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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

How to Download YouTube 60fps videos in 3 Suuuper EASY Steps

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Josh Brown Jul 31, 2023

60 fps Video Download is much more seamless than you think! We just added a new and exclusive feature in Softorino YouTube Converter - now you can download 60 fps YouTube videos to any device (computer or iPhone). 🔥

This post will show you how to download YouTube 60 fps videos in just 2 clicks! 60 fps video is the leading edge in video technology of 2020.

The videos are crispy clear & incredibly sharp.

And not so long ago, YouTube introduced an update where it fully supports 60 fps videos. Can you imagine how freakin’ awesome they’re going to look on your screen when you play them offline without any buffering or ads?

Long story short – 4K 60 fps Video Download is way more comfortable than before. The only tool you need – Softorino YouTube Converter.

Table of Contents

60 FPS Video Explained

Allow me to start with some essential info that is good to know:

60 fps videos (60 frames per second) – are basically videos with a frame rate 60 per second. 

Wondering what video frame rate means? It's the frequency with which imaging gadgets display frames (images) while you are sitting on your sofa & watching your TV (or any other device you possess).

So the latest trend is 60 fps videos. Just to compare, the movie standard is – 24-30 fps. (Quite a difference, right?)

Hobbit was one of the first movies to be filmed with a high frame rate

Majority of the films were shot with this frame rate. The first movie in the world to be filmed with a high frame rate is Hobbit. It was filmed with 48fps.

While many directors (e.g., Peter Jackson) tend to choose the high frame rate, there has a been a debate – whether or not filmmakers should use 60 fps while making movies.

According to many critics, such a high frame rate makes the movie resemble a video game instead of real life. Others state that high frame rate makes the image much sharper & better and even more lifelike.

****Also Read: How to download from Vimeo with Softorino YouTube Converter.

All things considered, there are just tons of high-res videos on YouTube. And if you’d like to play them offline – you can easily download YouTube 60 fps videos using Softorino YouTube Converter. Anyways, let’s get to the flashy part of our article – the guide!

How to Download YouTube 60 fps Videos to iPhone (or Computer)

These short & sweet guidelines will get you to download youtube .mp4 videos in 60 fps. All you need is just one 60 fps Video Converter on your desktop computer. Before you download anything, you can catch a glimpse of this utility in action in this product video.

Softorino YouTube Converter is #1 solution to download high-res videos straight to your iPhone or computer. It’s effortless and free to try!

Step 1. Download Softorino YouTube Converter.

Softorino YouTube Converter Logo Softorino YouTube Converter 2
Requirements: macOS 10.10 and higher
Latest Version: 2.1.14, 24 January 2020
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.2.37, 26 February 2020
Free Download

The easiest way to do this is to hit ‘Free Download’ on our website. If you are on Mac – then open the .dmg file. If you’re running on Windows, simply go through the installation process.

Make sure to enable 60 fps video download. Head over to the Preferences > Advanced and check: ‘Download the Highest FPS Available’.

Enable 60 FPS Download inside Softorino YouTube Converter

Step 2. Connect your iPhone (iPad) to your computer.

Use a standard USB cable to do this. Skip this step if you want to download YouTube 60 fps videos to your desktop computer.

Step 3. Search for the desired video in the in-app browser (or copy URL on YouTube)

Softorino YouTube Converter will recognize it instantly. And after automatically capturing the video from your clipboard, it will be added to the downloading list.

Find your brilliant 60 FPS video you wish to download

Pick the quality rate and choose where you want to save it. In this instance, go for the best quality rate available – 2160p.

Select the quality rate you prefer

Step 4. Click on the big bright “Download” button – and that’s it!

Here’s how easy it is to download YouTube 60 fps videos to your computer or even an iPhone

Once you hit the button, you’ll notice a blue progress bar (see screenshot below).

Download 60 FPS videos from YouTube quick and simple

After the process is finished, you’ll see a green Success message letting you know about that the 60 fps Video download is finished.🙂

Go check it out in your default on your iPhone (or iPad). If you chose to download the 60 fps video to your computer, you will find it in your ‘Downloads’ folder.

The principle is simple: you copy the link, hit the button, and get the videos in the pre-installed Apple video apps. And then you can play them whenever you want.

Let me repeat it again – Whenever. You. Want.

This tool is multi-functional.

It’s like a versatile key that opens many doors at the same time. Softorino YouTube Converter performs all the dirty work for you and gets all the videos/ music you want on your desktop. And on your device.

In addition, with the last update, you are also able to save videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, and Instagram.

Wrapping up

The conclusion is the following: 60 fps video download is another option to watch crispy clear & striking videos. They look spectacular on the screen of your TV, Mac/PC, iPhone, or iPad. And right now – you don’t even need an Internet connection to watch them.

So If you’d like to access 60 fps videos offline, you have got a perfect (and free to download) tool to do this — Softorino YouTube Converter.

SYC is very powerful, despite being so small. It won’t just help you download YouTube 60 fps videos; it supports 5o+ websites!

This tool is your own ticket to all the video potential of any website out there. It will get you any video you spot on the web, with any quality, practically without any efforts.

So if you ever:

  • Wished to instantly download your favorite vlog to your iPad

  • Were wondering how to extract sound out of YouTube videos

  • Had troubles with transferring files via iTunes

– this YouTube video downloader full HD was designed to help you out. Test it out! (it doesn’t cost a dime to try it).


How to convert videos to 60fps?

In SYC, you can set up this feature in Preferences. There, go to Advanced, and select the "Download the highest FPS available" option. If it's possible for the video you want to download, the app will automatically convert and download 50-60fps videos.

How can I download 1080p/60fps on YouTube?

Softorino YouTube Converter allows you to choose the highest quality option available for the video. If, by default, a YouTube video exists in 1080p, you can easily download it from there. To do so, choose the desired video you want to download and add it to Queue. Below, you'll see various video quality options. Choose the highest one possible (in this case, 1080p), and choose where to save it. Click "Convert & Transfer" and you'll get the video on your device in a few seconds. SYC can also download 2160p videos if available.

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2.1.14, 24 January 2020

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