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Josh Brown Mar 17, 2022

Softorino Stands With 🇺🇦 Ukraine

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Josh Brown Mar 17, 2022

Official statement from Josh Brown, CEO at Softorino: 

The war in Ukraine has been heartbreaking for us.
I'm writing this from my homeland while it's being brutally invaded by Russian Federation. 
In 2011 – Softorino was proudly founded in Ukraine, and our development team is based in Kyiv. Many people may already know that I was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. After living in Chicago, IL for eight years, I've returned to Ukraine to raise my own family and work with incredibly talented people. 
From the outset of this terrible and unprovoked war, we focused first and foremost on doing all we could to safeguard our people in Ukraine, and to support them and their families.

Why am I writing this?

At 5 am on February 24, Russia began the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. They are violently trying to steal our country. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, young and brave heroes, are fighting all over the country not only for Ukraine but for Peace and Clear Skies in Europe. We will resist. And you can help us. 

As Softorino users, we ask you to declare your support for the people of Ukraine, who continue to resist the unprovoked Russian invasion. 

Spread the word about what's really going on in Ukraine. The Russian media is telling a different story. They describe the situation as a "military operation" rather than a "war" or "invasion," distorting what is happening on the ground here in our country. Russia is creating a disinformation campaign to "discourage and induce surrender."

The Kremlin's propaganda machine is running at full throttle but you can destroy it by telling the truth. Urge people from your country to speak up.

#SaveUkraine #WorldForUkraine #StandWithUkraine
Follow and use these hashtags on your social media to indicate your support and drive the world's attention to the cause.️

Is Softorino still working during this time?

Yes. We're doing everything we can to help move all Softorino members to a safer place. Despite living and working under this terriying time, we commit to deliver support and updates to Softorino products. No matter where we are, we continue doing our job – building great software products for our clients from all over the world. 


We stay strong, our spirit is not broken, we will resist. We urge you to stand with Ukraine as it is shielding freedom, common values, democracy, and security of Europe and the world.️

How you can help?

We've discoverd that Ukraine has friends that continue to support us from all over the world. As a thank you, one the leading Ad agencies in Ukraine, Banda, put together a thank you video:

Now, at this difficult time for us, we are asking for help and support. We ask for whatever help you can offer, whether that is by peacefully protesting, speaking to your representatives, or donating money. Below are links to trustworthy organizations in need of funds to continue supporting and caring for the people of Ukraine.

Spread the truth about the war in Ukraine

There's lots of fake news and misinformation these days. Make sure you follow the news from credible sources. Share them with your friends and family, so they can be well informed. 
Our fellow software development company, MacPaw, have prepared a list of verified sources in English that objectively cover what is happening in Ukraine:


Thank you from Ukraine,
Josh & Team at Softorino 🇺🇦



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