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Josh Brown Oct 27, 2020

How to Play WMV on any iPhone or iPad – QUICK & EASY

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Josh Brown Oct 27, 2020

You can play WMV on iPhone or iPad in just 3 quick steps. This article will show the fastest way to open WMV files on iPhone.

It seems like there are tons of people looking for a way to play WMV on iPhone or iPad.

The problem is: by default iOS devices can’t play your WMV (aka Windows Media Video). You have to adapt it to the compatible file format first.

I bet you’re probably dying to play your super-high-quality WMV movies on the new iPad, right?

What if all you had to do is pick your favorite WMV file and drop it into your device for natural playback on the iPad’s native video app? For us: moviephiles and audiophiles, this is like a dream come true solution!

Therefore, the tool I’m going to introduce below will do exactly that. It’s the perfect way to open WMV files on iPhone or iPad for native playback except that it’s even easier than that!

How to Play WMV on iPhone or iPad

In order to play WMV on iPhone – you will need to download MacOS and Windows software WALTR 2. Then simply connect your iPhone to your computer. Afterward, just drop your WMV file into WALTR 2. Immediately the WMV movie will land into TV (Videos) app on your iPhone and you will be able to play it on your iPhone.

Introducing the EASY solution to convert WMV to iPhone or iPad. To make it even easier we came up with a three-step guide.

Step 1. Download WALTR for FREE from here & install the app.

Free Download
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This is a free download, so you have no chains to worry about.

Just in case you’re still wondering what’s WALTR 2 – it’s a MacOS & Windows application that was introduced not long ago with a revolutionary technology allowing users to convert WMV to MP4 on Mac and Windows without having to worry about any conversion files or syncing process with iTunes.

It’s a smart tool that will come in handy to every fan of Apple tech since it works for every iPod (even Classic series), iPad or iPhone.

WALTR helps you play WMV on iPhone

The essential features that WALTR 2 has:

  • Copy ANY video or audio to iPad, iPhone, iPod i.e. formats in .FLAC; .AVI; .MOV; .MKV; .APE; M4R; & more.

  • Push eBooks (PDFs & ePubs) into WALTR to get them in iBooks.app.

  • Support of Wireless Networks (experimental)

  • All media is synced directly to device without a need to launch iTunes.

  • Playback from iOS native Videos app.

Step 2. Open your Applications folder and launch WALTR.

It will ask you to connect your device. Go ahead and plug in your iPad via USB.

The next step will be something that is too pleasing: a smooth+simple method. For example, what if all you had to do is pick your favorite WMV file and drop it into your device for natural playback on the iPad’s native video app?

WALTR does exactly that. It’s the perfect way to convert WMV for iPhone and iPad native playback except that it’s even easier than that! There’s no extra step for converting that you see all over the internet.

Step 3. Locate your WMV and drop it into WALTR’s drop-zone.

After you drag and drop the desired WMV movie file into WALTR, the transferring process will begin and a notification will pop-up once the process has successfully finished.

You won’t have to choose any conversion settings nor will you have to worry about syncing your iPad with iTunes for the WMV movie file to show up on your device.

Drop your WMV file into WALTR 2 app

and you’re DONE!

Simply open your iOS native Videos app and your WMV should be there.

WALTR 2 also fills in all the metadata info like episode description, genre and even grabs the artwork from the Internet.

WMV on iPhone

If you’re amazed by this new and FREE way to play WMV on iPhone and iPad, please share it with your friends. Trust me: you will gain tons of good karma 🙂

In Conclusion

If you were already looking all over the internet, you probably stumbled upon people always suggesting ‘handbrake’ or ‘macxdvd’ to convert your WMVs to MP4, of course, if you know the correct format and codec settings. After that you can sync the outcome from those apps into your iTunes and then put them onto your lovely iPad – this really does solve it: but it just sounds too much of a hassle.

Apple made it so you can’t naturally play your WMVs (or any other file types like MKV or AVI) on any iPad or iPhone device. It’s simply one more of the highly-demanded formats that Apple does not support. We put an end to this and broke through the barrier between MKV, AVI, FLAC & your iPad, iPhone and iPod. Movies in 720p & 1080p are really a crystal piece of pleasure that you can get when watching it on an iPad’s retina screen.

WALTR really makes it a piece of cake to convert WMV to MP4 for iPad or iPhone – there’s no other way you can put content in various formats to Apple devices that easy! So don’t hesitate, try it out right now! If you have any questions – let us know in the comments section!


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Josh Brown

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