
Marketing Director @ Softorino

Skype: Boticles
Email: josh@softorino.com
Twitter: @JoshSoftorino