Updated: July 31st, 2017

How to Add Music to iPad without iTunes on Mac & Windows

You’ll learn how to Add music to iPad without iTunes in this very article. New application WALTR 2 is the surefire way to break free from all the iTunes impediments once and for all.

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As devlopers of WALTR 2, a cool software that adds music on iPad, iPhone, iPod, we get TONS of feedback from people saying that iTunes is just way too bloated and too difficult to use. What all those people want is to add music, videos to iPad or any other device seamlessly, quickly and without spending too much time.

Well, iTunes is not your best option to add music to iPad. Few people can sit through its complicated & long sync. To cover all this, it doesn’t accept a big deal of music formats. Say, you have your music in APE or FLAC – iTunes simply won’t sync it. Or you can even sync music to iPhone with the app. 

The alternative we developed is a simple drop-zone window where you can throw your music or video and then you have them on your iOS device. It’s called WALTR 2 after Walter White from the coolest TV Show ‘Breaking Bad’ (devs are huge fans of this series). 

So to add music to iPad without iTunes, you just need to drag them to WALTR 2 – and Voila! This solution is pretty smart, no other software is capable to execute the same task like WALTR does. To demonstrate how fast this all can be, follow the guide below!

Before you start:

Download WALTR on your Windows & MacOS machine. The download is free and safe. WALTR makes sure that you don’t waste time on studying how to use Handbrake.

Download WALTR 2 for free
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WALTR runs smoothly on Windows 7 and higher, Mac OS X 10.9 and higher.

How to add music to iPad without iTunes:

Honestly, this way is so simple – it doesn’t even need to be explained. However, we want to make everything as clear as possible, so go ahead and watch this short video below:

Once you have WALTR installed, you’ll also have to insert your email adress. This is needed to activate your free trial period. So please, check if the email address you give is actual & valid.

Your free trial begins as soon as the information that you’ve entered is confirmed.

Step 1: Launch WALTR 2 and connect your iPad via USB.

Get your USB cable ready and plug-in your device to your computer.

Once you’ve connected it, WALTR will tell you to drop your files into the window. That’s all you need to do to add music on an iPad.

Tip: While your iPhone or iPad is still plugged in, click on the settings wheel in WALTR’s right low corner and click on ‘Enable WiFI Connectivity’ to add music, movies, ringtones, ebooks to your iPad over the air 🙂 Without the need to know how to use Handbrake

Step 2: Drop your desired file into the app

Take your music and drag it into the application. Yes, it’s THAT simple!

You can also click on the little ‘Plus’ button to manually select the desired files. The transfer process will start immediately, and its progress will be displayed in the form of a blue line.

As soon as the line is filled up – your music transfer is completed.

Step 3: THAT’S IT! Play your Music!

So to add your music on an iPad – you just need 2 seconds! You connect your iPad and put your song into WALTR 2. Thats’s how shockingly easy it is! Every iPod needs FLAC!

Now, just go to the playlist of your native music app on your iPad. Your song is there, ready to be played back.

Here are a quick facts about WALTR you should pay attention to:

  • WALTR transfers music & video to the default apps on your iPad
  • The format coverage is HUGE. WALTR supports AVI, MKV, FLAC, APE and tons of other formats
  • WALTR also supports subtitles. Simply drag SRT. file into WALTR together with the movie
  • iTunes? You can finally ditch it
  • The entire iPod Lineup is supported (starting from iPod Classic and ending with iPod Touch series), so you can fill your iPod with FLAC
  • WALTR 2 also grabs meta data and artwork from the Internet, so your content will look like it was purchased from iTunes Store

In Conclusion

WALTR makes music transfer to iPad and other Apple devices pleasant, short and simple. The application just gets the job done. Push your file into WALTR – and it’s on your iPhone. You just make a couple of clicks, while all the dirty work is executed by WALTR.

WALTR also crashes the format barrier imposed by Apple. Any file format from your collection like AVI, MKV, APE and others are fully compatible and can be added to your IPad with no issues. WALTR cconverts them on-the-fly so then you can play them on your device. The best part – regardless of the file container, you can play it back from the default video & music application.

What does this mean? That you can do pretty much anything and even sync music to iPhone

Well, this means that you can store all your music in just one app and orgainze it in playlists just like you want.

So go ahead and add some music to your iPad or any other device with WALTR right now! Be sure to let us know what you think of all this solution in the comments section below!


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