How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on iPhone or iPad

How to watch YouTube videos offline on iPhone or iPad is a popular question. But not many know that you can get the job done in total of just 2 clicks. Keep reading to learn more!

Josh Brown

As a smartphone – iPhone is just a perfect device. Its design is stunning and its features are above average. Of course it varies from generation to generation, but they all are good, right?
And because it’s your cellphone – you have it with you anywhere you go. In this article we’ll share a workaround on how to watch YouTube videos offline on iPhone or iPad (this also involves other major video-sharing websites). This means you’d be able to watch them wherever you are: on the subway, on a plane, or even while climbing the Everest.

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We all know that YouTube is an amazing platform. All kinds of video content are present there. Choose whatever you want!
Even though, streaming videos is incredibly popular and, no doubt, dominating – there’re still a great number of people who would like to download media content, and therefore – watch YouTube videos offline on iPad or any other device.

The number of people searching it in Google is by all means – HUGE. Still, there aren’t that many reliable workarounds.

And the YouTube downloading iOS apps gradually but confidently disappear from the App Stores. Right here we'll share the most reliable and trustworthy workaround on how to watch YouTube videos offline on iPhone. Make sure you watched super short video below, since it shows how the overall method works:

Here at Softorino, we develop software. Our latest product is named Softorino YouTube Converter. It’s a legit YouTube downloader designed to make YouTube offline viewing easier, able to grab any video from YouTube and push it to your iPhone, iPad or computer.

And be sure – no jailbreak, no iTunes required.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on iPhone?

1. Download Softorino YouTube Converter.

I almost hear you hesitating right now whether you should or not install the software, that you aren’t sure about.
And you know what? Your doubts are absolutely natural.

There’re tons of hazardous software on the web. And we all did got in that trap and downloaded some malware back in a day.

No worries – This time download is free and safe.

2. Connect your iPhone & iPad via USB.
After you’ve installed the app, plug-in your iPhone or any other iOS device you own (provided it’s iOS 5 and higher) to your computer.

how to watch YouTube videos offline on iPhone using Softorino YouTube Converter

3. Go on YouTube. Copy link of the desired video.

Copy the link of the video, how to watch YouTube videos offline on iPad

Once you copied the link, Softorino YouTube Converter is going to grab the video from your clipboard and you’re gonna see it in the app’s download list.

Download YouTube Videos to iPhone in 1080p, step 3

4. Hit ‘Download’ button.

As you perhaps noticed – you're to select the quality rate while downloading the video. It varies from 360p to 2160p. For more insights – pay attention to this guide: How to Save from YouTube in Outstanding Quality. 

Start the download & converting process when all the videos are added. You should choose the quality of the videos and where you want to save them. Be Sure, the application will tackle any quality rate you like, even 2160p and 4K videos.
Progress bar, how to watch YouTube videos offline

Wait a couple of moments until the transferring process is finished. You will see a blue progress bar that will keep you posted about the length & duration of the converting.
Here you are! Within seconds video is there on your iPhone. resting peacefully & waiting for ya.

It’s gonna be already in the Home Videos folder on your device. So, there’s no need to download any third-part apps & players on your iPhone.

Sherlock Holmes on iPhone, home videos

And to make the process even more speedy, you can download whole playlists just by copying the URL. And then watch YouTube videos offline on iPad or iPhone.

 Here’s a quick rundown of Softorino YouTube Converter features:

– download YouTube to iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Mac or PC
– convert YouTube video to MP3
– download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion, Vimeo (Mac only)
– subtitle support
– 60fps & 4K video support

And it's outrageously simple! In fact its intuitive working way was briefly described here: How to Save YouTube Videos to iPhone for FREE


That's it – you copy link and get your video inside your iPhone or iPad. I know, some of you could think that third pary iOS app could do better here. But since they are all taken down from the App store, this is the most reliable option so far.

And you probably already noticed – Softorino YouTube Converter is packed with a handful of useful features. Whenever you spot a cool video on Facebook – just copy its link and watch it offline. Or convert it to audio – as you wish. But all this you can do just within a click of a mouse. 

Softorino YouTube Converter is simple to work with. This is this rare type of software, that despite a big abundance of features still stays fairly clear and comprehensible. 

Please let us know in the comments what you are thinking of this solution!

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