Download Daily Motion video to your computer & iPhone

Download Daily Motion video in three steps with Softorino YouTube Converter. This application gets the job done in a few clicks. And the promo video proves that this DailyMotion converter is  here to stay for long.

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PLEASE NOTE: The video is about YouTube, but the principle stays the same for Daily Motion.

Before we proceed, let’s jump into a bit of history: Daily Motion – a french website created by 2 friends in the living room of their appartment. One year later – and wohoo – the website becomes one of the most successful start-ups in France. Eventually the headquarters were moved from an old living room into the exclusive 10-stored building in Paris.

And now Daily Motion is the second most popular video-sharing website after YouTube. It can’t boast such a colossal amount of visitors, but nevertheless – It's a one of the best ‘go-to’ places to kill your time when you’re bored.

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Once in a while, when you’re enjoying yourself & chilling out on Daily Motion, you occasionally stumble on a really cool video that you’d like to save onto your iPhone or computer. Usually it's even your personal video that you want to have downloaded on your device.

And this is the exact moment where you may encounter the following hurdles on your way:

  • There is no tool that will help you to download videos directly from this platform to your iPhone. You'll have to use some kind of dirty Daily Motion video downloader and then sync with iTunes. And then it's still not a 100% solution, because the format might not be supported.

(do you still want to save this video? Majority of people usually give up right here)

  • The most insistent ones actually type in Google something like ‘DailyMotion converter’. And they find many suggestions. Maaaany crappy suggestions.
  • The most risky users actually try them. (even though they look suspicious & junky)

But the Daily Motion video downloader we'd like to unveil here doesn't look neither suspicious nor junky. It looks live and trustworthy. We packed it with all the features needed to boost your viewing experience and watch Daily Motion videos offline.

Here's a quick follow-up on how to save videos from Daily Motion using our Daily Motion Converter:

(we'll be using Macbook Air and iPhone 6 running iOS 9 in this very case)

1. Download & launch Softorino Daily Motion Converter.

You can download the app by clicking here. The easiest (and the most obvious) way is to click on the floating bar on this page.

After you install it, launch the app.

2. Connect your device to your Mac & copy the Daily Motion video URL that you want to download.

Connecting your device has to be via Usb cable, once you do this, the app will see your iPhone instantly.

You can copy the desired Daily Motion video by right-clicking on the link in the address bar or simply right-click on the title of the video and choose 'Copy link' (see screenshot below).

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The DailyMotion converter will recognize the video right on the spot. It will be included in the downloading list immediately (you'll see the icon bounce in your dock). The next step is to specify quality of the video (4K, 1080p, 720p, 360p or Audio only) and select where you want to save it (your Mac, or your iPhone)

All that's left to do is to …

3. Click on ‘Convert and Transfer to iPhone’

You'll see the blue progress line below.

The speed is impressive. We even made speed tests and published results here: What Makes Softorino YouTube Converter Fast Video Downloader?

Ok, after you see the 'DONE' message. Hold your smile for now and go look into your native Videos app on the iPhone for the Daily Motion video.

It's there for offline viewing pleasure.

And now you can smile :)

The exclusive characteristic of this kind of software is the capability to download Daily Motion videos (and Audio) directly to an iPhone and directly into the native Let me repeat it once more – directly. This means, my friend, that there will be no third-party software, no iTunes, no waste of time. (while the other Daily Motion downloaders can only get the video on your desktop!)

Another benefit – the app can serve as a Daily Motion video converter. It has the ability to extract sound of any video and save it inside of the factory Music app. The detailed description on How to Rip Audio from YouTube with Softorino YouTube Converter is here. 

Wrapping up:

Softorino YouTube Converter is your ‘little helper’ to all the video-sharing websites out there. Little helper? Well, it's a huge door, or even an enormous gate. Because it's not only for Daily Motion, not only for YouTube (as you can notice from the name), it's for Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram. Whenever you spot something worthy of your attention – you can simply copy the link and – it's there. Waiting like a Hatiko for you in the pre-installed videos/music app.

You may have noticed that the competition in this field is overloaded. There is a whole bunch of different converters, downloaders, transferrers etc. I'm pretty sure that they can download videos from Daily Motion. But the thing is that you DESERVE to use only the best Daily Motion download software. We don't say that our Daily Motion Downloader is the best one, we say – test it out and then you will see.

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