Updated: October 11th, 2017

How to Copy Videos to iPhone & iPad on Windows 10 & MacOS Sierra

Whether you copy videos to iPhone or iPad, you often stumble on a cumbersome ways to get this done. In this article we’ll cover the application designed just for this task specifically.

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You might have tons of awesome movies on your computer, but if you’d like to copy one of them to iPhone or iPad you need to go through quite a hassle. The usual tool to move your files between devices is iTunes (which of course is not that user-friendly).

Sure thing, iTunes is the application desgined to copy videos to iPhone as well as any other file type. It’s meant for this. But the truth is, iTunes may not always work as it’s supposed. Beginning with the fact that it simply may not always recognize your device or it has all those format impediments, like it can’t sync AVI or MKV movies.

That’s why here we’ll show you how to bypass iTunes and copy videos to iPhone in total of just 2 steps. In the tutorial below we suggest using WALTR app – the most simplistic tool you can find to convert videos to iPhone or any other Apple device ever created.

To show you how it works (it’s soo simple) we made a short screencast video demonstrating WALTR in action:

Now when you watched the video, you noticed how intuitive the whole thing is, so you know that WALTR 2 is 100% worth trying out! So go ahead click the button below to get WALTR’s installation file (it’s free):

Download WALTR 2 for Free
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It’s able to work with both Mac & Windows with no issues.

How to Copy Videos to iPhone & iPad, iPod Touch

So once you installed the software on your machine, follow this short guide to get your videos copied to your iPhone.

If you were searching for the way to play AVI on iPhone or iPad – great news! WALTR converts & transfers any movies to iPhone. It accepts MKV, AVI, CUE, WMA, WMV and many many more.

Step 1. Fire up WALTR 2

WALTR 2 has a very clear UI. There are no buttons or tabs, there’s no way you can get lost and get confused.

Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Step 2. Plug-in your iPhone

Our WALTR 2 is able to work via WiFi, but to enable the feature you have to connect your iPhone to the computer first and then click on the gear in the bottom right corner and select ‘Enable WiFi Connectivity’ there. This feature is still working experimentally, but very soon it’ll be more than stable.

WALTR 2 also shows you the free storage left on your iOS device.

How to Copy Videos to iPhone and iPad

Step 3. Drag your video into the drop-zone.

The blue progress bar will keep you updated on the whole transferring duration. In this case I’m putting 3GB episode of ‘Shameless’ TV Show on an iPhone, WALTR will copy the video like that to iPhone in no more than a minute. More than this, it’s an MKV (Matroska) format, and as you know iPhones usually aren’t able to play back those. In this case, WALTR 2 will convert MKV to MOV on-the-fly. Next step is simply to go into your TV. app and play it back!

WALTR fully supports the following formats:
Video: MKV & AVI (includes subtitle support: .srt & .ass), MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV;

*Experimental support: FLV, M2TS, TS;

Once the transfer is finished (and it usually just freakin’ fast), simply proceed to the next step!

Step 2 - Copy videos to iPhone with WALTR 2

Step 3. Locate your movie in the default Videos app

WALTR will notify you and tell you to go to the stock videos app to find your file. That’s right – all the files (even the ones that got their format changed) will be stored nicely inside your native Apple apps, you don’t have to install any other players that drain your battery and simply make it hard to enjoy the videos you have.

There are  simply no other solutions, that can do the same as WALTR 2. There are literally no other apps that are able to convert MKV to MOV this fast. More than this, you can easily play your files through default Apple apps right in your iPhone or iPad. Make sure to tell your friends about this experience!

Well, you have to agree with me – this is the most straight forward way (ever!) to copy videos to iPhone or iPad since it all can be summed up in one drag & drop movement. No iTunes, no third-party apps or other converting settings. It simply gets the job done in the clearest way possible.

WALTR 2 has a WHOLE LOT of amazing features you’ll like! Here’s a short round-up:

  • Push Music to iPod Classic, Shuffle, Nano, Mini, Touch (absolutely the whole lineup of Apple iPods ever released)
  • Add ePub & PDF to iPhones & iPad  to iBooks. app no iTunes needed
  • WiFI Connectivity support
  • Play AVI on iPhone using default TV.app (also supports MKV, FLAC, MP4, Mp3, APE, WMA, CUE and more)
  • Transfer any movie in any format to iOS + .srt subtitles

Bottom Line

Portable devices like iPhone revolutionized the whole industry. It’s not just a device to make calls and keep in touch with friends, it’s a superb media player with a good screen and a nice sound. And it lets you watch your movies or listen to your music on-the-go. You just hit ‘play’ and enjoy a favorite TV show without the need to stay at home or be connected to WiFi. However the synchronization isn’t very well thought out.

WALTR is able to convert absolutely any kind of video into the Apple compatible formats. Moreover, this is done “on the fly”. You don’t have to worry about converting settings or different codecs. All the “dirty” converting work is alredy taken care of. If you want to convert videos to iPhone, all you need to do is simply to drag and drop your file into WALTR 2. 

This simple and effective app allows you to copy audio files too. Do you have any FLAC files? Or maybe you have a favorite audio book which couldn’t be copied to the portable device through iTunes? You can just use WALTR – the simplest converter and supporting file manager for Apple devices!










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