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100% compatibility: iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro
OS 13.5, macOS Catalina


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Cult Of Mac about Softorino

iRingg is like the Microsoft Word of ringtones. If you’re still living in the early-to-mid ’00s, then you may still be interested in personal ringtones for your iPhone. And if you are, there’s no easier way to take a piece of music from your iTunes library, or to rip it from YouTube or SoundCloud, than iRingg.

Charlie Sorrel

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Softpedia about Softorino

All in all, iRingg is one very straightforward way to create an iPhone ringtone, and it only needs small refinements here and there to complete an otherwise impressive feature package. It’s super-easy to use, works rather fast, and includes support for YouTube, which is without a doubt the best source of songs and audio files for a ringtone.

Bogdan Popa

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Softpedia about Softorino

Si aún vives con Marimba como tono de llamada y nunca te ha importado, puede que la app no sea para ti, pero si te gusta trastear con diferentes tonos siempre y tener un iPhone algo más personalizado, desde luego iRingg es una muy buena opción por lo mucho que se simplifica el proceso.

Cristian Rus

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iLounge about Softorino

The iRingg Ringtone Creator lets you create a custom ringtone without having to go through iTunes. Personalized ringtones are cool, and pushing it into your iPhone via a drag-and-drop mechanism is even cooler.

Samantha Wiley

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macobserver about Softorino

iRingg Ringtone Creator for Mac, an app that let’s you create ringtones for your iPhone on your Mac. It also offers direct to iPhone transfer, so that in one-click, you can wirelessly transfer your new ringtone into iPhone’s default ringtones section. Plus, it lets you create ringtones from audio you find on the Internet.

Bryan Chaffin

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Appgefahren about Softorino

Wer eigene personalisierte Klingeltöne vom Mac auf iPhone oder iPad schicken will, muss sich zumeist mit iTunes und jeder Menge Hürden herumschlagen. Mit iRingg soll alles einfacher werden.

Melanie Tönies

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iRingg Review

Nick P. reviewed iRingg

Dragged my old ringtones into the program and it moved...

Dragged my old ringtones into the program and it moved them immediately to my iphone. Piece of cake.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Robin X. reviewed iRingg

Someone in a group I follow mentioned that a You Tube...

Someone in a group I follow mentioned that a You Tube video could be automatically converted to an MP3 or ringtone and downloaded into your phone from your app. I desperately wanted a song that was not still available for download and tried the free trail. It did all you said it could do and oh so easy. I loved it and had to purchase it. It's worth it for the ringtones alone!

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Anita C. reviewed iRingg

This product came to the rescue because of the changes...

This product came to the rescue because of the changes Apple has made to iTunes. You can no longer create ringtones with software and sync with iTunes. Your ringtones have been removed, so you have to manage them directly on your iPad or iPhone. This software allowed me to easily install ringtones on my phone.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Maruge A. reviewed iRingg

Excellent product

Excellent product. Can have my favorite ringtones in my iPhone immediately and without the embarrassing iTunes program. Very glad with my purchase.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Deb J. reviewed iRingg

When I first found your software…

I was beyond disgusted with the way iTunes worked with my new phone. That's when I did an internet search and found you guys! I'm just so thrilled for now that we can again use our personalized ringtones, but I'm also looking forward to exploring the other features that this software affords. Thank you so much!


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The most trusted, and easiest software to add ringtones to iPhone is iRingg (as you can see from the reviews). It looks good, and is mega simple. But don’t just take our word for it — Download it for free now and validate it yourself.


100% compatibility: iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro
OS 13.5, macOS Catalina


System Requirements:

macOS 10.10 and higher

Windows 8 and higher

Latest Version:

1.0.45, 30 May 2020

1.3.18, 8 May 2020


Starting at $19.95



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