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AltTunes NEW

Browse backups, print texts, and export media to your computer without jailbreaking.


WALTR PRO lets you get around file format issues & transfer virtually any file straight to your device.

Folder Colorizer

Change the color of folders on your Mac without any extra hassle. It's fast, simple and best of all — personal.


Get pro control over online video downloads to Mac or directly to iPhone.


Download copyright-free images and beautiful photos from Unsplash, Pexels & more.

Folder Colorizer 2

Change folder color in 1-click.


Download, convert and transfer music and videos from YouTube into iPhone, iPad or PC.


Drag and drop to stream videos in any format (including MKV, AVI) from your Mac to Apple TV, Chromecast or Samsung TV.


Transfer your ringtones to iPhone in 1-Click without iTunes.

Memory Optimizer 2

Free up RAM for faster & better PC berformance.

Task ForceQuit 2

Force quit programs without rebooting your PC.


Remove Unwanted Mac Apps with ALL hidden files.

Why Universal License?

Watch the video confession from Josh, CEO of Softorino, on why we switched to an all-in-one license model.

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Access every app with just one license. Future apps and updates included.

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Diverse range of apps

Streamline your workflows, automate tedious tasks, and increase your efficiency and productivity with an entire suite of apps for both Windows and Mac.

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Sandy D. on TrustPilot

It is unbelievable how many top programs people can purchase for such a low, economical price. The programs work as well as indicated and are easy to use. I have used similar programs by other developers, particularly the folder coloring programs, but your colorizing program is so easy to use and has beautiful colors for the folders. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful program.

Alan K. on TrustPilot

Anytime I deal with this group of geniuses (I mean that literally) I come away amazed at not only their products but their customer service. The attention to detail and the promptness when responding to questions is exceptional. Steady solid service is rare in today's world. I've enjoyed the product(s) for several years and will do so for a long time to come as they operate ahead of the curve.

Charlie F. on TrustPilot

Sofortino is a fantastic company. They are extremely innovative and their apps do what they claim they will do. They are not out to gouge anyone and should be an example for other companies for how to run a successful company. Extremely customer oriented with fantastic customer service! I have been using their products pretty much since their inception.


ShopperApproved 2000+ reviews


TrustPilot 130+ reviews


ProductHunt 150+ reviews

Questions? Answers.

What is a Universal License and how does it work?

Universal License is an all‑in‑one subscription that bundles all current and future Softorino apps. It’s the easiest way to get your favorite Softorino software at one incredible price. Universal License includes the best apps to save you time and help you become more productive. Apps include WALTR PRO, SYC, Folder Colorizer, iRingg, & much more.

How to activate applications using a Universal License?

1. Click the ‘ACTIVATE MY APPS’ button in the top bar menu after obtaining your Universal License.

2. Sign in using your email address and follow the instructions in the email received.

3. Download and activate the full version of any available app using your Universal License.

Which operating system does Universal License support?

Universal License provides access to all Softorino apps, and this means apps that are OS specific. You can activate all available Softorino apps on both macOS & Windows. *Additional software requirements may vary depending on the app itself.

Can I use my Universal License on multiple computers at once?

You can have an active Universal License on one machine at a time. Each software and operating system activates separately. For example, you can activate WALTR PRO for macOS on your home Macbook, and you can also activate WALTR PRO for Windows on your PC. If you need assistance with activating your apps, feel free to drop a message to our Customer Care Team.

Can I buy a license separately for some application without buying a Universal License?

No, a Universal License is required to access and activate applications. It is not possible to purchase a license separately for individual applications without obtaining a Universal License.

After my Universal License expires, can I renew it? Or do I need to buy a new Universal License?

Your subscription will be automatically renewed. A reminder email will be sent before the renewal date. You can cancel your subscription and change the billing method at any time from your Subscription Manager.

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Unlock all Softorino apps for just $300 $3.33/mo

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Get All Apps for $3.33

Price per month, billed annually

Universal License

All Softorino apps. One simple license.

Notarized by Apple 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 24/7 Support

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