Updated: August 29th, 2018

Convert MKV to MP4 using Handbrake & WALTR

Convert MKV to MP4 with Handbrake or WALTR. Both tools were reviewed & analyzed by the pro software developers in this post. Read on!

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You know how this is – multiple formats & codecs, file extensions make it abso-freakin-lutely hard and backbreaking to play movies on different devices. Various gadgets support absolutely various formats: how are you even supposed to know if a device plays the format or not?

Well, users regularly go with MP4. Beyond any doubt, MP4 is somehow ‘a universal video format’, it accepted by majority of devices. iPhones, iPads support it too, even though they are just too picky.

Look, gadgets running on iOS won’t even play common formats like MKV, AVI and tons of others. So you can fix it either by converting MKV to MP4 using Handbrake or by transferring it to iPhone with WALTR.

If you really want a fast way to throw Matroska file (.mkv) to iPad, and if you are looking for something that’s simple & intuitive, then there is no better way than WALTR. We will feature it right below.
In case you would like to convert MKV to MP4 using Handbrake, we will also show how it’s done in the second part of the article.

How to Convert MKV to MP4 for iPhone & iPad with WALTR

MKV (aka Matroska) – is one of the prevailing video containers on the web. The movies encoded in MKV are all over the web, spreading with the racing car speed. Well, it’s nothing surprizing, they are able to hold a good quality and various specs like subtitles & more.

There’s nothing better than watching some good movies during the flight or a train trip on your iPad or iPhone. Let’s admit it – even if it’s not a journey, even if you’re just being at home, it’s still nice to spend your time watching movies on your iPad.

The guide below will demonstrate how smooth & sleek it is to convert MKV to MP4 for iPad with WALTR. 

Step 1. Let’s download WALTR.

Download WALTR for Free
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WALTR is running on both Mac & Windows. It’s free to download and use for 14 days 😉 This app is your personal helper pushing the files to iPhones & iPads no iTunes involved. Besides MKV, it also easily converts AVI to MP4 and accepts any files you throw in it. 

Step 2. Connect iPhone/iPad to your Mac & PC machine.

WALTR will tell you to plug-in your device using the regular USB.

Step 3. Drag your MKV into WALTR.

Simply push it in the drop zone.

convert MKV to MP4 WALTR

Then just wait a bit, and here it is – in your default video app. This is the fastest, most seamless way ever to transfer MKV to iPhone or iPad.

I bet you didn’t expect this being so simple? Perhaps you’re still feeling sceptical? Well, then you have no choice but to try this yourself. 
I know, you’ve already thrilled, but WALTR can surprize you even more! Here just some of the essential features it has: 

  • WALTR simply gets the job done. You have your movies & music on your iPhone ASAP. Without any issues. Without any converting hassle.
  • Almost all the music & video formats are covered. You don’t have to worry anymore whether the format is accepted by your iOS device. WALTR transcodes MKV, WMA, WMV, AVI to MP4 in a minute.
  • HD Lossless music is coming your way! Music encoded in FLAC is catching on with the rocket speed. And you can get a full advantage of it on iPhone & iPad with WALTR.

How to Convert MKV to MP4 using Handbrake

We love Handbrake, since for ages it’s been the only tool you could rip your DVDs with. It’s free and helpful indeed, but we have to admit it – Handbrake is sometimes getting too perplexing. You can’t help but to use a tutorial to get this all working.

First, download Handbrake.

After installing – open it.

convert MKV to MP4 handbrake

Second, Press ‘Source’ button & select your MKV movie there.

Once you’ve done this – choose the folder where you want to save your outcome movie.

Third, Select the desired file format – MP4.

In the output settings, pick MP4. Below, you are also to choose the frame rate, video codec, bitrate. We’ll recommend sticking with the same options you have in your MKV file.
In the top right corner, where there’s picture settings, you can also pick the desired image resolution.

Fourth, Press on ‘Start’

Your next step is to wait till it’s all finished. But we have to warn you – it can be pretty slow & sluggish.

For us it took 22 minutes. FYI, recently we’ve conducted an experiment. 


While loading movies on your iThingy, you might’ve noticed, iTunes won’t always sync them. The range of accepted by iTunes formats is very restricted. This means, you won’t be up to watching movies like MKV on your fave iPad or iPhone.

WALTR is the coolest tool for converting MKV to iPhone. You can also use Handbrake but this means you also need  iTunes to sync your file. 








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