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Convert YouTube to Mp3 for iPhone 7 without Jailbreak

Finally, convert YouTube to mp3 for iPhone in a straight way. No Jailbreak or iTunes required. The only tool you need is Softorino YouTube to iPhone converter.

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The world’s most popular source of music is not Spotify or Apple music – it’s YouTube. The big part of its revenue is music-based videos. In fact, they get much of the watch time alone. And… we know how to convert YouTube to mp3 for your iPhone in an insanely clever & carefree way!

In those situations when you have no Internet connection, or during a trip, riding on the subway, in any place where the signal is just too weak – the ritual to go on YouTube and listen to the song you like is out of the question.

But as it turns out, this gets resolved in a compelling way. New cool twist from Softorino (the company behind Softorino YouTube Converter tool) is the addition of YouTube to Mp3 feature and the ability to push it STRAIGHT to iPhone. Keep on reading, right below we will demonstrate how to achieve this.

The Guidelines: How to Convert YouTube to Mp3 for iPhone

New, upbeat and simply gorgeous iPhone 7 has been introduced this autumn. As always, it became a bestseller, a record-breaker with its spectacular hi-tech display and sound capacity. Furthermore, it holds a top mp3 player inside, and the native Music application is a vivid example of an app with a simple, intuitive user interface. It’s also battery efficient and will keep your battery live and kicking for quite a time.

That’s why Softorino YouTube Converter 2, that comes with a built-in ability to download Mp3 from YouTube directly to your default Music app is a win. Now grab your popcorn, hit ‘Play’ and have a peek of how this works in a promo video:

Nuances aside, here’s gold, checked, tested, way to convert YouTube to mp3 for  iPhone, iPod or iPad: 

Step 1. Download Softorino YouTube Converter 2

The app got reviewed by tons of respected media outlets including MacWorld.

Download YouTube Converter 2 for FREE
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The download is free of charge. And you also can try how the app works for 2 weeks at no cost. Then install the app by dragging it into the Applications folder if on Mac. If you have a Windows machine – as usual, go through the installation wizard.

Step 2. Plug-in your iPhone

easily convert youtube to mp3 for iPhone using SYC 2

Connect your iPhone via WI-FI or a USB cord

Once you’ve done it, go on YouTube and spot the video you want to convert to mp3:

Step 3. Copy the URL of the desired video

The software will add it to the downloading list right there. I just copied the entire playlist with 99 songs inside. 

Once you’ve found the song, choose its format: the original one, MP3 or AAC

Inside the app select the desired preferences, like the device to save on and the location.

Step 4. Switch to ‘Audio’ mode inside the app.

The app will rip the sound out of the video & convert it to Mp3 for iPhone.

Concerning the audio, it takes even less than video download. A couple of tracks will be converted & saved on your iPhone in 60 secs max.

Step 5. Click on ‘Download’ button.

Then, make sure to click on the ruby-red ‘Download’ button and the download will start right away.

The last thing to do is wait for just few seconds. 🙂

The song will land exactly in your Music.app, easy to access and listen! It will also have an artwork it has on YouTube looking neat on your device!

Go to your iPhone’s Music app and enjoy!

Softorino sets the bar with the usability of the process. It all can be summed up in one formula: Copy – Plug in your device – Download. Honestly, I’m not a fan of downloading some software from the web, neither I fancy recommending this to people. But this case is different. Softorino is a legit company, and the creators of the app are the talented folks.  You notice this too while exploring their website or checking out the corporate Facebook page.

According to the devs, many new cool tidbits are on the horizon too and they are gonna teach the app some compelling tricks in the future. But there’s so many stuff, it knows already:

YouTube Converter knows many tricks to help you get most out of YouTube:

  • this is world’s first straight way to send music to iPhone
  • Moreover, you can convert any YouTube video into Mp3 music & send it to an iPhone
  • All Music & Video files are saved into stock Apple applications
  • Support of Crystal Clear 4K videos

Bottom Line

To sum up, Softorino’s Youtube Converter is yet another proof that great, slick tools are always simple. Nevertheless, the app is staying at the forefront of its niche, providing smooth and coherent user experience – something that you will not meet often. So if you haven’t yet – you can download Youtube to iPhone converter right there.

That’s how you listen to the practically infinite amount of music, anywhere, while being offline. In fact, YouTube has a colossal music collection, rarities, just released music tracks, rap, live music and a lot more. That’s something any YouTube lover would cherish. Convert Youtube to mp3 for iPhone within minutes or even less.







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