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How To Drag & Drop Any Video Or Music To An iPad, iPhone Or iPod Without Even Touching iTunes

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Have you ever wanted to simply drag and drop any media content (be it music or movies) onto your iDevice without even touching iTunes? Ever experienced the biggest bummer of not being able to put a video onto your iPhone just because it wasn’t in the “right” Apple format? Well, these days are finally over. The guys from Softorino created a fantastic app that bypasses iTunes — it even transcodes all kinds of media files on the fly — introducing WALTR 2. It will make your transferring experience a lot easier.

I adore Apple’s iPhone, but one of its biggest downfalls is iTunes. If you are used to simply dragging and dropping files as you would do it with an Android phone, iTunes significantly complicates the whole transferring process. It’s very limited in the things you can do with it, and if the file isn’t supported by Apple natively, it forces you into converting it first and then syncing it with your device.

Of course, there are some ways you can get around this. One of them is by jailbreaking your iDevice, which lets you install non Apple-verified enhancements & apps, but thankfully there are some ways of pushing any music or movie to your iOS device without jailbreaking or using iTunes.

Among all of these ways, WALTR 2 is one of the best ones, and it brings numerous improvements over its predecessor — WALTR Original. So, what is it capable of? — A lot. You simply connect your iDevice via a cable or Wi-Fi to your Mac or Windows PC, drag and drop the file you desire to transfer into the app’s box, and the program will take care of all the rest. The whole process is very simple and if needed — it converts the files on the fly.

MKV, AVI, FLAC, MP3, MP4 and M4R files are all supported, as are music formats such as FLAC, although conversion’s speed varies depending on the device you’re using. Currently, there’s no GPU-acceleration either, although this is apparently in the works.

WALTR 2 is far simpler than dealing with complicated video conversion software and then having to sync all of those files over iTunes.

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By Antony Leather, Contributor, Forbes