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Josh Brown Oct 20, 2020

How to Free up RAM on Your PC with the best RAM Cleaner for Windows 10

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Josh Brown Oct 20, 2020

Nothing is as annoying as a slow computer. Therefore, here’s how to speed up your PC with the best RAM cleaner for Windows 10! 🚀

RAM is the acronym of Random Access Memory. True to its name, the computer uses this memory randomly to access certain bytes of data, without having to touch some preceding bits.

RAM stores information that the computer needs to use very quickly while running. If there is not enough RAM, then it will not be possible for the computer to access data randomly and quickly, hence making your computer slow. That’s why we would need a RAM cleaner.

How to Speed Up Computer

The best way to handle a slow computer is to increase the amount of free RAM at any one time. There are generally two ways of increasing the size of free RAM storage in your computer. First, you can free up RAM by using a PC memory cleaner. Or you can increase size of RAM in your PC, i.e. physically leverage it.

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How to Free up RAM with Memory Optimizer 2

As mentioned above, there are generally two simple ways to free up memory in your computer; you can use either a RAM optimizer or if you feel that you are a bit computer savvy, use the Windows Task Manager.

RAM optimizers work as RAM cleaners, where they remove all unnecessary information stored in your RAM hence freeing up someщ space.

memory optimiser

Memory Optimizer 2 is the best RAM optimizer for Windows 10 out there. It has a simple to use interface and takes a few seconds to clean up your RAM. It shows you what’s eating your memory using colorful graphs.

This RAM cleaner works by removing all the cache data and optimizing your reserved and used RAM. It is not only designed as PC RAM cleaner for windows 10 but also as a general RAM cleaner for windows 7/8/10.

Step 1. Download Memory Optimizer 2.

Open the downloaded file extension and use the prompts to install the program.

Step 2. Click on ‘Recover Free Memory’

Hurray! Less than 5 seconds and your RAM has been freed up!

Memory Optimizer 2 lets you free up RAM in just 1 click!

Essential Features of Memory Optimiser 2

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10

  • 1-Click Simplicity –Unlike using the Windows Task Manager to clear RAM, where one has to go through a long process, with Memory Optimiser, you just need to open the program and click ‘Recover Free Memory’.

  • Easy to use interface with beautiful graphs and Reports – Colorful charts and graphs outline the used RAM percentage, the cached RAM, and the Reserved RAM usage.

  • 24/7 customer support – The company that built this App has 24/7 customer support dedicated to ensuring that you get the best experience.

The program is compatible with the most commonly used Windows OS versions. It has been built in a way that ensures maximum RAM optimization regardless of the Windows OS used, as long as the OS is compatible.

Although you can use the program as a standalone App, it also comes as part of the Softorino uKit. The Softorino uKit contains 4 great programs that will help you dramatically improve your Windows experience.

How to Free up RAM on Windows 10 using Windows Task Manager

If you are not comfortable with using a third-party RAM cleaner, Windows has an inbuilt process, through which you can clean and free up your memory.

The best way to free up RAM using the Windows Task Manager is by killing all background processes, or running Apps.

To stop running Apps, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy’. Then click on ‘Background Apps’. Finally, turn off the toggle switches for specific programs, or turn off all apps running in the background.

The above measures are aimed at ensuring that your RAM is optimized. However, sometimes it just happens that you bought a computer that had a little amount of RAM installed. It is therefore crucial that you check the pre-installed RAM size in your computer.

How Much RAM do I have?

To check the size of RAM that is installed in your computer, the amount of RAM currently in use, and the amount of free RAM,

Step 1. Open Windows Task Manager & Go to Processes Tab

A list of open programs will appear, sort them by memory consumed, this will show you which processes and programs consume the most memory

Go to ‘Processes’ in Task Manager to find out what’s eating your RAM.

You can also tap on the Performance tab, to get an overview of the memory in use, and how much memory you have left

Step 2. Click the Open Resource Monitor at the bottom of the Performance tab.

On the resource monitor, click the Memory tab to get a graph of total RAM and the amount of free RAM. Hurray!

Yes! I too agree that this is a long process. That is why a RAM optimizer app comes in handy.

Apart from performing as a PC RAM cleaner, a memory optimizer will also show you the above information.

If your computer’s installed RAM is relatively small, some computers allow for memory increase. In such a case, the only option is to increase your computer’s RAM. The remaining part of this article will teach you how to get more RAM for your computer.

How do I increase RAM on my PC

Before increasing your PC’s RAM, it is prudent that you first check whether your PC allows for upgrades and if it does allow, by how much and which type of RAM is compatible.

So how Much RAM can you add?

This is the best way to speed up your computer.

To find this much RAM you can add, and which type of RAM to add, you will need to learn all system information about your computer.

To achieve this, click Windows start button. In the open box, type System Information, then determine the System Model, the System SKU, and the System Manufacturer.

I also recommend using the Crucial Memory Advisor Website. This is a great website.

Armed with your computer’s model Information, follow the prompts on the website to determine whether your computer allows for upgrades, the type of RAM that your computer uses, the maximum RAM that your computer can hold and the RAM speed compatible with your computer.

Awesome! Now all that’s left to do is to buy a compatible RAM.

How can I install RAM on PC?

You can consider visiting a tech repair store to have your RAM upgraded. However, if you like getting a bit technical like I do, you can easily install the purchased RAM on your PC.

The following easy steps will help you install RAM on your PC.

  • Ensure that your computer is completely turned off and unplug all cables.

  • Wear safety gloves, or ground yourself so that you don’t get electrocuted

  • Refer to your laptop’s manual on how to get to the RAM slot on your computer. Some require removing the entire bottom, while others have a panel specifically for holding RAM.

  • Either remove the original RAM cards, and install the new RAM cards, or add the new RAM cards to the remaining empty slots.

  • Install the RAM cards and return the bottom panel in place. You can now turn on your PC and check whether you installed the new RAM successfully. A quick press on Windows + Pause buttons will open the computer’s system properties.

Bottom Line

Having a RAM booster is the surest way of ensuring that your RAM is always optimized. However, if your computer needs to perform a lot of tasks at the same time, it is prudent that you increase the size of installed RAM.

If your computer is still slow even after taking the above measures, you can check out our previous post and learn how to improve PC performance.


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