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How to Transfer HEVC (H.265) videos to iPad [MKV, AVI, MP4 Support]

iOS 11 & MacOS High Sierra are the first OS to support HEVC video codec. Wanna transfer HEVC video to iPad or iPhone? No problem! 

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HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding), also known as H.265, is a video compression standard that promises a 50% better compression rate with 0 quality loss. 

There’s a lot to learn about HEVC video codec and how to use it in everyday life. But the good news is –  it’s supported across all Apple devices running on iOS 11. And now you can also easily transfer HEVC movies to your iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device. 

How can I transfer HEVC to iPhone without iTunes?

Imagine – what if a movie, that’s in absolutely stunning quality, could take up 50% less space? For example, a 10 GB file can become twice as smaller.

WALTR 2 is a #1 solution to import HEVC movies to iPhone or iPad. It’s MacOS & Windows app that lets you push any media into Apple devices via seamless drag and drop.

Try WALTR and you’ll see how quickly it can transfer movies of even large sizes

There’s no iTunes involved. If you think that iTunes is too bulky, WALTR 2 is the best way to bypass it.

Download it for your Mac & Windows machine by clicking the button below. It comes with a 1-day free trial without any restrictions. If you are not sure if this solution is legit, read this MacWorld review saying that “WALTR is an excellent tool to get media files onto your iOS device”.

Download WALTR 2 for FREE
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WALTR 2 takes 17 seconds to download and just a couple of seconds to install. 

Ok. So how exactly do I put HEVC movies on my iPhone?

There are just 3 steps to make before you watch your stunning, high-res HEVC movie on an iPad/iPhone:

  1. Launch WALTR 2.
  2. Connect your iPhone & iPad
  3. Drop your H.265 movie into WALTR 

Drag a file from the desktop and drop it into WALTR

Once you connect your device, WALTR 2 will recognize it immediately.  Locate the movie you want to transfer and drag it into the WALTR app. You will see a progress bar keeping you posted on the process’ duration.

After WALTR 2 showed you “Successfully Transferred” message, head to your device to play it back. 

All movies will land inside the pre-installed Apple application – TV.app (Videos.app). They will also have all the needed artworks and metadata too!

The movie will land in the default Movies/TV app

The app also lets you wirelessly transfer HEVC movies to iPhone. For this, click on the gear in the right low corner of WALTR 2 and check “Enable Wi-Fi Connectivity”. Right after you can unplug your device and WALTR 2 will still see it.

Besides movies, WALTR 2 accepts music, ringtones, and even PDF and Epub files. You simply need to drag them into the drop-zone to import to your Apple device. All the files will land in the pre-installed Apple native applications. 

HEVC videos are wrapped in different containers (e.g. MKV, AVI, MP4, WMA). iTunes support just MP4/MOV video format. This means you are missing out the biggest chunk of high-quality HEVC movies, that are in MKV, AVI, and other formats. 

Meanwhile, WALTR 2 takes care of all the formats you throw at it. It doesn’t require you to sync your devices at all which makes it so fast & convenient!

Ok. But how is HEVC different from MPEG-4 AVC?

MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced video coding) is now classics. For a decade it was dominating everywhere. It’s all changing now. In its latest OS updates, Apple switched to a new set of video codec – HEVC or H.265 as it’s often called.

HEVC is up to 40% more effective than AVC. 

More advanced video coding algorithms are essential nowadays. The quality of modern movies is becoming better than better. TVs, displays are also developing faster than ever. Only stunning, hi-res images will look good on Retina screens. This all makes HEVC very handy. It’s time we adopted a new and more efficient video codec.

To show you ho much more powerful HEVC is, we took 1 movie and compared its file size when encoded with 2 different compression standards: 

See the difference now?

The movie in H.265 resulted in 50% file size, even though the quality remained absolutely the same. 

Does my iPhone/iPad support HEVC?

At Softorino we experimented a lot with a brand new codec. We discovered and even have data to confirm that all 64-bit processor devices starting from A7 chip will seamlessly, smoothly, like a charm, support HEVC videos.

Simply put – if you have an iPhone 5S & above you can play HEVC videos on your Apple device. Of course, you also need to have iOS 11 or above. 

You will find more specs and info in the table below: 

This table will help you see if your iPhone or iPad support HEVC

However, as it turned out devices with A7, A8, A8X chip cannot play back 4K HEVC videos. Meanwhile, newer iPhones and iPads handle them flawlessly.

Bottom Line

New iPhone X is absolutely dazzling. But there’s also another amazing innovation that’s Apple just introduced: HEVC video support.

Even if you know nothing about it – we are all using video codec. Up to this time, MPEG-4 AVC was the most spread one. Those times are over. Now all devices running on iOS 11 will play and even shoot videos in HEVC video codec. 

Movies nowadays have amazing, brilliant image quality. In addition, all TVs and even iPhones have Retina high-resolution screens. Taking all this into account – a new and better video compression standard is a must.

High-Efficiency Video Coding offers up to 50% better compression rate leaving the same Blu-ray quality. The new video codec keeps file sizes low without reducing image quality.

WALTR 2 is the most trouble-free, lightning fast way to transfer HEVC movies to iPhone. WALTR will leave you blown away by its easiness and speed. So if you find this solution useful and easy – don’t hesitate and share this article with your friends! 















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