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Josh Brown Aug 28, 2023

How to Download Movies on iPad Without iTunes/Jailbreak

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Josh Brown Aug 28, 2023

How to download movies and TV shows to iPad without iTunes is a dilemma for many. iTunes has a lot of restrictions that we’d like to omit. Read on to learn how to download movies from PC to iPad without iTunes (works on MacOS too).

Apple’s dev team could use some help in terms of making file sharing easier. Whether you want to download movies and TV shows to your iPad or to any other iOS device – you usually have to face iTunes. And you know that this will mean time waste and limitations of all sorts. To top this – it’s just difficult to navigate.

Luckily, we discovered the best iTunes alternative that can help put videos on iPad without the need of iTunes sync. Not only it is so much smoother but it’s also the way to put any unsupported media formats to your iOS device. Watch the video below to find out more!

A Short Video of WALTR in action:

WALTR PRO is a third-party app, but it’s amazing in terms of saving videos to iPad without iTunes.

Since a video is better than 1000s of words, we filmed a short screencast movie to show how easy it is to download movies from PC to iPad without iTunes.

A Swift Way to download movies to your iPad without iTunes or syncing


WALTR PRO is as simple as it gets. Like a black magician’s box, the app can download any movies to your iPad by just dragging it. I’ve been lucky to know the creators of the app myself, and I have to say they did an amazing job.

To put a movie on an iPad without iTunes, you basically just need to drop it into WALTR PRO, it will then land in your default TV.app/Videos.app.

You can go ahead and download it right now, or follow the step by step guide I prepared below to make sure everything is clear.

Here’s how to save videos to iPad without iTunes using WALTR PRO (wirelessly):

Step 1: Download WALTR PRO app and install it.

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macbook with waltr pro on it

Click on the ‘Download’ button right above and get the WALTR installation file to your computer. When it's downloaded, proceed to the next step.

Launch the WALTR PRO installation file you recently downloaded from the website and install it. You will be prompt with an onboarding video with the marketing director Josh telling you all about how the app works in the engaging video.

Drop Files To Iphone With Waltr Pro

After you watched the video, you’ll need to enter your email address, simply because Softorino uses individual trial keys. Then you are free to download any video or TV show from PC or Mac to iPad that you like 🙂

Step 2: Connect your iPad to the computer via USB.

Get your USB cable ready and plug-in your iPad to your computer. This is the first and the last time you are required to use the cable since WALTR PRO can put videos on iPad or iPhone wirelessly.

After you connected your device, click on the settings wheel below the app and select ‘Enable WIFI Connectivity’. Next time you can leave the cable behind and use your WiFI network.

For our experiment, I used iPad of the first generation running on iOS 5. To my surprise, WALTR PRO recognized it right away without any issues.

Step 3: Drag & drop the video into WALTR PRO window.

The file format of your movie can be different: AVI, MKV, FLAC, APE, MP4, MP3 – all music & video formats are covered. Once you pushed the file into WALTR, you’re gonna see the progress bar.

Download Movies On Ipad

When it’s filled up – check your Home Videos folder. Now you can play this video on your device. What’s more, you can do this from Apple’s native player application.

That’s all. Converting is that easy.

You can now download the video to iPad without iTunes. Of course, WALTR PRO is able to help you save not only video files but audio and other media, too.


Again – Here’s a quick overview of WALTR features:

  • Beautiful Design & smart UI

  • Simplicity and speed

  • Support of non-Apple media formats

  • Support of all legacy iPods

  • No need for iTunes sync or jailbreak

Now you can play this video on your device. What’s more, you can do this from Apple’s native player application.

Videos are added to iPad

There’re other ways to bypass Apple format barrier. One of the most evident options is of course converting. This means you’ll need to get your hands dirty with versatile settings and codecs.

Therefore, you’ll be able to convert not supported formats into file extensions that Apple recognizes (and there’re not that many of them, to be honest).

A lot of issues that Apple leaves unsolved are tackled by app developers. There are a whole range of awesome apps that do magic and help us through our everyday life. One of the applications alike is WALTR PRO.

Not sure if you heard of it – but you might have, since app caused a real hype when it was launched.

Why converting is not so popular?

Well, simply because it’s difficult to find a good converting tool. And if you do find one – it just gets hard to make it work, since there are all those countless settings.

With WALTR this all just gets unnoticeable. All the file formats get converted on-the-fly + you get them all saved inside your default Apple apps, so you don’t even need to launch iTunes at all.


iPad is a great tool. With its big high definition display, it turns into a great tool for media browsing and viewing. But the fact, that you actually need to go through a hellish procedure of iTunes sync just to push a couple of files on it is simply ridiculous.

Well, the truth is that iTunes holds just too many things in one. It has too many functions. It’s a decent music library, a good player, a store, radio, file manager and whole lot of other things. No wonder, that it’s loading just too long and slows down your whole system.

Okay, maybe right now – you’re thinking that I perhaps exaggerate here, and iTunes isn’t as horrible as I’m saying it is. And of course, it depends on the operating system you have on your machine (on Windows iTunes appears to be waaaay slower than on Mac), but you have to agree with me – it just performs to many functions, that make you confused in this way or another.

Whereas WALTR is the best iTunes alternative, with just a black drop-zone. It gets amazingly fast to download videos to iPhone/iPad – without iTunes! Push your file in it – and you’re good to go!


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Drag and Drop Any Media to iPhone

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If you need to get any file on iPhone and dont’ worry about any compatibility – this is what WALTR PRO is designed for.


Fully supports: MAC OS macOS & Windows Windows


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