Updated: 27 April 2017

YouTube to iPhone Ringtone without trimming or iTunes sync

It’s real – convert YouTube to iPhone Ringtone without trimming it or using iTunes.  Now, any song, old or new, can become the  official ‘voice’ of your gorgeous iPhone.

Josh Brown

The Backstory 

I have a collegue, whose iPhone Ringtone is Star Wars' ‘Empire March’. Every time someone calls him, the whole office goes ‘ta-da-dam’ all over the place. It drives everyone crazy, the guy, however, just can’t be happier about it. 

Stay cool, Start Wars fans, I like the song. It’s just too loud :))

The point is it’s rare that someone has a custom iPhone ringtone. It’s so rare, that it seems that only Android users have them set up. 

Working at Softorino, we receive heaps of questions from users regarding an easier way to set up ringtone on iPhone. So we have already covered it here and here, but what we are covering HERE, right now, is a next-level thing, way easier, faster, simply more fun than before. 

We found that YouTube is the best place to hunt for a ringtone. No, really. Any genre, any artist, any track – they all are on YouTube. And if you know the workflow how to convert any of those to iPhone ringtone – you are golden. 

The latest version of Softorino YouTube Converter grabs any YouTube video, converts it to your iPhone right there. Also, breathe the sigh of relief, Because –  it does not require iTunes sync or trimming. Seems to good to be true? Your scepticism will vanish away, once you try this out :)


  1. An iPhone
  2. A Mac or Windows
  3. Our little tool – Softorino YouTube Converter
  4. A minute of your time :) 

Bullet Fast Way to Convert YouTube to iPhone Ringtone

Instead of coming up with long and cumbersome guidelines on how to convert YouTube videos to iPhone ringtones, developers decided to make it all automatic. Everything happens within the app, so no iTunes or any other side apps like GarageBand are needed.

Now, forget about iTunes, side-apps and all the impediments regarding the formats. SYC 2 is a new wall-breaking tool, and it converts YouTube videos to ringtones and send them to your iPhone right on the spot. 

This feature is called ‘forced ringtones’ and it will let you change your ringtone every 2 days. It works pretty smooth: copy the link of your YouTube video, in the menu select ‘Ringtone’ and bingo – it will be transferred on your iPhone. 

Find the step-by step guide right below, read it and then learn by heart, because you’ll use it often. It’s quick, takes 30 secs in total – no trimming or iTunes involved.

Step 0. You will need to download Softorino YouTube Converter 2.

It’s running with no issues on both Mac and Windows. It’s safe and free to download.

Announcement: Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is not yet released. It's coming soon. Please get more info here

Here’s a quick overview of what it can do:

  • world’s first app to save videos from YouTube to iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • send videos and music to your device wirelessly
  • lightning fast speed 
  • all the files you download are easy to access from default Apple apps

Step 1. Find the YouTube song you’d like to convert to iPhone ringtone.

Step 2. Plug-in your iPhone. 

Softorino YouTube Converter comes with a built-in WiFi connectivity, but the first time – you still  need to use cables. 

After you’ve plugged it in, make sure to enable WIFi connectivity in the settings of the application. 

Step 3. Copy YouTube link of the song you want to transfer

The application monitors your clipboard. It will notify you when the song is added to the downloading list. 

Step 4.  Select ‘YouTube to Ringtone’ inside the app’s settings.

Then hit ‘download’ – and this is it. It will be automatically converted to M4r, which is the file format for ringtones. No need to trim it, it will be saved to iPhone no sweat.

Step 5. On your iPhone go to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Ringtones’

The speed is freakin’ sweet. The ringtones don’t take up much space, so one sec and you have it there on your iPhone. It will land right into your settings.app where it’s supposed to be. 

So, what’s the conclusion? 

Finally, It’s now official – YouTube to iPhone Ringtone is real, easy to execute and set up. No trimming, no iTunes sync.

Softorino does not stop in predicting, somehow guessing obvious things that we need, but don’t know about. It’s not the first time when the company comes up with products that turn out to be a viral bomb.

Their just released, excellent SYC 2, does a simple, yet innovative thing that I personally anticipated for long. It’s called ‘forced ringtones’ and it will make you change your ringtone every day or whenever you find new cool tune for your iPhone. 

Rarely do you get the chance to choose any, practically any ringtone on your iPhone, making it sound cool, catchy and different. 

YouTube is the right place to hunt for a nonconformist or just a cool ringtone. It has everything on the house – music of all sorts, for all tastes.

iPhone is an iconic device, but the trouble with ringtones can give a massive migraine to the most loyal fans. Those who try to set up a custom ringtone on iPhone, find it hard as hell, and how right they are. Apple made it easy to purchase ringtones, not to make your own ones.

Years spent on trying to figure out the workaround on how to set up a custom iPhone ringtone, finally paid off. The devs over at Softorino came up with a neat workaround letting you convert any YouTube video into iPhone ringtone. 

Ring it your WAY!
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