Updated: May 8th, 2019

How to Download YouTube Videos on iOS 10 Devices

How to download YouTube Videos to iOS devices is a no-brainer. This post will demonstrate the easiest way to get this done.

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There comes this moment:

You’ve finally found it – this really valuable, interesting and informative video.

It could be a video blog, a music video, some work-out exercises, prank, etc. And it’s awesome.

This is when you’d like to download YouTube videos to iOS 10 device, to your iPhone or iPad.

In the article below we put together a simple workaround on how to download YouTube clips to iOS devices. This method will work just fine when you’re short for time and need to quickly put a video on your device or to save it to your computer.

How to Download YouTube Videos to iOS device (Video Tutorial):

The method is based on using Softorino YouTube Converter 2 – a desktop app with quite tempting features. In the promo video below we showed off just one of its features, but they’re more to come.

The application runs on Mac and Windows. But it can download any video to any Apple device ever created!

Here’s how to save YouTube clips to Apple devices

Follow our three-step tutorial to learn how to use the app.

Step 1: Download Softorino YouTube Converter and launch it.

By clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button you will get the installation file immediately. Drag it into the ‘Applications’ folder and launch.

Download YouTube Converter for FREE
Opens in a new tab

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with your computer via USB cord

In this tutorial, we’re using iPod touch and MacBook Air. When your iPhone is connected – proceed further.

SYC 2 will download YouTube videos to iOS devices

Step 3: Copy the link of the video to your clipboard.

Alternatively, search for it in the built-in browser without even leaving the app!

It’ll appear in the app’s download list (see screenshot below). If you copy a couple of links, it will add ’em all there.

Choose your iOS device from the list of available destinations.

Final Step: Click on ‘Download YouTube video to iOS’ red button

The progress bar will show you how the downloading process is going. Once it becomes full and disappears – your video is copied to your iPhone.

As you can see on the screenshot above, there’s also an option to download YouTube video to iTunes library. We described the workaround for this in details here: YouTube to iTunes Converter by Softorino will keep all your fave songs in your library. 

Step 4. Watch your video.

FYI,  Softorino YouTube Converter is the world’s first application to download YouTube videos to iOS devices, directly into TV.app. Before the solution like this, the only way to download YouTube videos for offline viewing on iOS was to save them to your desktop and then use iTunes sync to transfer it to iPhone or iPad. The drawback: way too looong.

So, for the time being, Softorino YouTube Converter stays the only desktop app to save videos from YouTube to iOS devices without the help of any other software. So this is what makes it different.

How do I convert YouTube videos to audio?

That’s an easy one. Simply tap on audio in the app’s window. After this just hit on ‘Download to iPhone’ – it’s gonna show up in your native Music. app 

Bottom line

Now whenever you have this burning desire to download YouTube video to your iOS 10 device, you know that there’s nothing difficult about it 🙂

Softorino YouTube Converter is a powerful YouTube download software, that will come in handy to everyone who enjoys YouTube (we all do, don’t we?). The first-rate thing about it – it works smoothly. This means you can download and save YouTube videos to iPhone without any other software involved, including iTunes. (phew). And it does this super quickly: you just copy the link and hit the button.

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