How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone 7 without iTunes

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Julia Nash Mar 17, 2020

It takes 3 steps to transfer music from computer to iPhone. There is no need for iTunes, jailbreak or some additional players.

Listening to music on-the-go is the most natural thing to do in the digital era we live in. But still, Apple doesn’t make it easy for those who would love to transfer music from computer to iPhone for offline listening.

You can also use the same method to learn how to put music on iPod without iTunes.

Therefore, you have no power to transfer music that 1. isn't compatible by default, 2. wasn't purchased in iTunes Store.

Also, there’s a threat to have all your music & videos wiped out if your iPhone is already synced with another iTunes library.

Luckily, with just a couple of clicks and one smart application, you can avoid extra hassle and transfer music from PC or Mac to iPhone without iTunes and syncing. To get a better idea how all this works – just watch the video below:

Just 2 clicks to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

By clicking on the button below you will download WALTR 2 for free. Go ahead and install it (it’s free to use for 24h).

Requirements: macOS 10.9 and higher
Latest Version: 2.6.25, 13 December 2019
Requirements: Windows 8 and higher
Latest Version: 2.7.19, 14 November 2019
Free Download
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WALTR 2 is the same application whose popularity skyrocketed just a couple months ago when it just was launched. For the time being it has hundreds of thousands of users.

The beauty of it is that it can put any song, movie, ringtone or ebook to any iDevice no iTunes, no converting needed. And it allows you to add music to iPad.

If you a music lover who needs a simple way to add music o iPhone, this tool is quite a thing. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Launch WALTR 2.

It’s pretty simple – a window with the minimalistic interface, no additional buttons or tabs. Even though it tells you that it searches available devices through the wifi – go ahead and connect your device to your computer with USB.

Add music to iPhone using WALTR 2

Step 2. Connect your device using USB cable.

WALTR 2 will see your iPhone right away. It will also calculate the estimated free storage on your iPhone.

Step 1. how to transfer music from PC or Mac to iPhone 7 using WALTR 2

Just in case you also wish to transfer music files from computer to iPhone wirelessly, WALTR handles this just as easy. Click on the settings wheel in the bottom of the application and select ‘Enable WIFI Connectivity’.

Then, unplug your device and you’ll be able to put music on iPhone over the air (make sure it’s connected to the same WiFI network), so you can sync music to iPhone.

Step 3. Transfer music to iPhone by dragging it to the drop-zone.

You can also click on ‘Select Files’ to manually navigate to the needed music/video files and move music from computer to iPhone.

WALTR knows exactly how to transfer how to move music from computer to iPhone

Throw any music files in any format into WALTR. FLAC, MP3, M4A – doesn’t matter! The app will accept any file you transfer. With the speed of a racing car, all your files will be transferred from computer to iPhone. Just go and check if it’s there after you've seen the "Done" message.

In our example, it took no more than 30 secs to add songs to iPhone. And it was actually the whole album by Coldplay ‘A Head Full of Dreams’.

locate your tracks in the Music app

If it’s a video it will land into a stock Videos app or (if you have iOS 10.2), if you are transferring music from computer to iPhone then it will go to on your iPhone. PDFs & ePubs will be available from and if you’ll find ringtones into the settings app.

The application is pretty intelligent it sorts out all your files on its own and sends it where it belongs!

1001 Superpowers

To sync music to iPhone is one of them. Thanks to the compelling features built in WALTR 2, it captured lots of downloads just after its debut. You won’t find it on the App store, since it’s just way too helpful when it comes to bypassing all the impediments introduced by iTunes.

The hype is real – you now can sync music from computer to iPhone no iTunes needed. Moreover, you can even add music to iPad.

  • Watch any movie with subtitles (WALTR 2 brings support for .Srt and .Ass subtitles 😉

  • WALTR 2 adapts MKV, AVI, WMA, CUE and tons of other movies for native playback on your device (nobody else does the same 😉

  • Formula One speed! The converting is real fast and virtually takes seconds (well, of course it also depends on the file size)

  • WALTR 2 also scans all the files and adds necessary metadata to your movie, like genre, descriptions, synopsis, etc.

  • If in a hurry, you can easily transfer music from computer to iPhone over WI-FI 😉 Just enable WiFI connectivity first by clicking on the gear in the bottom of the app

  • According to Softorino guys, it took them 4 years to ‘teach’ WALTR 2 to work with every single iPod released since 2001! And now you know how to put music on iPod without iTunes.

Wrapping up

WALTR 2 combines both functionality and simplicity in one single application. It’s the only tool you will ever need to transfer music from computer to iPhone, or iPod, or iPad… Literally, any Apple device is supported including the ‘swag’ iPod Classics released more than a dozen of years ago.

Because it’s this simple anyone can handle this: all that’s required is to drag & drop a file into the drop-zone. So go ahead and try this solution out & let me know in the comments how it worked!

Julia Nash
Julia Nash

Apple junkie at Softorino

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