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How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod Nano, Touch, Shuffle, Classic

Transfer music from computer to iPod without iTunes. Without even launching it. The step-by-step guide will show off a slick & smooth way to put music from PC or Mac to iPod Nano or any other generation.

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Music playback – is perhaps a key feature of every gadget. It’s true, we all love listening to music on a daily basis. For a lot of people, it’s even more important than making calls. That’s why here we’ll demonstrate how you can transfer music from computer to iPod Nano or any other iPod generation – in 3 quick steps.

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Of course, iTunes gives you the option to transfer music from computer to iPod, but this entire workaround can hardly be rated as trouble-free and intuitive. But keep your head high – we’ll demonstrate how to put music on iPod without syncing right in this post.

If you store your music on your computer (and you probably do) – eventually you’ll want to move all that music to your iPod. And as we stated before, iTunes doesn’t handle this well enough. For instance, moving top-quality FLAC & APE songs might be a real trouble. Or in case your iPod is synced with another iTunes library, you can’t add music without having your existing content wiped out from your phone forever and ever.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod Nano, Touch, Classic

Good news – here you’ll find out an easy way to add music on iPhone without iTunes. All that’s required is a USB cable and a slick application – WALTR 2.

The developers here at Softorino are fans of Apple gadgets. And the project they started here with WALTR application is the result of the issues they experienced themselves. Unlike, iTunes WALTR 2 transfers any music or video format (even incompatible ones!) to the devices running on iOS 5 & higher + iPods. And it’s simple.

A quick video below will demonstrate how to transfer music from computer to iPod.  Even though it features iPhone here, but the overall process is absolutely the same. So hit ‘Play’and watch it:
This app was called ‘an excellent tool’ on MacWorld and remains a № 1 way to put music on iPod sidestepping iTunes entirely. You might be feeling skeptical right now – but you can test this whole solution out on your own and see for yourself. What all the users just love about WALTR 2 is that that the app is as intuitive as it can get! It stays far the simplest way to transfer music from PC/Mac to iPod. It’s nothing more than just a drop-zone window having 0 buttons or tabs!

Before you begin:

WALTR 2 runs on Mac and Windows with no issues. It works with any videos & music. Go ahead and download the application – it’s absolutely free to test out! And then you can transfer music from computer to iPod Nano or any other iPod model as soon as you installed it.

Download WALTR 2 for free
Opens in a new tab

No worries – it’s safe and there are no strings attached. WALTR 2 is a beautiful app with a gorgeous design taking no more than just seconds to transfer music from computer to iPhone or iPod!

Step 1.  Fire up WALTR 2 & connect your iPod

how to transfer music from computer to iPod Nano with WALTR

A usual USB cord will do the job. If you have iPod touch, you can also transfer music from computer to iPod wirelessly. If you pay a closer look at the screenshot above, you’ll see that except Nano there’s also iPod touch connected over WIFI.

Step 2: Transfer music from computer to iPod by dropping it into WALTR 2

There’s also ‘Browse’ option of adding files. Click on the ‘Select Files’ button in WALTR 2 window to transfer desired music to iPod.

how to transfer music from PC to ipodFeed limitless amount of music to WALTR 2 – it’s gonna eat it all! This is how you can actually add music on iPhone without iTunes. Even entire playlists. They will be recognized on the spot & transferred to an iPod in a blink of an eye. You just need to go to your iPod and play it back.

Step 3. Enjoy your music!

All the music will be stored nicely in your default Music player. That’s it! It gets almost effortless to transfer music to iPod without iTunes or any other third-party applications! And it works with all the file formats like FLAC, MP3, CUE and more!
If your iPod supports video playback, you can also transfer there any movies you like.

how to put music on ipod

What iPod models are compatible?

Good News – all the generations of iPod are supported. WALTR can transfer music from computer to absolutely any iPod in a matter of seconds and regardless of its file format. In case you have any other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad running on iOS 5 and above – WALTR 2 will put any music, videos there without iTunes just as well.

WALTR 2 Compatibility

Feature List:

  • WALTR is the smartest way to put music on iPod without iTunes. There is no way it could be any simpler. Just drag’n drop!
  • All iPod, iPhone and iPad models are compatible!
  • iTunes can be tedious and slow, now you don’t even have to launch it if you want to transfer music from computer to iPod 🙂
  • You won’t spend your time waiting. WALTR’s got very nice speed, it’s faster than iTunes or any other tool in the niche.
  • You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad to get incompatible formats to your iOS device.

WALTR & HD music

It’s so true that: ‘í­f you don’t love HD music – you never listened to HD music’. HD music is addictive and rare (unfortunately). But for the audiophiles ,the bitrate is as crucial as the song itself. So it’s important to keep the same music quality on your iPod. There are a bunch of high quality music formats on the web, among them are FLAC (the standard for quality music), APE, WAV etc. WALTR will convert them all to ALAC, so there would be 0 quality loss. To transfer HD music from computer to iPhone, as usual – simply drop it into WALTR 2.

Here’s the overview of audio formats & their bitrate:

Bottom line

For now, iPhone remains the most popular music player, but we still love to listen to our favorite tunes on iPod. A lot of us are having those iPods laying around and waiting to be filled up with our beloved songs.
For many people, iPod is better for music playback – with its storage matching the size of the Pacific, excellent sound quality,  and long battery life. And with the tutorial above, you learned a very nice workaround to put music on iPod to its fullest.

If you just want a simple way to transfer music from computer to iPod – this workaround is the one.

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to transfer music from computer to iPod using WALTR.  This app will save you tons of your time – the whole procedure is nothing but slick. It also works for absolutely any Apple device ever created! It will quickly help you put music on iPad or absolutely any iPod! So don’t hesitate & try this whole thing out and leave your feedback in the comments section below!










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      Hi Frank! Thanks for stopping by. What files are you trying to open? Were you able to transfer songs to your iPod?