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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

How to Build a Free Music Library with YouTube Converter

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Josh Brown Jun 15, 2023

This article will explore ways of how to download music on your computer or any iOS device and build a diverse music library.

If life is a movie, then we all deserve a stellar soundtrack or, perhaps, even a bunch of them. As music became more and more accessible, it has earned a particularly important role in our lives. We wake up with it. We go to sleep to it. It’s there for us in moments of happiness and it is especially appreciated in times of sadness.

Owning a diverse music library has become less of a ‘want’ and more of a ‘need’, and the audio library YouTube contains is absolutely mind-blowing.

Ht Syc2 Build A Free Music Library With Youtube Converter 1

Unlike other musical platforms, YouTube offers an abundance of exclusive content, which includes concert versions of songs, indie covers, and unique remixes in addition to the traditional releases. If YouTube was your roof to the kind of music library you can build, then it would be so high that even Elon Musk would label it impossible to reach.

I am here to give you the right tools so you can easily download YouTube videos to phone or any other device and extract audio from YouTube video.

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If you were ever unable to download YouTube videos using YouTube downloader, then you were using the wrong tool. The app that we will be using today, Softorino YouTube Converter, always gets the job done and does it with class. It is also a perfect option if you are looking to avoid jumping from one online YouTube converter to another that may or may not be overrun by malware.

How to convert YouTube to MP3 to build a music library

Let’s get to it. If at any point you wondered ‘How can I download music from YouTube’, you are worried about the wrong thing. With Softorino YouTube Converter the question isn’t 'how' but 'how fast'.

SYC is simply the best YouTube converter out there. Just take a look at what Mashable and Macworld had to say about it.

Best features of Softorino YouTube Converter:

  • Creates audio from video within seconds

  • Sleek and clean design

  • Converts YouTube to MP3 with album art

  • Supports every single iOS device

  • 100% safe and protected

Now that we got ‘why’ you should be using Softorino YouTube Convert 2 out of the way, let’s explore the ‘how’.

Step 1. Get the App

Let’s begin by downloading the app. The trial is completely free of charge and preserves all the functions. If, later on, you choose to purchase the app for 19.99$ (lifetime subscription), that would be still 5 times less than the amount you would pay for Apple Music yearly subscription.

Softorino YouTube Converter Logo Softorino YouTube Converter 2
Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher
Latest Version: 2.1.14, 24 January 2020
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.2.37, 26 February 2020
Free Download

Step 2. Find the desired track

There are two main ways to extract MP3 from MP4. You can copy a link from YouTube, and it will be automatically transferred to SYC or you can search for your song using the in-app browser.  

Ht Syc2 Build A Free Music Library With Youtube Converter 2

Interesting fact: SYC can convert 4K YouTube to MP3 file as well.  

After you found your song, hit the “Add to Queue” button.

If you would like to download an entire YouTube music playlist, you can do that as well. All the songs within a playlist will be added to the queue and downloaded one after another.

Step 3. Choose the format 

Once your song is in the queue, you will need to select a format.

Ht Syc2 Build A Free Music Library With Youtube Converter 3

Softorino YouTube Convert 2 offers several formats for each conversion options. In our case, select Audio and then the preferred format.

Step 4. Choose where to save and/or transfer

The next step will slightly vary whether you want to build a music library on your computer or your iOS device.

With Softorino YouTube Converter you have an option of saving the files straight to your Mac or Windows PC as well as transferring music to your iPod or an iPhone. Despite being fully discontinued by Apple, SYC supports the entire iPod lineup. Lag-free, by the way. Itunes… *cough cough*.

Ht Syc2 Build A Free Music Library With Youtube Converter 4

Interesting fact: Unless you are trying to get your files on an iPod that belongs to an older generation, the transfer is a completely wireless endeavor.

Step 5. Enjoy the content

Once you hit the ‘Convert & Transfer’, you’ve made the first step towards creating a truly unique and diverse musc library. If you transferred the file to an iPhone or an iPod, it landed in the standard Apple music app. When saving to the desktop you have an option of choosing where the file goes. 

Now, simply enjoy your music even when you are fully offline. 


How to use Universal Clipboard

Universal clipboard is an incredibly convenient tool that exists only within the Apple ecosystem. Apple universal clipboard allows you to share copied links among multiple Apple devices.

As long as you are signed in with the same iCloud account on your devices, and have your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Handoff turned on, every link or image you copy/save will automatically be shared throughout your devices.

Ht Syc2 Build A Free Music Library With Youtube Converter 6

In such case, if you were to copy any link on your iPhone, Softorino YouTube Converter will automatically detect it and search for the desired track. Handy? For sure. It makes browsing and sharing much more accessible and, more importantly, quicker.  

We are what we listen to

The process is simple. The process is seamless. Downloading music and building playlists has never been so easy. Softorino YouTube Converter makes it actually enjoyable.

Each one of us at Softorino goes through the same day-to-day e-struggles you do. That is why we are so passionate about delivering worthy solutions. A simple way of getting quality music to your device has certainly been one of them and Softorino YouTube Converter is a music library app of great value.

I hope that I was able to help you better understand how to download music from YouTube and provided you with a simple and straightforward tool that ace the job.

Build away. Listen away.

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The Ultimate YouTube Converter for Music, Videos & Ringtones

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Softorino YouTube Converter

The Ultimate YouTube Converter That Makes Downloading Streaming Video Effortless


System Requirements:

macOS 10.10 and higher

Windows 8 and higher

Latest Version:

2.1.14, 24 January 2020

2.2.36, 31 January 2020


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