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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

How to Convert MP3 to M4R Ringtone for iPhone in 30 Seconds

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Josh Brown Oct 18, 2020

Do you want to convert MP3 to M4R? You're in the right place! For your convenience, this guide shows how to create, edit and push your ringtone into iPhone: all in just half a minute.

It happens very often that you find this cool, groovy song – and have it ‘on repeat’ for hours. But if you want to convert into M4R for iPhone – there’s no easy way to do this.

You can use iTunes, but it requires songs already with .m4r extensions. In the newest iTunes 12.7 update, you also can’t browse ringtones on a desktop.

Therefore, Cult of Mac recommends trying iRingg if you need to convert .mp3 to .m4r ringtone.

iRingg is 2-in-1 app. It creates unique ringtones and wirelessly pushes them onto your device. Before we start – make sure to download the recommended app for Mac and Windows. The download is free, so there are no strings attached.

Here’s how to convert .mp3 to .m4r (in short)

Launch iRingg. It has a 1-day trial with no limits. After you install it – you will see a 1-min video giving you the tour of app’s most essential features.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone (just this first time!)

iRingg will then immediately suggest tracks in “For You” section. It’s powered by special 6Sense technology. It uses machine learning to recommend you tracks that you can convert to M4R. But you can also search for any song online.

iRingg helps to convert mp3 to m4r

Step 2. Select any song or upload your MP3.

Great! You can then trim your track and make it truly personal by applying many different effects.

iRingg is a perfect ringtone cutter. When you upload your track – you can just move onscreen controls to select the best fragment. Hit ‘Enter”.

trim the desired fragment before converting it to m4r

Step 3. Transfer your ringtone into iPhone.

A new and exclusive iPhone ‘ring’ will land right in your iPhone’s! Find it in Settings > Sounds. Select it as the new ringtone in a single tap.

Don’t pick up your phone now – let it ring so that the world heard your new unique sound!

The ability to push ringtones into iPhone bypassing iTunes makes iRingg the most advanced ringtones app ever created. There is no other solution that does the same. Below we give a quick overview of iRingg’s key features.


6Sense is a powerful technology handcrafted at Softorino HQ. It learns your music tastes, finds out what tracks you listen the most often – and pulls new suggestions every time you start the app.

It knows exactly what you prefer – Lil Pump or Slipknot. Every time you launch the app – 6Sense will suggest songs that you might like to convert to .m4r. It shows you music with proper artworks right inside the app.

6Sense surveys local library on your computer or device. If you use Apple music, Spotify or any other subscription services – it analyzes them too. In the result, 6Sense always suggests tracks that are relevant.

Search for Any track Online

There are almost 10 billion songs on SoundCloud and YouTube. Both platforms have diverse sounds for all moods and tastes. You can turn any of them into a ringtone. Thanks to iRingg’s in-app browser – you can search for any track online. Preview any song to make sure it’s exactly what you were looking for. Then select it with a single click.

Send Ringtones to iPhone via Wi-Fi

You only need to connect your iPhone once. Next time – iRingg will see your iPhone and connect automatically via Wi-Fi. Even if you own iPhone that runs on iOS 6 – iRingg will still recognize it with no issues.

Prefer cords? No problem – you can always plug your device in and establish USB connection.

Make your .m4r track truly unique!

So do you think that Drake’s track will do better with your own 15-sec voiceover? Definitely! Click on “Record” to add your own quick intro to the track. You then can apply voice effects.

Make your ringtone unique with SndMoji. These are the cool sound effects that you can apply for any track. Create the sound that YOU think is perfect. Whether you are in for laughs, or want to make your ringtone balanced and beautiful – iRingg will help you out.

Leave iTunes behind

Ever tried to sync your ringtones to iPhone using iTunes? It’s counter-intuitive and complex.

Changing ringtones in iTunes is harder than ever. First off – you can’t set a song as your ringtone even if you bought the MP3. It has to be in .m4r format and no longer than 30 secs.

The newest iTunes 12.7 version also doesn’t allow you to browse ringtones on your desktop. You still can add it by dropping the tone into iPhone’s sidebar, but it’s even less conventient than it was before.

Dieter Bohn’s article published by Verge demonstrates how hard it is to change iPhone’s ringtone using iTunes.

Customize your ringtone, notifications sound, alarm tone

Turn your new tones into notifications sound or even alarm. It’s easy: on your iPhone go to the > Sounds. Choose a ‘Text Mail’ or ‘Alarm’ in the beginning.


Imagine: you are in a cafe, bus station or in any other public place. Suddenly – iPhone starts ringting. You think “That’s probably mom – asking what I had for dinner”. But when you pull your iPhone out of the pcoket – it never even rung. Th truth is – everyone has the same default ringtone.

iPhone is all about customization. Don’t like your wallpaper? Change it. Want a new case? No problem. Boring ringtone? Create a new one.

Your iPhone mirrors you in many ways. Every detail: the case, coloring, ringtone speak volumes about you. iRingg helps you make your ringtone truly personal.

With iRingg in your toolkit – you can turn any song, sound clip, MP3 file or just about anything else into your iPhone ringtone.


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