Updated: 16 March 2017

How to Download YouTube Videos With Subtitles in ANY language

Here's how to download YouTube Videos with subtitles using just one stellar application. Since there’re so many videos on YouTube with captions – we now developed a super easy way to enjoy them offline. 

Josh Brown


Video subtitles really change the game when you’re watching a movie, don’t they? It's also a very effective way to improve your language skills.

Therefore, we at Softorino came up with the most painless solution (ever!) to download YouTube videos with subtitles. Get a quick insight in the video below:

So, as you understood from the video, we’re going to talk about an app – Softorino YouTube Converter. The best part about this tool is that you can download YouTube videos with captions automatically, without ripping them separately. It's also the only straight way to save YouTube movies to iPhone and iPad. 

But here we’re gonna be talking about how to download YouTube videos with captions. First off – make sure you have them turned on. This is as easy as ABC, so perhaps you already have them enabled. Either way, just tap on ‘CC’ in low right corner of the video on YouTube. You’ll see a red line under it.

Before we start, you should know that there're 2 kinds of YouTube Captions:

1. Autogenerated subtitles (These are the captions that are added customarily to the video. They are of no good value and often remind bad lip reading)
2. Manually added subtitles (Subtitles added by the channel creator)

In this tutorial we’ll show how to download YouTube videos with subtitles of both kinds. 

How to Download YouTube Videos with Subtitles on Mac:

Make sure you’re reading this on your Mac, because you can download YouTube with captions only if you are on a Mac.

Note. If you plug in your iPhone/iPad, you can download YouTube videos with subtitles straight on your device without having to use iTunes or Jailbreak.

So, if the subtitles are attached to YT video, here’s what you should do:

Step 1. Download Softorino YouTube Converter.

The application is free to download and use for 14 days. If you are skeptical about installing some software on your computer, you have the right for it. But rest assured, the app is absolutely legit and safe. And installing it is actually 90% of the work done. 

Download YouTube Converter for FREE
Opens in a new tab

Follow the link above to save the app. There you can download it for both Windows & Mac computers.

Step 2. Enable subtitles support in Preferences

Once you installed it – in the Preferences you can specify the features you need. For instance, there you can enable download of 60fps YouTube videos or switch on the download Youtube with subtitles. We showed it on the screenshot below:

Preferences: turn on YouTube Subtitle support, download YouTube with subtitles

Also there you may enable Audio download in MP3 format (by default it's M4A). More on this here: YouTube to M4A & Mp3 Converter Free for iPhone playback

Step 3. Copy the link of the video on YouTube.

It’s super simple! Once you copied the link, you don't even need to paste it anywhere. Instantly – video will be added to the downloading list.

How to download videos from YouTube with subtitles – definitve guide

Step 4. Click on ‘Download' button

Then you'll see the progress bar show up in the bottom of the app.  This tool is a pretty fast YouTube video downloader, so be sure it will take you a couple of seconds. 

Download YouTube Videos to your Mac with subtiles using Softorino YouTube Converter

After this – open the desired video on your Mac. It will have subtitles added by definition.
How to download YouTube videos with captions

But it only works if the video originally has those subtitles enabled. In this case, you don't need to do anything extraordinary to download YouTube with subtitles. You download it just as a regular video.

Step 5. Play your video with subtitles

If you wonder how to download YouTube videos with english subtitles – it's done automatically if the captions attached to the video are already in English.

If there are options for captions in several languages – you can pick the one you need directly in your player. If it's a QuickTimePlayer, go to View>Subtitles and pick a language there. This is what concerns Mac. If you download videos to your iPhone – you'll get them all in your Home Videos section in the pre-installed video application. Same here – you can switch on the captions & choose language in the default video player (if the video has subtitles enabled).

How to download YouTube videos with english subtitles

Why Softorino YouTube Converter?

Whether you are watching music videos, documentaries, videos in foreign language, some educational blogs – subtitles is the thing that can enhance your viewing experience greatly.

How to watch YouTube with subtitles offline

Sure, I'm right. And it's also right that Softorino YouTube Converter is ‘all-you-need’ tool for downloading video from the web. It has features, that no other app can boast of:

You'd like to save 4K vides? – Done.
Maybe a video with 60 frames per rate? – Can't be easier.
Vimeo video straightly to your iPhone? – Nailed it.

And yeah, while other solutions make you download YouTube subtitles separately (you should get your hands on ‘srt’ files and so on – this is the tool that gets them automatically with no additional ‘pain-in-the-neck’ for you.

Softorino YouTube Converter for Mac supports video download from the following websites:

  • DailyMotion
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube

As you might have already noticed – all the major video-sharing websites are included.


  • The speed is freaking awesome. It even can transfer dozens of videos immediately.
  • It's got human-like design §

Test it out and tell use if you agree :)


And conclusion is the following this is a must-have app if you are a fan of watching videos. It's not just a YouTube subtitle downloader (there are myriads of them), it's your ultimate helper for everything that concerns downloading the videos.(And MP3s). 

Right now – you know how to download videos with subtitles in any quality, almost from any website, with an enormous speed.

And there are muuuch more features to come. We're constantly updating the app. We're full with ideas and if you've got a tip for us or just a feedback, you are very welcome to write it in the comments, drop us an email, find us on Twitter, or even call us and tell us everything straight away.

P.S. If you like this solution, if you think it's a handy service – don't forget to recommend this tool to your friends. Sharing is caring :)

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