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Josh Brown Jan 5, 2024

How to Download Movies on iPad Without iTunes/Jailbreak

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Josh Brown Jan 5, 2024

Before we start

Would you like to download a movie on iPad without any manipulation with iTunes? As we know this way is time consuming and we want to make the process better. So, here is our quick tip: Download the WALTR PRO. That is the most convenient way to it.

Apple’s dev team could use some help in terms of making file sharing easier. When you want to download movies on iPad or any other iOS device, you typically have to use iTunes. And you know that this will mean time waste and limitations of all sorts. To top this – it’s just difficult to navigate.

A Short Video of WALTR in action:

We were fortunate to find the top iTunes replacement. This alternative allows video download movies on iPad without iTunes sync in a few steps with the WALTR PRO app.

Not only it is so much smoother but it’s also the way to put any unsupported media formats to your iOS device. Watch the video below to find out more!

How To Download a Movie to iPad [3 steps]

To download movies to iPad without iTunes, simply use WALTR PRO. The movie will then appear in your default

You can download it now. Follow my step by step guide below to ensure clarity.

Here’s how to save videos to iPad without iTunes using WALTR PRO (wirelessly):

Step 1: Download WALTR PRO app and install it.

Click the 'Download' button above to get the WALTR installation file. Save it to your computer. 

When it's downloaded, proceed to the next step.

Launch the installation file for WALTR PRO that you downloaded. Install it. You will be prompted with an onboarding video. The marketing director, Josh, will tell you all about how the app works in the engaging video.

Drop Files To Iphone With Waltr Pro

Step 2: Connect your iPad to the computer via USB

Get your USB cable ready and plug-in your iPad to your computer. You only have to use the cable once, because WALTR PRO can wirelessly download movies to iPad or iPhone.

Connect your device. Click the settings wheel below the app. Select ‘Enable WIFI Connectivity’. Next time you can leave the cable behind and use your WiFI network.

Step 3: Drag & drop the video into WALTR PRO window

The file format of your movie can be different: AVI, MKV, FLAC, APE, MP4, MP3 – all music & video formats are covered. Once you push the file into WALTR, you’re gonna see the progress bar.

Download Movies On Ipad

When it’s filled up – check your Home Videos folder. Now you can play this video on your device. What’s more, you can do this from Apple’s native player application.

That’s all. Converting is that easy.

You can now download movies to iPad without iTunes. Of course, WALTR PRO is able to help you save not only video files but audio and other media, too.

WALTR features to Drag & Drop the Video

  • Beautiful Design & smart UI
  • Simplicity and speed
  • Support of non-Apple media formats
  • Support of all legacy iPods
  • No need for iTunes sync or jailbreak

Now you can play this video on your device and your downloading movies for iPad is completed. What’s more, you can do this from Apple’s native player application. There’re other ways to bypass Apple format barrier. One of the most evident options is of course converting. 

This means you’ll need to get your hands dirty with versatile settings and codecs.

A lot of issues that Apple leaves unsolved are tackled by app developers. There are a whole range of awesome apps that do magic and help us through our everyday life. One of the applications is WALTR PRO. Not sure if you heard of it – but you might have, since the app caused a real hype when it was launched.

Bottom Line

The iPad has a big, high-definition display. It's great for browsing and viewing media. Dealing with iTunes sync for file transfer can be difficult.

This is because iTunes has multiple functions and can slow down systems.

WALTR provides a simple option, bypassing iTunes to download movies to iPad. It is a fast and efficient method for iPhone/iPad users. Simply drop your files into its black drop-zone, and you're ready to go!


How can I download movies and TV shows to my iPad without using iTunes?

The article discusses a method to download movies to iPad without iTunes using WALTR PRO. You can transfer videos easily using this third-party app. Simply drag and drop the videos into its interface. This avoids the complications of syncing with iTunes.

Why should you choose WALTR PRO over converting unsupported formats to meet Apple's requirements?

Converting unsupported formats can pose challenges because reliable tools are scarce. It is also difficult to manage multiple settings during the conversion process. WALTR PRO provides an effortless alternative. It converts file formats instantly and saves them to your default Apple apps. This eliminates the requirement for iTunes.

What are the advantages of using WALTR PRO over iTunes for downloading videos to iPad?

WALTR PRO offers a fast and easy way to download videos to your iPad. You don't need iTunes or syncing. The interface is user-friendly. It supports various media formats. It ensures speed and simplicity. It doesn't require jailbreaking or iTunes sync. It offers a seamless experience for iPad users.

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