Updated: 10 March 2017

A Lazy Way to Convert YouTube Music to iTunes

YouTube to iTunes Converter by Softorino is a #1 tool for all of those who would like to save some  time and convert YouTube to iTunes in seconds.

Josh Brown

YouTube to iTunes Converter by Softorino 

Youtube is a real Pandora box of world's music: any music style, any genre, any band/singer are all there. YouTube is also a mind-blowingly huge video collection: documentaries, cartoons, adorable kitten videos – anything! The best part? They all can be saved in your iTunes library with just one simple YouTube converter to iTunes.   

This comes real handy if you prefer to listen to music in your iTunes library. Rest assured: this post will give a quick solution on how you can convert YouTube to iTunes library. 

How to Convert YouTube Videos to iTunes Library

Anyhoo, this video below pulls the curtain on the whole concept. Watch it and then continue with the further instructions. 

Tutorial: How to convert YouTube Music to iTunes Quickly

In 2016 Softorino releases a new slick application, that's bound to become a hit from the beginning. The new gem-kind tool is Softorino YouTube Converter, the first world's app able to download YouTube videos/music to iPhone or iTunes library. 

It's a many-things-in-one tool: a YouTube converter for iTunes, a quick Facebook & Instagram downloading application. It also sends music from YouTube to iPhone without iTunes or any other third-party apps involved and many more :) 

For those who love to add music to iTunes library, there was no straight forward way to convert YouTube to iTunes. You now can breathe the sigh of relief, since this YouTube converter is actually a first hassle-free way to add YouTube's content to iTunes library or even iPhone or iPad right away. On the internet you can find many other ‘solutions’, that promise to download music from YouTube to your computer. But hardly any of them are capable of converting music to iTunes. So you will have to do this manually.

Step 1. Download Softorino YouTube Converter and install it.

No matter if you have Windows or Mac, because this YouTube to iTunes converter is compatible with both of them. In this particular tutorial we'll show off its Mac version :) 

Download YouTube Converter
Opens in a new tab

The download is completely free – no worries :)

Step 2. Enable 'convert YouTube to iTunes' feature in Settings

Then go to Prefrences > General and simply check 'Import to iTunes library' option. (see screenshot below).

general settings, softorino youtube to iTunes converter,  import into iTunes library option

Once you've done so, you'll see iTunes icon show up in the app's window:

Step 3. Copy videos' URL on YouTube...and wait ;)

The app will automatically pull the link from the clipboard, no need to even insert it. Next, head to the app and select your desired settings. 

The icon of the video will immediately appear in the window of the YouTube to iTunes converter. So simply select  'Audio' mode, if you want to download songs from YouTube to your iTunes music library. Alternatively, you may choose the preferred quality rate and save it as an MP4 file. In this case it'll be automatically added to your Videos library.

Click on download to iTunes in the app's window

No just click on ‘Download to iTunes’ button. The app will convert YouTube to iTunes bullet fast without you waiting a single minute.

That's it!

step 3, softorino youtube converter is adding a YouTube video to iTunes library

In a couple of seconds you'll be able to find music in your iTunes library.

iTunes Library with just converted music video from YouTube

It's just can't be easier, right? Anyone with just a couple of clicks could add any videos of interest to iTunes library without spending too much time. This is also amazing for iPhone owners, who can now pull any video from YouTube to iPhone and watch them offline while on a flight or a train trip!

Except for converting YouTube to iTunes library,  has many juicy features you'd find valuable!

Cool YouTube Converter's features: 

  • download music from YouTube to your iPhone! 
  • download songs from YouTube to iTunes
  • 4K videos support (+ 60 fps videos included)
  • save videos from Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion, Vimeo
  • all the videos are accessible from the pre-installed TV.app on your iPhone (btw, default players save your battery life)
  • Convert YouTube playlists to mp3 format 


Will you ever need to swiftly convert YouTube video to iTunes, you know how to get this done with little to no effort. Even if streaming services are conquering the world, there are still many of us who love iTunes library and update it on a regular basis. For years, iTunes library was the collection of all the music and movies dear to you. Why should you change this now? 

Anyhoo, the tool we just reviewed here is a find for YouTube lovers too. It's not just a 'lazy' YouTube to iTunes converter, the app is for all those who values their time. It just can't get any simpler to add Youtube video or the whole playlist to your iPhone for offline viewing. Softorino YouTube Converter is gonna stay here for long too, unlike many iOS applications that are taken down from the App Stores. 

It's also a good alternative to YouTube Red, that's not even available in majority of countries yet. The application lets you watch videos offline, and you won't get ads too while watching. It's a seamless way to download songs from YouTube to iTunes or your iThingy.

In the end, if you like this YouTube to iTunes converter solution, make sure to let you friends know about & spread the word out! 

Make your iTunes Library Great Again!
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