Updated: July 13th, 2017

How to Copy Music to iPhone without iTunes

Copy music to iPhone without the headache of iTunes sync. Be sure, iTunes isn’t the only fish in the ocean – there are other much more reliable and straightforward workarounds. The fastest one – WALTR.

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This post will show you the easiest possible way to copy music files to an iPhone. The usual app for this is iTunes. However, you might’ve noticed – no matter how frequently Apple updates iTunes, somehow it never affects the media management part. Yikes.

Saying honestly, even though iTunes has been a revolutionary utility back when it was first launched, the way we manage our music is now obsolete. To put such a simple thing as an MP3 song on an iPhone – you have to sync your entire device with iTunes. Then you have to go through all the never-ending iTunes tabs and settings.

And don’t you dare to push FLAC or APE in there. iTunes will ignore them completely.

But iTunes isn’t the only option. There’s also WALTR – its much improved and enhanced alternative.

How to Copy Music Files to an iPhone without iTunes (Video Guide)

Tap on ‘Play’ on the short video below to see why it is SO MUCH better than iTunes.

The new workaround doesn’t require you to use iTunes. In fact, you may forget of it altogether. Instead, you’ll need just one little application – WALTR 2. It grants you with the straightforward way to copy music to your iPhone and iPad. The app works with movies same easily. More than this, WALTR adds support for usually incompatible formats like AVI, MKV etc.

Released just months ago, it already got hundreds of thousands users worldwide. According to the latest stats – every 6 seconds somebody uses WALTR to copy music onto iPhone.
Without further ado – follow the direct instructions on how you could quickly fill up all of your storage space with all the latest (or just any) music you love.

How to Copy Music to iPhone without iTunes (without even opening it!)

Experiment: To make things a little more fun, we’ll load an iPhone  with 3GB of music in MP3 & FLAC. In total we’ll be transferring 103 songs (!). We’ll let you know the time spent on the transfer below. But first:

Step 1. Download WALTR 2 for free.

Download WALTR 2 for free
Opens in a new tab

Step 2. Install the application. Launch it.

(You’ll see an onboarding video – IMHO, it’s very engaging, so make sure you watched it)

Step 3. Plug-in your iPhone. Tap ‘Trust’.

Drop all the music onto your iPhone or iPad. You can also enable WiFi connectivity by clicking on the settings wheel in the bottom of the app.

How to copy music to iPhone using WALTR and without iTunes

Once the blue bar fills up, you will get notified shortly, that your music files have been copied to an iPhone.

Your music is transferred to an iPhone

Step 4. Listen to your songs from the Stock Music app

Radiohead, iPhone, how to copy music files and albums to iPhone

And now the results…(drumroll!) the time spent – 3 minutes 13 seconds.

It takes three minutes to copy 103 music tracks on your iPhone. They will all be stored neatly in the default iPhone music folder.

Did you know?

For 1000s of people WALTR became an essential tool, helping to put music on iPhone. It’s now a rule of a thumb – you use WALTR when loading your iOS device with media. Why?

  • The app is ABC-simple.
  • Named after Walter White, the brightest & coolest meth cook in the whole New Mexico (from ‘Breaking Bad’)
  • WALTR is omnivore. It will accept anything you feed it with: music, videos that are packed in any container & file format you can possibly find in the World Wide Web (AVI, MKV, FLAC, WMA, MP4, Mp3).
  • The app is constantly updated. A lot of new features are being added on the ride.
  • Brought to life by the coolest team ever. (Find us on Facebook)

Little-Known Hack: View your Music App with Album Covers

Due to built-in content recognition feature, WALTR 2 grabs the artwork from the web its own. Anyways, if there is some particular picture, that you want to have as a cover,  there’s a workaround you can make your Videos. & Music. apps look pretty. In fact, you are free to put any image as the cover for album or movie your heart desires.
But first, make sure that:

– your jpg. file and the file you want to transfer have the same name;
– they are in the same folder.

Without further ado – drop the folder into WALTR. When in the default apps on your iPhone, it will have the image you put there as a cover.
If you are a Mac user, it’s gonna work just fine.

The all-new, shiny, crispy clear WALTR 2 is coming your way! Its most rumoured improvement – WIFI support. Yeap, no more USBs and any other wires – copy music to an iPhone over the air. To get a peek onto its new features – click on The All-New WALTR 2.

Good Riddance to iTunes!

WALTR is the most badass app out there – letting you fill your iThingy with all your favourite TV shows, the hottest tunes and spectacular movies. It’s literally an indispensable app in the toolkit of many iPhone owners. So if you didn’t get the chance before – make sure to download WALTR free & test it out this very minute.

In case, you’ve got any issues with the application, feel free to contact our support team. Our support customer agents are live humans and in case of any troubles, they will get you going ASAP.

After trying out WALTR, nobody goes back to iTunes sync for copying music to an iPhone. No borders for you now – nothing keeps you now from your ‘media’ freedom to enjoy music or videos whenever you want it and where you want it



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