Updated: 27 April 2017

SoundCloud Downloader for iPhone and Computer

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Josh Brown

While on the web everyone is discussing how screwed SoundCloud is, finger crossed that it stays here for long. Simply because it’s difficult not to be compelled by SoundCloud. 

Waveforms for tracks? Anyone can upload any track? Picture me impressed. 

And it's a gigantic hub of podcasts on every topic, that many of us love so much. The caveat is that they are only available online. It's streaming or nothing.

Or it's a plan B. Which means download SoundCloud song to iPhone. The coolest part? No iTunes required. Bada-ts!

1-min Way to Download SoundCloud Songs to iPhone 

Attention: Softorino YouTube Converter is not out yet! But you can preorder it here: SYC 2.

0. First things first – download Softorino YouTube Converter 2. Launch it.

The download doesn’t cost a dime, it comes with a free trial, so you can try the app out at no cost. 

There's nothing sketchy – Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is an all-in-one tool, that imports music, videos, ringtones straight to your iPhone without using iTunes or jailbreaking your device. 

In its first iteration, it only supported YouTube, now there’s all major video & music sharing websites added!

Meet the essential features of Softorino YouTube Converter 2: 

  • Download movies, music from more than 30 websites (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion) 
  • Quickly save files to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows or…to literally ANY Apple iPod
  • WIFI Connectivity. The tool becomes breakthrough for its time and sends files to your iPhone over the air!
  • Convert any video or track to iPhone m4r ringtone & send it on your iPhone
  • No. More. Messing. With. iTunes.
Step 1. Use a USB Cable to connect your iPhone to computer

This step is an optional one. If you wish to download the audio to your desktop computer, just skip it and move to the next step. 

Softorino Tip: Make sure to enable WiFI connectivity in Preferences! Next time you download music from SoundCloud on your iPhone, you won't even need to connect it to your computer. 

No more converting headache & worrying about the correct settings, simply copy the URL and the app does the rest. Later, all the music you download, from any website, will land inside the beautiful Apple Music.app. 

And this is a huge selling point – because what we need is one place to keep all the music we listen to. Apple has a knack to make iOS apps look gorgeous and smart while also easy to use. That’s why Music.app on your iPhone is a perfect fit. 

There are lots of music lovers who handpick the tracks from platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud etc. They also have their music collection right inside the iTunes library. Changing the app to listen to your song is too much hassle, instead you can listen to all of them in one app. 

Step 2. Copy the URL of your track

It will be detected by the application & added to the downloading list right there. Softorino YouTube Converter will notify you immediately that the app recognized the audio. 

Step 3. Click on Download button

Rest assured – the speed is fantastic. Audio download is sweepingly fast. 

Final Step: Listen to your music inside Music.app

After you received the notification about the successful download – Head to your stock Music. app. Your track will be stored there by default. And also – It will have the right artwork and the meta data filled in! 

Easy, right? And you also don’t need to get your hands dirty with converting settings or jailbreaking your device. 

In conclusion

I personally think, that 2017 is the year when we need to have ‘unified experience’ across the platforms and services we use. The app we have just covered is a little ribbon that connects the parts of the puzzle together. 

SoundCloud is a go-to to listen to podcasts, DJ remixes, various songs and much more. It’s also the platform where young & amateur artists make their work public. With this much music and audio uploaded there daily, we might use the way to download SoundCloud songs to iPhone. 

And the straight way to download them all to your iPhone lets you listen to the music whenever you happen to be. 

But if you are one of those who use iPod to listen to music and iPhone for the rest, check out our guide on how to download music from YouTube to iPod! 

P.S. Let your friends know, there’s a straight way to save music from SoundCloud or YouTube! 

Download SoundCloud Tracks to iPhone
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