Video Downloader App to Save YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to iPhone or Mac

Video Downloader App by Softorino is a desktop application for Mac & PC. And it's the only software able to get videos to your iPhone directly.

Josh Brown

First off – in this article we'd present you a newly-released Video downloader app named Softorino YouTube Converter.

While choosing between an app and an online service, at first online service seems to be more time-efficient.

You just paste the link and get your video. While the app needs to be downloaded & installed.

SO naturally, it seems like an online service will take you less time.

Well, that's a mistake.

Because in the long run – video downloader app will save you much more. And here I mean not only time equivalent.

Once it's set up, Softorino YouTube Converter will get you video quickly, without quality loss and directly to your computer. iPhone or iPad.

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Despite, you see the word 'YouTube' in its name, it also works for Facebook, Daily Motion, Instagram, Vimeo. All the major video-sharing websites are covered.

(Softorino YouTube Converter for PC supports only YouTube for now. But in the forthcoming updates support of the other websites is going to be included)

So if you're still interested and still reading this, watch the video below to get an overall idea of this tool.

In the video there's only described the way how to download YouTube videos, but the scheme remains similar for other sources too.

Softorino YouTube Converter stands out from other YouTube downloader apps. The main reason is that no other desktop app saves videos to your iPhone.

Normally, adding a video from YouTube to your iOS device has these stages:

1. You download a video using some online service or app to your desktop

2. You connect your device with your computer, launch iTunes sync and transfer your video.

What Softorino YouTube Converter does is turning these 2 stages into 1. At the first sight, the change isn't big. But it's just the first sight. Because you won't need to look for a online service every time you want to save the video. Because you won't be threatened to download some malware with your file altogether.

With SYC you'd be able:

– save 4K & 60fps videos
– watch videos with subtitles offline: Download YouTube Videos with Subtitles in ANY language
save videos to your iTunes library directly
– save whole playlists if you need.
convert videos to audio 'on-the-fly' and save it just as easy

To make it even more straightforward, you can find step-by-step guide on how to use Softorino YouTube video downloader app right below:

Step one. Download YouTube Converter & install it.

To make the app work you need to download it first. Click the appropriate button above and the process will be started automatically. No worries – it is a free download. Once you downloaded the set-up package – you can start the installation.

At first, launch the installation file. Then let the installation wizard guide you through the set-up procedure. When everything is complete and the converter is set up for work – you can move to the step two.

Step two. Launch the converter and connect your Apple device with your Mac.

The program synchronizes itself with the gadget, as soon as you connect it with your computer via standard USB cable. No additional actions are required. The sync process is fully automatic and extremely fast. Go forward to learn some more cool stuff and to test our converter.

***By the way, have you noticed the 'Audio' option in the app's interface? Well, yeah, it can also convert YT videos to audio – this is one of the most beloved features of our users. You get the idea how it works in this guide: YouTube Song Downloader by Softorino: Fast and Easy to Use.

Step three. Download the desired YouTube video.

To start the download – open your video’s webpage in the web browser. Then copy the video's URL to your system’s clipboard, and go back to the converter. You don't even have to paste the address of the page there – it's all done automatically.

You can add as many videos as you want, just make sure you have enough storage memory for them on your Apple gadget. And then simply hit 'Convert and Transfer to iPhone' button.

The downloading speed is will pleasantly surprize you. In fact, Softorino YouTube Converter is ranked to be the Fastest YouTube Downloader in 2016. 

The progress bar will keep you informed on how the converting is going and on the estimated time left till its end.

Once the bar disappears – all your videos are downloaded to the iOS Device you connected. You can find them in the playlist of the standard player and watch any of the videos right now!

You will get videos/music inside of your Home.Videos folder.

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Softorino YouTube Converter is a paid video downloader app. It's price is 19.90$. Purchasing the application you get it for a lifetime. And. This means you are getting 24/7 technical support and never-ending cool updates included.

Any video can be downloaded starightforward to your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad directly from YouTube website! You can now carry all your favorite movies, trailers, music videos, fascinating documentaries and much more cool stuff in your pocket. And all this is done in a couple of seconds.

Softorino YouTube converter is the best app to download YouTube videos not only because of its speed and user friendly interface. The program works perfectly on Mac & Windows.

The app also works equally well with any iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

In addition, iTunes isn't needed at all. The converter you just tested does everything on its own. And it understands you without any words. This is what iTunes can’t.

And you can use standard player to watch your videos. This means that you’ll see the best possible picture, and the battery usage will be much more efficient. Because when you use third-party players to watch your movies – you actually drain your battery. No more problems like that!