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A Simple Way to Download Facebook Videos to iPhone

Download Facebook videos to iPhone without a hitch! This post will demonstrate how to save videos from Facebook in all possible ways!

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A Quick Way to download Facebook Videos to iPhone

As a social media website, Facebook is dominating. But in 2017, according to many resources – Facebook is also catching up to YouTube in terms of video entertainment. It’s so much easier to share videos with friends on Facebook then it is anywhere on the web. But it’s not that obvious to download Facebook videos to your iPhone or a desktop computer.

Well, we as developers of Softorino Youtube Converter have stumbled upon a situation where our friends shared funny videos that we wanted to keep on our iPhones and Macs for offline playback. But if we wanted to keep that Facebook video to us – there was no smooth way to download Facebook videos to iPhone or iPad. Therefore, SYC 2 includes full Facebook video download support.

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This is how SYC 2 looks like when you launch it

How to Download Facebook Videos to iPhone or computer:

And it’s so easy, because you just connect your iPhone, copy videos’ link, click the button and  – voila 🙂 Your Facebook video will be saved to your iPhone, no sweat. The best part? You will have it on your iPhone’s TV.app no third party players needed! Even if it’s as simple as ABC, spare a minute to read the guidelines below. We reviewed all possible ways of letting you download a Facebook video to iPhone using Softorino YouTube Converter.

Step 1. Launch the Facebook Video Downloader by Softorino.

Click on this green button below to get an installation file. The download is free of charge.

Download YouTube Converter for FREE
Opens in a new tab

Then open the .dmg file and install Softorino YouTube Converter 2 to download video from Facebook. Originally, this app was the world’s first solution to grab video from YouTube to iPhone in a straight forward way. With time we added many features like the support of 50 popular sources. And now, you can also save Facebook videos to iPhone or iPad using this very FB video downloader 🙂

Step 2. Go on Facebook & Copy URL of the desired video.

There are several ways to download Facebook videos to iPhone. We made some screenshots to get you acquainted with all of them:

Option#1. Copy Facebook video’s link from the URL bar.

Search for a video you’d like to transfer and copy a link to it

Option#2. Right-click (cmd+click) on word ‘video’ and choose ‘Copy Link’

This is perfect when you spot a video while browsing your news feed. Next time you see a new cool video from a friends’ birthday party in your newsfeed, click on ‘video’ and save this Facebook video to your iPhone at once.

how to download FB video from your newsfeed

It’s super-easy to save your favorite Facebook videos on your iPhone

Option#3. Find any video from the Related Videos section and copy it (right-click or cmd+click)

That’s how you can get a bunch of FB videos downloaded to your iPhone by copying their links all at once.

Copy links to various videos one by one and they’ll automatically land in SYC 2’s upper window

Option#4. Open the video, right-click on it and select ‘Show video URL’

You can also copy a link simply by clicking on the video

And then copy the link from the grey box that pops up.

When you see this small window, copy the URL

Option #5. Copy the Facebook link from the video list area.

The other option is to copy a link from the video list

Step 3: Hit ‘Download Facebook Video to iPhone’ button.

The application will automatically pull the video from clipboard right after you copy it. It will also recognize it and provide you with desired quality options and device selection (see the screenshot below).

Hit "Convert" to download Facebook videos to iPhone in just clicks

The last thing is to do is simply choose the quality and hit the big orange button – “Convert & Transfer”

SYC 2 is one of the most seamless ways to download Facebook videos to computer or any iPhone, iPad, iPod ever created.

Furthermore, Softorino YouTube Converter 2 makes it easy to save music from YouTube and other platforms. If you pay closer attention to the screenshot below, you’ll notice an ‘Audio’ button. Just tap on it to get an MP3/M4A file to your iOS device /computer.

More about this feature here: Listen to YouTube Music Without YouTube Red

After the download process begins…wait for a second…

Just a moment and that’s it!

and it’s there!

If you download video from Facebook to your iPhone, here’s how it will look like on your device:

The video ends up in a Default Videos/TV app

Every video will land directly into the default TV.app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. 

**This is the only app in the world that has this technology. Go tell your friends.

So, in this tutorial, we focused on Facebook Video Download. But of course, you know – it works for YouTube too. Here’s how to Save YouTube Videos with Softorino YT Downloader for Mac & PC.


Facebook videos are often just so adorable and delightful, you can’t help but to wish to keep them to yourself. Furthermore, frequently they also are memories. We all have some friends that are sharing personal videos from parties or various events online. Now you can get them off Facebook easily. Moreover, it takes just a couple of clicks (and just a couple of seconds) to download Facebook videos to iPhone or save them to a computer with this Facebook video downloader.

In conclusion, if you have any questions, feature requests or just want to say hello – feel free to write us in the comments below.

Peace out!





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