Updated: 16 January 2017

How to Transfer Music from PC to iPad without iTunes

How to Transfer Music from PC to iPad without iTunes is a no-brainer. In the article below we'll showcase a trouble-free and already acclaimed workaround to get this job done.

Josh Brown


If you ever tried using iTunes, you sure know it's not as intuitive and simple as it's supposed to be. Not only the speed leaves much to be desired, but it also does not support the most common audio formats. So lucky you, in this very tutorial we'll demonstrate how to transfer music from PC to iPad without iTunes + you'll learn how to bypass the format barrier and play back any music or video file extensions ever created on your iPhone or iPad. 

Just to prove how useful it can be:

Have you heard of this high-quality music encoded in FLAC? Well, lately, it is catching up. But the thing is you can't play it back on your iPhone or transfer it on device with iTunes. I was surprized how many people actually CARE for this format. We made a MEGA research on what formats people actually transfer to iPhones or iPad the most often, and FLAC file extension (lossless music) scored second after MP3. All the results of the research we published here: MP3 or ALAC? What Are the Most Popular Formats Among WALTR Users?

Now let's get right into it. 

So how can you Transfer music from computer to iPad ?

  • without iTunes
  • without quality loss
  • without converting files
  • without installing any third-party software to your machine?

How to Transfer Music from PC to iPad without iTunes:

We at Softorino also had this problem, just like you we wanted to put some cool hot music on iPhone or iPad quckly, just like you we wished to listen to Adele or Kanye West anytime we wanted. And just like you we couldn't do this seamlessly.

And becase we really knew the pain ourselves, we came up with the easiest way to solve the problem. Our desktop application WALTR is a seamless way to put some music to your iPhone. It's looks like a drop-zone window: push any media file in there, and get it on your iPhone. Easy!

Well, a video is better than 1000s of words, so here's how this works in the short video below:

And the short tutorial on how to transfer music from PC to iPad is right here: 

Step 1. Download & launch WALTR. 

The download is free and safe. So don't hesitate and give it a try right now:

Download WALTR 2 for FREE
Opens in a new tab

The installation process can be started as soon as the download is completed. Just launch the recently saved file, and go through the setup wizard. It will help you install WALTR in a couple of moments. When this is done – go further.

In this tutorial we're running on Windows 10, but the workaround is same good for Mac computers too. 

Step 2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. 

A standard USB will fit just well. 

If you don't have enough patience to plug in your iPad in the future, simply click on the gear in the bottom of the app and enable WiFi sync ;)

Step 3. Push your music file into WALTR 2.

Here we just transferring one song, but of course there could be so much more. Drop the whole folder and it's gonna be transferred with a bullet speed.

Wait until the transfer is finished – the bar is going to fill up really fast. 

And go to the Music. app on your iPhone. Your songs are all there waiting for you. 

All the tracks or videos you copy to your device with WALTR are gonna be available from the native Videos.app. That is you don't need to install any third-party apps on your iOS device. Default apps for music and video playback don't only have smart design but also are very battery-efficient. 

Now, when you know how to transfer music to iPad on Windows without iTunes – have a look at what formats are actually supported with WALTR: 

And yeah, there are also video formats, WALTR supports them too. So once you've got a cool movie, you'd like to watch on your iPad – this is the fastest way to do this. 

When using WALTR, don't forget to quit iTunes, since autmatic sync can delete the files you just transferred. 

Summing up

Enjoy listening to your favorite songs with no limits. Transferring music from PC to iPad from is now easy and natural as breathing.
You can totally forget about this clumsy "software monster" as iTunes is. Without it you can transfer your music from PC  to iPad within a few moments. Drag. Drop. Over.

Plus, there's no difference, what format your file is having. WALTR works with all of them, including AIFF, FLAC, APE, WAV, WMA, OFF and many others. Your audio will be converted and transferred simultaneously.

Additionally, it doesn’t give a clue if you connect iPad, iPhone or iPod  – every device is OK.

If you think you need any assistance – please contact our customer support service teamm. Those guys are permanently online and ready to answer all your questions about using WALTR.

In the end – What do you think of WALTR? Tell us in the comments section! You can also find us on Facebook to stay tuned with the hottest news we have.

Transfer Music from Computer to iPad
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