How to Download Songs from YouTube (NEW! 2016)

How to download songs from YouTube is what every teen and even parents want now-a-days. And this article will show you how, using just 1 simple tool.

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YouTube is full of music content. In fact, many tracks are added there not as videos, but as audio just for listening. Life-long dream of every YouTube fan is the opportunity to save them in MP3 format. And in this article we would like to show you how to download songs from YouTube to your iPhone.

All the newest songs immediately appear on YouTube. There are a lot of music videos, that consist of a static image and an audio track. It would be just great to get this new song from that video and to download it into your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

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Users go to specially created websites to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files. But those web services are lagging from time to time. Furthermore, they are often full of annoying advertisements. There even can be a virus threat. So the best site to save MP3 from YouTube is not actually a site.

In our tutorial on how to download songs from YouTube, we'll be using only one application:

The application is called Softorino YouTube Converter. And it will replace all the sites and doubtful browser extensions by helping you to download songs from YouTube in the fastest possible way.

A peculiar feature of this software is that it's capable of downloading videos to iPhone & iPad as well.

Everything can be done in four simple steps.

The whole downloading process can be completed just in 4 steps. Here's how to download songs from YouTube:

Step one. Before you start converting, be sure to get the application here: YouTube Song Downloader.

Save the set-up package to your hard drive by clicking the appropriate button, that you can see above. The download is free, so no worries. The installation file will be downloaded to your computer, the very minute you clicked on the button.

When the download is finished – launch the file and follow the setup wizard. It will help you go through the installation. The whole process should take even less than a minute.

Once everything is finished – the converter is ready to save MP3 from YouTube. Then simply proceed to the next step.

Step two. Launch YouTube Song Downloader and connect your Apple device with your Mac & PC.

YouTube Song Download with Softorino YouTube Converter

Use the standard USB cable to establish the connection.

Go to YouTube and find the video, that you want to save as MP3.

Step three. Copy the link of the video you want to convert.

Find your chosen YouTube video on its web page. Copy the URL address to the clipboard.

Copy the link of the video to download a song from YouTube with Softorino YouTube Converter.

You don't even have to paste it to the converter's window – it's all done automatically. The next task is to select 'Audio Only' mode in the app's window. Then hit 'Convert and Transfer to iPhone' button.

Sure thing, this software is just as good when it gets to YouTube video download. The following post is dwelling on this particular topic: How to Save YouTube Video to iPhone using Softorino YouTube Converter.

YouTube songs downloader by Softorino

That is all. The converting begins immediately. That's how easy it is to download YouTube videos to iPhone.

You can add as many links as you wish, the converter will download the content from all of them, saving all the video as the audio content.

Yup, there's absolutely no need for using any clumsy websites, when you have Sofotrino YouTube Converter. Even though the scheme is so simple, it lets you get multiple tasks done the same moment. We described the working principle even more here: Copy & Download YouTube URL to Save MP4/Mp3 from YouTube. 

Step four. Enjoy your newly-converted audio!

Softorino YouTube Converter knows how to download songs from YouTube

This app is certainly the best for downloading YouTube videos as mp3 files!

By the way, in Preferences you can choose what music format you'd like to use M4A or MP3.

And FYI, in the latest update SYC for Mac, it now supports Daily Motion, Facebook, Instagram and other video-sharing platforms. Here's our guide on the topic: Video Downloader App to Save YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to iPhone or Mac

No any other app or Internet service will provide the same comfort and time efficiency for you while downloading your audio to Apple devices. Take all your favorite songs, concerts and discographies with you on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad! There are no limits for music playback anymore.


So now you know how to download songs from YouTube.

The whole process takes no more than a couple of seconds. No other solution provides such time-efficiency. 

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By the way, iTunes sync isn’t needed. Yes, you’ve just downloaded tons of audio content onto your Apple gadget without using this annoying and unfriendly application. Comfort and pleasure, without a brain explosion!

Additionally, Softorino YouTube Converter can be used to save and download actual video content from YouTube. Everything is just that easy – find the video, copy the link, wait a few seconds – and watch your video using the standard Apple video player. No additional converting is required.

The program supports any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. No difference which model or generation your device belongs to – your audio and video content will be downloaded and converted to the gadget.

Enjoy Softorino YouTube Converter…

…and forget about troubles with audio files.

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