Updated: July 24th, 2017

How to Convert Entire YouTube Playlists to MP3 Music on Mac

Convert YouTube Playlists to Mp3 with some surefire tricks! Here you will learn how to download the entire playlists from YouTube to your Mac or even iPhone. Read on and find out!

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Convert YouTube Playlists to mp3

Playlists are the great way to stay engaged on YouTube. A collection of videos connected by the same topic, feature or theme – all in one place. User-friendly? You bet.

But it may be a little tricky to download YouTube playlist, even more – convert YouTube playlists to MP3. The hiccup leaving many YouTube viewers restless.

Let’s do what it takes and convert YouTube Playlist to mp3 step by step. Recently we have discovered a top-notch tool that does just that and more. Thanks to the new sublime technology built inside this application, you don’t need to go through some extra struggle to download entire playlists to your iPhone all at once, zero quality loss.

How to Download and Convert YouTube Playlists to MP3 on a Mac

We all know it’s quite easy to download a single video off YouTube, just because there are so many tools as there’s fish in the sea.

On the other hand, downloading YouTube Playlists requires a bit of expertise. And it gets more complex, if you want to convert the entire thing to mp3.

YouTube Converter by Softorino is a new sublime tool and it’s extremely efficient when it gets to downloading YouTube videos & converting the whole YouTube playlists to mp3 or m4a.

This YouTube Playlist Converter is this little magician’s wand that makes converting a stand-alone, automatic process.

Step 1.  Download Softorino YouTube Converter

This application already captured more than 100k of downloads in just months after the release. The app is compatible with Windows and Mac computers, but it’s only a Mac version that lets you convert YouTube playlists to mp3. (The developers promise to add the feature to PC version as fast as it takes).

Download YouTube Converter
Opens in a new tab

YouTube Converter is not available through the App Store, since it’s just way too helpful in terms of resolving the limitations built in iPhone’s ecosystem.

Open your ‘dmg’ file and move it to your Applications folder.  Then start the application. You might get an alert saying that the application comes from an unidentified developer, but take the risk and launch it anyway. It’s safe.

step 1, start Softorino YouTube converter, youtube to mp3 playlist converter

Optional Step. Plug-in your iPhone into your Mac using USB

Tip: if you wish to convert entire YouTube playlist to MP3 & download it to your iPhone right away, get your iPhone connected to your computer.

In this instance, we’ll be converting Youtube playlist directly to an iPhone.

Step 2. Locate your playlist & copy its URL

Instantly will you get the notification that the YouTube Converter recognized your playlist, no need to paste the link.

copy the URL of the desired YouTube Playlist

Step 3. Choose ‘Audio’ in the  app’s menu

The amount of storage size will be calculated right away. Look for it below the video icon .

How to convert YouTube playlist to mp3

Step 4. In the Preferences > Advanced> check ‘Save as MP3’

Otherwise, you may skip this step & stick to M4A – Apple’s alternative for ‘MP3’. It will be played back same smoothly across your Mac & iOS devices.

YouTube Converter Preferences

Step 5. Click on big red ‘Convert YouTube Playlists to iPhone’ button.

Step4, convert youtube playlist to mp3 & send it to iPhone right awayOnce it’s finished you will see a ‘Done’ message, saying that all of your files have been added to your iPhone/Mac. Go check if they are al’ ready in MP3 format.

iPod touch youtube working out playlist

No, really. That’s all it takes to convert YouTube Playlists to MP3 & listen to them on your Mac, iTunes library or – iPhone. This is the straight way & extremely efficient solution to add YouTube playlists in MP3 to iPhone.

Softorino YouTube Converter also grants some sweet features for anyone who spends the days of his life on YouTube.

  • Support of Daily Motion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram videos
  • Download videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Send YouTube videos to your iTunes library
  • Crystal clear quality, even 60fps & 4K videos are supported
  • it’s all possible without jailbreaking your device

Your playlist will land in Music app on your iPhone. If you downloaded them on computer, find them in Downloaded folder.

The Takeaway

YouTube Playlists are good, but listening to them on the go is even better! Convert those documentaries to MP3 and have an amazing collection of audiobooks to listen to when bored. Or rip the audio from comedies & stand-ups and here you go – free access to comedy when and where you desire.

Softorino YouTube Converter makes sure that all of them are easily saved to any device you wish. Be it iPhone, Mac, iPad or iPod touch – you have it all covered. In other words, this tool gets all the dirty work done making converting a playlist to mp3 an easy ride.

We all need a neat way to convert YouTube Playlists to Mp3, simply because downloading videos one by one is the technology stuck in the past.  A music for gym workout, some hot tracks for running.. and so many other playlists. The collection of bloopers of some TV show, a round-up of concerts of your favorite band. The list goes on.




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