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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

How to Change Folder Color in Windows 10

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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

Change Folder color on Windows 10, 8 or 7 with 1 simple utility! Not only it looks better, it also helps you navigate easier.

Windows 10 is a huge step forward! It’s fast, easy to use, the start menu is finally looking its best. Unfortunately, there is no native way to color folder or customize it any way despite all Windows 10 advancements.

The little software called Folder Colorizer 2 from Softorino solves this in a beautiful, colorful, most charming way! Like a magical wand, it will change folder color on Windows PC making them look all fresh and bright.

Look. Cleaning and labeling your desktop is very similar to cleaning up your room. It helps you focus and have a clear mind. So, if you are keen on having a good organization, you’ve asked yourself the question: How do I change the color of folders in Windows 10? That’s why you are here. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

[VIDEO TUTORIAL] Watch How to Quickly Change Windows Folder Color

This quick video tutorial will show you how to right click on a folder and change its color on your Windows PC.

Organize your files (the FUN way!)

Simply put, Folder Colorizer is a little program that labels any folder in Windows Explorer with colors. The utility is integrated into your context menu. And it stays very simple – just like it should be.

Organize folders by color on windows cp

There are lots of pre-selected colors to choose from. Not enough? You can also create your own shade using a built-in color wheel.

How to Change Folder Color on Windows 10, 7 or 8

Folder Colorizer is a tiny little app. It already captured more than 5 000 000 downloads all over the world. In case you’re skeptical or think it’s not trustworthy, please read this PC World review about Folder Colorizer.

Now, make sure to follow the 3-step guide below to change folder color on Windows PC.

Step 1. First things first – download and install Folder Colorizer.

So, to color code folders in Windows 10 you will need to begin by downloading Softorino’s Folder Colorizer. Save the program straight to your HDD. Install it by going through the installation wizard. Rest assured, Folder Colorizer runs smoothly on Windows 7 and above. The 1-year license costs $9.95.

Step 2. Right-click on any folder and hit Colourize.

Folder coloring program for Windows PC

Then choose just any shade to label your folder: Aquamarine, Sandy Brown or even Light Teal. 🙂

Also, as it was mentioned before, there’s an easy way to create unique custom colors! Simply click on “Colors..” in the bottom and you will see a magical palette where you can choose just any shade you want. Once selected, simply hit “Add Color to Library” and hit “Apply”.

That’s it!

Step 3. Select the Color!

As soon as you add a color – your folder will be automatically colorized.

You also can right-click on the folder and choose “Restore the original color” if you want to roll the default color back.

That’s it! Basically, all you need to do is to right-click on the folder, select the color and hit “Colorize!”. This little utility lets you change folder color on Windows 10 in such a simple way – even kids can do it!

I’m sure there are TONS of ways to organize your file folders on a PC, but is there something as fun as this? Label just any folder with different color according to its importance or contents. It will not just look SO MUCH better, you will be able to navigate easier, faster. And all it takes is just 1 little Windows program. 🙂

Originally, Softorino launched Folder Colorizer back in 2012. And it was the first colorizer in the this niche! It’s still holds the #1 spot, since Softorino keeps supporting & updating it. Be sure, if you need any assistance with the program – our support team got your back night and day.

Why Folder Colorizer is killing it:

  • it received 5 million downloads worldwide!

  • Folder Colorizer got covered by lots of leading tech blogs

  • the Palette includes more than 30 colors. And if that’s not enough – simply create a custom colour.

  • Folder Colorizer was developed by the same company that created famous WALTR and Softorino YouTube Converter

  • it can’t be simpler! Right click on any folder and colorize it.

Folder Colorizer helps you refresh your Windows PC. Instead of regular pale yellow folders you have them all bright and colorful. Unfortunately, there is no native way to change folder name color in Windows 10 either and it is yet to be implemented within the Folder Colorizer. Do you think there should be an option to change file name color? Let us know in the comments below.

To cap this off, the utility is absolutely safe. You should not be afraid of any ads or intrusive malware inside.

Case: How to Organize your Music Files using Folder Colorizer

It’s a little difficult to navigate on Windows because all folders have the same boring yellow color. Sure thing, you can always use search to look for your file, but isn’t folder coloring just a much-much cooler way?

Let’s say, that you own just tons of music on your computer (for example). Usually, they all have to be broken into categories like style, band/singer, your own preferences or year of the release. Arranging this can give a massive migraine to just anyone.

But instead, you can simply right-click on any folder and colorize it with any color of your choice.

For instance, you can choose “blue” for blues or select something dark for the rock music you have. You can also rename any shade to your liking right below the color wheel. 🙂

Bottom line

Windows 10 improved greatly since Windows 8. It’s easier to use and relatively open, but it won’t let you customize your folders and files. Basically, it’s just like one of those apartments you rent. It might be good, practical, but you can’t change much in there.

There are so many reasons why you should color code files in Windows 10, especially if you use your PC or laptop for work and for personal needs at the same time. Being able to change Windows folder color can help you separate all the items across the entire File Explorer – it’s a game changer!

If same old yellow folders already bored you, Folder Colorizer is a lifesaver! It’s simply the easiest, most intuitive way to change folder color on Windows 10.

Now that you know to how to color folder in Windows 10, go ahead and make the most out of your File Explorer.

P.S. In conclusion, help us spread the word about Folder Colorizer! Share this article on social media & help your friends organize their files!

Josh Brown
Josh Brown

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Folder Colorizer 2

Change folder color & get organized.

Folder Colorizer 2

Folder Colorizer 2

Change folder color & get organized.


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